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Plot Interrupted

I e-mailed Adrienne (in North Idaho) and suggested that if the coms went down, we could lay a long string connecting soup cans and communicate between the Canadian Border area where she lives and Arizona’s Mogollon Rim. The Tech Giants have obviously put a stop to that. They’re just one step ahead. Or Skynet is…

Tech Giants

A candid photo of a Tech Giant working in concert with a human womyn to manipulate access to Parler. There are some who deny the presence of space aliens. Take a good long look at VP Camela and you’ll agree – space lizard wearing a skin-suit.


A Further Discussion of things Norse


Twitter Corporate Tweets



Kraut/No Kraut?

Yellow Mustard/Brown Mustard?

Onions/No Onions?

Chicago dog or Coney dog?

Toasted bun/Steamed bun?

Do you eat a pickle while eating your hot dog?

Fries or chips?

Coke or a beer? (domestic or import)

I realize that the nation is fighting for its very life, but a man still has to eat.


Movie Retrospective



  1. Kraut, light yellow mustard on dog, fries, no pickle, toasted bun, Sam Addams beer (preferably Oktoberfest)

    • I like the toasted bun.

      But will take a steamed bun too.

      Eating a hot dog isn’t something that I do in a vacuum. There needs to be something going on – tailgate party or a picnic (picnic is now a ‘forbidden word’ but I have no idea why), or something, for me to enjoy it fully.

      • “Eating a hot dog isn’t something that I do in a vacuum. There needs to be something going on…”

        Pure insight and wisdom right there.

  2. I’d have thought there’d be a redhead hotspot over in Kurdistan?

    I like the dogs pretty much every way, including the bizarre local specialty.


      • Yeah, that computes. Or at least stole their cellphones.

        I guess the latter equates with the former for anyone under 30, anyway.


  3. No Kraut. No Chi-congo dog; too complicated, the dog gets lost in the debris. No Coke, Pepsi. That’s a joke. Dr. Pepper or beer, any kind, as long as it’s cold and not diet/light or IPA. Especially not IPA.

    And/or on all the rest.

    • Diet DP is my go-to diet beverage. Best of the diet drinks – at least to me. I like Dr Pepper, but watching my sugar intake causes me to divert to the diet version at times.

      I don’t know why I enjoyed hot dogs at the ballpark most of all. But I did. Now that they grovel to BLM before games, I don’t even watch MLB on television, plague notwithstanding. I had planned to buy D-Back season tickets before the whole BLM thing hit. It’s a shame really, because I like baseball, and I like going to live major league games (and eating a hot dog).

      Brave new world.

      • Now I know why I enjoy your “forum”, in those rare times when a soda is desired, DP is my preferred…either that or Hires RB.

        • Dr Pepper must be some sort of special operations thing, I swear. The late Weaponsman (SF) was notorious for his love of Dr Pepper. At his wake we toasted him with the stash of DP his brother brought from his house.

          Personally I don’t care for diet DP, but the real thing is good. Diet Coke is fine, just not diet DP. (For some reason)

          As for root beer, I have not met a single person not American born AND raised who likes it. At least that’s my experience. What say the rest of you?

          • Not liking Root Beer is un-American. (kidding) Grew up grabbing a tall neck Hires from the country store cooler that was so cold it had ice floating in it. DP (not diet, gag, but that’s just me) is similar in flavor profile to me, like mixing Pepsi with RB. A&W is also on the really good RB list, the on-tap version is best. Pennsylvania birch beer is another.

          • I love root beer.

            When Juliette was visiting the USA, I bought her a root beer float and she LIKED IT. So some hot English chicks like it.

            My experience with the British is that they claim that it tastes like “germaline”. And they always say it with a scowl on their faces. I’ve never tasted germaline so I can’t say that it’s anywhere near the same.

            A&W, Hires, Mug, and craft root beer are all high on the LL list.

      • Dr. Pepper was not available in Viet Nam. At least, not where I was. I could take it or leave it before then, but developed an irrational thirst for it there, presumably simply because it couldn’t be had. I’ve guzzled it ever since. My mother thought I was crazy, but Daddy had done his time in the Sunny, South Pacific and he understood. Perhaps being Native Texan has something to do with it, but that doesn’t explain L-L or Weaponsman. Kevin, if I recall correctly, was also partial to the Diet variety. I could go either way. Maybe because I was Big Army, not Special Forces? Dunno. Regarding my time in uniform, Special Ed would have been a more accurate description.

