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** Russia Expels an American Vegan – Now I know that Russia really hates us. Nobody wants her back.

The American animal activist (right) jailed for walking her pet calf through Red Square says she was made to sign a false confession and believes she was targeted by Vladimir Putin’s administration due to her race, vegetarianism, and nationality.

Alicia Day, 34, a professional victim, was convicted of staging a protest and resisting arrest after leading a Holstein Friesian calf named Doctor through the Moscow landmark on February 1.

The New York City native was handed a 20,000 ruble [$266] fine, 13 days in the notorious Sakharovo Special Detention Center, and was deported to Istanbul, Turkey, on Thursday – two days after leaving jail.  One can only hope that she finds a new home and life in Turkey. I’m sure that US Ambassador Jeff Flake (disgraced US Senator, exiled from Arizona) will see to it that she can stay there.

** Everybody I know wanted to have their own particle accelerator after this. Especially the frustrated .380 shooters.  Who can really blame them?

** Somebody’s ex-girlfriend…Obviously, she likely switched and went lesbian.

** What’s Your Neighborhood Equity Plan? (Fox News) If you’ve worked hard to afford a suburban house with a patch of lawn where your kids can play, you’re under attack.

The Biden regime and Democrats in New York, Connecticut, and other states are fighting local zoning laws in order to build high-rise apartment buildings with “affordable” units in tree-lined, single-family neighborhoods. All in the name of equity, meaning everyone can live in a tranquil suburb, whether they’ve earned the money to pay for it or not.

The Biden regime announced Jan. 19 that it will require all towns across the U.S. to submit “Equity Plans” showing how they will make it possible for low-income people to live there by providing affordable housing, transportation, and other resources.

** Show me the Money! Elected life is great! Rep. Swalwell (D-CA) has consistently used donor funds on limousines, flights, yachts, and posh hotels, including internationally. The spending came as Americans in both his district and around the country faced rising inflation that drove food, fuel, and energy costs through the roof.

** From Stringshot: I spent a lot of time in oilfield shitholes in my past life.  The attached photo was taken in the Nile delta in Eqypt in the ’80s.

This isn’t the photo that he sent. It wouldn’t load on the blog. But you get the idea. And then I lost the camera therefore the 2009 date is in the bottom right corner.  I worked in the office, shop, and on the rigs running prototype downhole tools with A LOT of ragheads.  The photo depicts a local squatting on a toilet seat in a portable can wearing his dishdasha.  The other Brits, Canadians, Americans, etc on location demanded from the company man that at least one port-o-can be reserved for us.  Didn’t happen.  Muddy, greasy footprints on all the seats. I was told that the second coming of Allah would come from a man and if he did the locals could not let him drown in the waste….  Needless to say, I rarely used the local facilities – but when you had to, you had to.

Then there are the Islamic rules for toilet etiquette

And there are also rules for Buddhists.

This is a two-in-one urinal and rear-ender…from the Island of Santorini in the Med. Who says that this blog isn’t brimming with culture?

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  1. Pretty sure the Federal Gov’t doesn’t have a say in what towns “must do”, especially on this equity Bravo Sierra. The Constitution pretty much says otherwise. Yeah, there I go being rational and logical again.

      1. Time for a reminder. Despite not wanting to go to the mattresses as that will for sure get bloody, I’m still not sure how that gets accomplished when the lawless few run open loop at will. The 73 yo AZ rancher gets railroaded by the DA and judge. Hard to compete with that depth of corruption.

  2. So glad you inform us of customs around the world so we don’t need to experience them ourselves. Truly a public service.

  3. The Section 8 bullshit is an attempt to make the suburbs just as expensive and shitty to live in as the cities, so that the cities will look better in comparison, and more people might move into them, and become willing Democrat slaves.

    Once they are done with the suburbs, they will move on to rural regions, and I suppose, eventually, the wilderness.


      1. Yeah, not happening, even if as you said the other day there’s only 20 million AR’s owned in the country…thats only ONE “security device” in a long list.

  4. Bathroom behavior – walking into the men’s bathroom at one work location and a non-Western Civ individual came out of a stall, went straight to the paper towel dispenser, and dried off his hands. I didn’t ask him what he was doing in there, but did use a different one.

    1. Some of it is unfathomable.

      My wife hosted a luncheon for some of her employees at my previous home. We could easily seat 40-50 in the place. The bathroom behavior of the non-western civilization people was a matter for conversation even to this day and prompted the post on the blog in the first place.

      1. Before working with some dot-Indians, I had never thought of going to the bathroom as a group activity.

  5. They want to turn ALL those expensive and middle class suburbs into versions of Memphis, TN. When they did that in Memphis, crime skyrocketed, and home values went in the toilet.

    1. I will say for the record that I used to like Memphis. Sure, I stayed at downtown hotels or in Germantown, but the BBQ was delicious and I never saw the crime wave that is present there now. I have many pleasant memories of the place that was. Black and white seemed to get along and the black-on-black slaughter just wasn’t there. It’s a real pity.

  6. My poop-hole of a city, here in Florida, had the city commission vote, against the overriding wishes of the city residents, to allow multi-family dwellings by eliminating single-family zoning. Arseholes.

    The more I hear, see, read about other places’ toiley habits, the more it reinforces my wish to never ever ever travel outside of the reach of classic American toilet habits. Which also reinforces my wish to never ever ever travel to large cities even here in the US of A.

    As to the Twit-Wiffle attention-whore? She needs to have a ‘Midnight Express’ health-spa moment.

    1. There are moves across progressive California to condemn a portion of the single-family homes under the doctrine of eminent domain in neighborhoods that are primarily white. They would be replaced by multi-story low-cost government housing for the burgeoning illegal alien numbers. at taxpayer expense. This would tend to break up those areas that traditionally vote Republican.

  7. There MAY be a overarching plan or two in the willful destruction of suburban America, but Occam’s Razor says it’s plain meanness and desire to F up nice things. That explains a lot. Basically SOP for resentment-filled, ungrateful wretches such as the ones who have so much power these days (it helps to dominate the press, advertising, and popular culture — Dr Hank Pym praises literal ant-socialism in the latest Antman movie for example. Who done run Hollywood anyway? That was rhetorical. Good people! The Best People, that’s who! You bigot.)

    Besides, what’s not to love about cities? The Mercurian peoples (qv Yuri Slezkine) have always been urbanites and what’s good for them is good for everyone. What’s a Mercurian? Well, one should read Professor (Stanford Univ) Slezkine. And for the record, I’ve generally disliked (intensely) the “Overseas” Southeast Asian Chinese (who are Mercurians according to Prof S). Many of the ordinary ones are not so horrid, but as a group they are intensely nepotistic, somewhat smarter than their host populations, wield wildly disproportionate economic power relative to their percentage of the population, and openly consider their host populations to be brutish subhumans, though they often take the native surnames as a form of “protective coloration” and mimicry. In return, they are usually hated by their host populations. For no reason at all, of course.

    I’m guessing that Alicia Day is part Chinese, by the way. I think it just goes to show that despite supposedly higher IQ, Mercurians generate a lot of “intellectual idiots” who really screw up the world. A woman who insists on keeping a pig in her city flat is merely a local annoyance. But The Flankfurt School, and Clitical Lace Theoly, or the Anti-Defamation Reague (ADR, and don’t you folget it) can really fluck things up.

  8. Oh. A third world bathroom story. A place where PKG used to work took in several dozen MDs from mostly Pakistan and Iran, with some (dot) Indians. About a week after the arrival of these people (90% from the top 2%, economically, of their countries, BTW —NOT poor people), a “sports bottle” (one of those squeeze things) appeared in the women’s toilet. PKG asked me what that was about. I speculated that it was about religious foot washing.

    How wrong I was. The (female) office manager later told me it was a communal vaginal douche. Shared among at least several of the “New American” women. No one ever washed the damn thing, so far as any white American (or East Asian) could tell. It was just there for common use.

    I can’t, and have no desire to, control habits in their countries. But when you come to mine, you follow the rules and local customs, or you take your ass back to the shithole that spawned you.

    1. Nothing is more woke than a communal douche in a restroom for people who identify as womyn. And washing it after repeated use by the top 2% – from their native lands? Why???

      PKG should be happy that they didn’t demand that squatters with a hose (poor womyn’s bidet) for flushing be installed. The water spillage would make its way to a drain — somewhere, presumably.

      On a flight from Asia to the US some decades ago, I noticed that the (dot) Indian’s feet were blue. I mentioned it to a stewardess (they were stewardesses then) and she said, “they dip their feet in the toilets and the flush water dies their feet blue.”

      On another flight, Asia to the US some decades ago, I flew on a government travel voucher, thus coach, wearing my Navy uniform. There were immigrants from somewhere in Asia and they began relieving themselves in the cabin – having come from a remote area where toilets were not in common use. I complained and the flight crew generously bumped me up to first class because there were some open seats up there. By the time I moved, the deck was awash back by the toilets.

  9. Where I work, years ago, we had a number of Yemenis hire in as labor.
    Many did not speak English.
    It was common to see footprints on the toilet.
    I knew why.
    I posted a red circle slash sign with shoes on a toilet seat at each stall.
    It worked.

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