        • It’s not the caffeine in Diet DP. It doesn’t effect me one way or the other, but I just like the taste. And if you’re comparing it to warm canteen water…that’s like water out of a muddy hoof print only it tastes worse out of a canteen. Oh, heck. I lost my trend of thought.

      • Shasta Diet Grapefruit is my go to drink at home!!! Hard to find though.

        Kraut/No Kraut? – Kraut

        Yellow Mustard/Brown Mustard? Brown

        Onions/No Onions? Yes

        Chicago dog or Coney dog? Either. There was a famous coney place in Houston and they were the bomb.

        Toasted bun/Steamed bun? Either

        Do you eat a pickle while eating your hot dog? Sometimes

        Fries or chips? Chips. Fries are for burgers

        Coke or a beer? (domestic or import) Diet coke in a bottle

        • I also drink Fresca, Adrienne, which is a lot like soapy dishwater blended with shasta diet grapefruit.

          • Diet DP and Diet Dew are the “best” diet sodas, because they taste the most like their ordinary versions, and the least like used industrial solvent.

            That Fresca thing is why you were SF, LL – if you drink disgusting poison on purpose, you’re a natural for the program.


  4. uganda? hmph……mustard and chili, no cheese, no relish……i have that shindler’s list up as my permanent background page. on another one i keep the ccp soldier shooting the bound woman. i leave it up so the cadets can see it when they visit.

  5. Those Vikings sure got around.
    On hot dogs:
    Kraut’s okay, but I prefer chili
    Woeber’s makes a jalapeno mustard that I really like
    Onions definitely
    Either Chicago or Coney is fine
    If a pickle’s there, I eat it
    I prefer fries, though chips are okay
    Beer. I’m rather fond of Modelo Negra, the best thing to come out of Mexico since Katy Jurado. If it’s a domestic brew, then it needs to come from one of the small breweries. Beer should never be light.

    • If the Vikings could float a long boat on a river, they’d follow it (portage if necessary at times) until it ended. They were a remarkable people for their time.

      Have you ever tried Beaver hot mustard on your dog? It may not be for everyone, but it does clear your sinuses.

      • I’ll have to try that one. I do like the Woeber’s. It has a nice flavor to it as well as the elevated temperature.

    • I don’t know that you are allowed to eat English chips with a hot dog, but I’m sure that eating mushy peas along side is some sort of crime, not punishable by death (necessarily), but serious. And I’ve never heard of fried onions being placed on a hot dog. You can put them on the dog if they are blended with chili.

      There are certain parameters to hot dog preparation. You can boil them or BBQ them. Microwaving them should land you in that same special corner of hell that comes with eating mushy peas along side of them.

      Condiment usage is very broadly accepted. I wouldn’t put mayo on a hot dog but some people do. Salad dressing is not acceptable.

      And one day you will come to accept that tea may only be served over ice – sweetened – with lemon.

          • Let me tell you story about mushy peas:
            In my early 20’s I went to Italy (Liguria) with 3 other girls for a fortnight ( that’s English for 2 weeks) We ended up staying for 3 months which I insisted was educationally beneficial since I was learning Italian. We all ended up renting a flat long term, above a restaurant, at the sea. Lovely. The restaurant was owned by two brothers who we later found out were part of the Mafia. Whilst there, the florist got burned down for not paying their “ dues”. Anyway, one of the brothers took a shine to me saying I had a face like panettone which I found odd since it’s a fruitcake. Maybe he meant mentally. We all ate and drank for 3 months at the restaurant for FREE. I was convinced we were gonna end up as bait. A few weeks after returning home the brothers rolled up to visit me in England. The other brother was a chef and cooked home made spaghetti dishes in my mums kitchen. Flour everywhere. To return the favour, I took them out for some proper nosh including mushy peas,
            “ What ees dis?” said the Italian gigolo. “ it is minced rane (frog)” I replied stoically.
            He nearly cried. Wouldn’t touch it. What a girls blouse.
            So, my question to you is, ‘Do you want to be like an Italian?’
            Mushy peas up.

          • “The SAS eat mushy peas as a staple”
            It’s the same principle as Ranger School. You suffer so much in training that when the real thing rolls around you’re like, “Ah, I’ll get through this; I’ve been through worse.”

            Silly gigolo. Minced frog isn’t green, it’s … ah, never mind. Inte italiensk. Du vet att jag är finsk. (Yes, I know that’s bad Sveedish. But I can’t get my head around Finnish.)

          • Jules testament to mushy peas saving her life was touching. Put your hands on the computer in front of you and feel the warmth of my sincerity.

            I’m willing to prove my manhood by eating gross food. I have done it many times. It’s easier to do with a belly full of oh-be-joyful.

  6. Project veritas has a new video .PBS top lawyer talking about taking away the kids from the dumb republicans out in fly over land, for “retraining”
    He got fired for telling what Dems really believe.
    Talk about civil war dos . They come after the young’uns And bullets will fly.

    • LSP, they’re like potato chips. I can’t eat just one. Ok, I can eat just one, but I usually want a second one, or if they’re particularly good – maybe a third. It depends what I’m eating alongside the dog.

      Live major league baseball game – two Dodger Dogs at Chavez Ravine.

      • Oh, okay, now you did it. That just took the idea of a hotdog right out of my brain and elevated you to god-like status. IBC Cream Soda and a Philly cheesesteak —- provolone, Amoroso roll, and ‘wit’ fried onions…perfectamundo.

        • I will reliably pass on a hot dog to get an AUTHENTIC cheesesteak – but I’m with you, Camperfixer, provolone instead of cheese whiz.

          • Chopped vs. sliced (Pat’s vs Gino’s)… I prefer chopped steak as tradition, no on cheese whiz, and white american will do in a pinch. But a proper hoagie roll is critical.

          • Yes, what’s with the national shortage? It’s like ammo – hard to find. Maybe we need to do an inquiry with the company. What happened?

          • There’s a national shortage of some diet drinks right now because the artificial sweetner come froms…(drum roll, please…) CHINA.

            This per my son who’s a manager at a Large Grocery Chain….

          • Thanks DRJIM – I guess. Now that I know that a component of my Diet DP comes from China, I can worry about the next plague arriving by soft drink vector.

  7. Ketchup on a hot dog is blasphemy…pictured WITH the mustard so not as egregious…BUT just not right.

    Me, best hot dog is always at a ballpark…guess that fun is outlawed now. Oh well…off the grill, lightly toasted bun, mustard (yellow of course, but the occasional brown is good for variety), maybe some diced onions to add punch. Chili dogs are good, but I prefer more than one dog so more unadulterated affords a few dogs at a sitting.

    Twitter showing their true colors, hypocrisy on steroids. The Delusional with and agenda only doing what they know how. Can they be ignored until they lose so much business it hurts? Maybe after the 20th.

    • Typos galore…trying to finish Unintended Consequences, stayed up way too late reading so am now paying for it, and coffee isn’t working. If the Subversives wanted to take advantage of me, this morning would be the time. Maybe a snowshoe will wake me up.

    • The only things I’ll use ketchup for are fries (and rarely, at that) and meatloaf topping. Put on a squirt of ketchup (castsup?) on the meatloaf about 15~20 minutes before it’s finished, and let it caramelize.

      But ketchup on a Hot Dog!??! Oh, The Humanity…!

          • Poach the egg on and English muffin and add a slice of avocado, Canadian bacon and drizzle with Hollandaise sauce. Yes, an egg Benedict sandwich. No catsup. Black pepper ok.

        • Don’t generally eat fried egg sandwiches unless there’s a large sausage patty as part of it.

          I’d never had an egg-and-sausage sandwich until I started going out with a gal from upstate New York. Some of my friends called her a Hillbilly, but man, could she cook!

          And I just don’t care for catsup/ketchup, or tomatoes.

          Except in a sauce…..

          • Do we need to take a step back and shift to spaghetti preferences?

            A wife who can lay a spread on is a keeper, DRJIM. I realize that she didn’t survive to the present. But your strategy of wrapping a nuked dog in rye bread (no mustard) is not cuisine.

          • Oh, it had mustard, Gulden’s Brown my favorite, but the rye bread made it *slightly* more acceptable than wrapping it in (-UGH!-) Plain White Bread.

            Sweet Little Wife can cook up a storm when she sets to it.

            As far as what constitutes “Real” spaghetti sauce? That’s a question for the ages. Or the Italians…

  8. That scene in [the movie] S.W.A.T. where Samuel L. states he can’t hire or work with someone who doesn’t eat a good old-fashioned American hotdog. Yup.

  9. Toasted bun, grilled hot dog if the weather is conducive to grilling, Gulden’s brown mustard, *maybe* some chopped onion, no kraut, chili is optional, potato chips (American style, although fries will do), definitely a good dill pickle or two, and something to wash it down with.

    Diet DP is one of the better diet drinks. The only sugary drink I’ll consume is root beer, preferably with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. Gotta watch my blood sugar levels, but I’ll splurge once in a while.

    A big root beer float on a hot summer day is a wonderous thing….

    The classic TCAAS modem is quite secure, but limited in range.

  10. Start with an all-beef hotdog, boiled or nuked (I don’t like grilled, grilling is for Brats.)
    Steamed and then butter-toasted on the cut-face on a pan.
    Regular yellow mustard, just the right tang, not too overpowering.

    Then… two paths:

    1. Onion and slaw, if available. Served with plain potato chips, flat or ruffled.

    2. On a plate, cut up, smothered in chili, with chopped onion on top. Yes, mustard and chili. Chili with BEANS!

    If I want a salad, I’ll get a salad. So why deal with a hot-dog salad (Chicago style..)

    As to the Vikings, there’s credible evidence they made it into Minnesota once you get rid of Victorian historians. And even to the West Coast via the Northwest Passage (it was open, very open during the Viking Age of Exploration – open up to about 1200 in fact, according to the various Eskimos (hey, you can call the Norse, Danes and Scands ‘Vikings’ so I can call the Innuet and other northern tribes ‘Eskimos.’)

    Heck, there’s pretty good circumstancial evidence that Norsk or Rus made it to Japan. Either by going east (that would be the Rus) or various wandering Varangians, or going west via the Northwest Passage and through the Bering Straights. There’s some funny genetics amongst Northern Japanese that aren’t quite pure Sino-Korean, dontcha know.

    The Longship was such a perfect exploration vessel. Able to handle deep water and rough seas, while still being shallow enough for river and lake travel. Wouldn’t be surprised if they made it down the African coast for a while, or into the Med and into the Middle East via the Med (instead of the land/river passage from Russia to Constantinople.

    As to current politics, well, the House just impeached Trump because they don’t like him. I copulating hate this bull-excrement.

    Hate living in a National Socialist state. That never works well for us people on the edge.

    • I didn’t mention slaw on a dog, because the slaw has to be done right or it doesn’t taste right. But if it’s right, it’s delicious. I’ve only been one or two places (racking my brain for names of joints) that put slaw on a dog, and it worked.

      The Original Tommy’s (Rampart and Beverly in Los Angeles) makes a delicious foot long chili dog that you need to eat with a fork.

  11. Kraut yes, we make our own and its excellent.
    Onions always
    Chips and no pickle
    If i have a beer when i eat i like a lighter crisp beer. Usually Pacifico, its always good with a meal.

    • WAIT – home made saurkraut? My grandmother made it in a huge oak cask. She was from Switzerland (Bern, the German part) and she learned to make it from her father. I don’t know that I’d put that delicious lost recipe on a hot dog. You don’t need a pickle if you have kraut on your hot dog.

      • We make it in a crock, using the oak cask is interesting. I would think there would be some unique flavors pulled from the wood? My father in laws family was Croation and kraut was a standard in that house. My wife said his mom was a wonderful cook and her soups and breads were incredible. On a side note we also make vinegar, which usually turn out very well.

        • Because of the volume, the kraut would mellow in time, and the oak imparted delicious and subtle flavor.

          • If you don’t have an oak cask available, I suppose you could use a big glass or plastic container, and put pieces of oak into the whole mixture and get much the same effect. Unless the minimal air exchange with a wood cask is important to the process.

          • Mike_C, I don’t know what my great grandfather’s rationale was, but I expect that the oak cask was what he had available in Switzerland in the 1800’s. The lacto-fermentation environment with shredded cabbage and salt is in itself, simple. The decomposing cabbage creates its own brining liquid to further the break-down.

            Saurkraut offers a probiotic solution in much the same way a yogurt does.

  12. Kraut vs Slaw……..could start a whole ‘nother post on that, LL!

    I never cared for kraut, but my Dad loved it. I think I recall being turned off on sauerkraut when I saw a guy on a science program take a big can of kraut, a galvanized pan, and a copper ashtray, and turned it into a battery.

    Good slaw is another marvelous thing. I’ve only had “Good Slaw” at a very few places. Most places it’s just chopped cabbage with mayo, and if you’re lucky they’ll throw some black pepper in the mix…..

  13. Wifmann cannot pass through Eureka, CA without a stop at Mike’s for the foot long dog with garlic fries.
    Vampire free for at least 24 hours.

    Something weird happens after crossing the Mason-Dixon line and I.crave Dr. Pepper.

    The problem I have with DP is the vivid memory it triggers of sitting in the maximum security cell block located in the basement of the MP Station at 0200 Hours and listening to a psychopath explain why he should not be convicted of the execution style killing of another soldier because CID could not find the murder weapon.
    IIRC he got twenty-five years, so…

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