Obama’s Early Second Term

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I suspect that David Axelrod came up with the idea of stacking up airline travel in an attempt to alienate business travelers and grandparents flying to see their grandkids. As the summer vacationing season approaches (another ‘summer of recovery’) with economic growth at around a dismal 1% so far this year, the Obama Administration decided to turn a 4% cutback at FAA (after a 20% growth in funding under the previous four years his administration) into a 40% cut back in air traffic controllers. And the “blame Bush strategy” of the first four years of this regime would translate into the “blame the Republicans” mantra of the next four.
But it didn’t work.

The Carter Years in America are not looked back upon as “good times”. As one who lived through them, I can assure you that Carter was (and still is) a stain on American history. But Jimmy Carter, for all of his weakness and for all of his stupid stunts, never  actively took steps to punish the American people when things didn’t go his way as Obama has with the sequester. Carter was a boob. Obama is divisive because of who he is personally.

The Obama push to pare back the Bill of Rights, including his all-out assault on the Second Amendment ended in defeat in the Democratic Party-controlled US Senate, before it could get to the Republican-controlled House where Obama planned to rant and take his case on the road, howling about the evil Republicans. So that didn’t go his way either.
But we have ObamaCare. And it won’t remain a legacy of this presidency in any positive way because that is one turkey that will end up being repealed in the same way that the Volstead Act went down in flames (Prohibition, circa 1919-1933).
Ignoring his own “red lines” in Syria and Iran simply makes Barack Obama look impotent and emboldens the radical Islamic World.

Last year’s Arab Spring and the promise of hope and change in the vast ghetto that is the greater part of North Africa’s Arab Nations melted down into al Qaeda control and the further rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. Benghazi put the last nail in  coffin of the Obama thrill ride that culminated in the killing of Osama bin Laden.

DHS Bungling

The Obama Administration had its pants pulled down around its ankles with the Boston Marathon bombing.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev was apparently too dangerous to be allowed to go to Mecca, but not Boston. Saudi Arabia unofficially says that if Janet Napolitano read her mail, the Boston bombing might have been prevented.

Britain’s Daily Mail reported Tuesday that, according to a senior Saudi Arabian official, the Saudi government last year issued a written warning to our Department of Homeland Security about the danger of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the dead lead suspect in last month’s Boston Marathon bombings. 

Separate from Moscow’s now-famous multiple warnings about Tsarnaev, the Saudi alert “was based on human intelligence developed independently in Yemen,” according to the U.K. paper, and the Islamic kingdom’s concerns were serious enough that the Chechnya native was reportedly denied a visa in December 2011 for a pilgrimage to Mecca. 

The Saudi warning, also received by the British government according to the Mail, “did name Tamerlan specifically,” as well as three Pakistanis, as potential jihadists, and “was sent to the Department of Homeland Security at the highest level.” 

According to Fox News, both the DHS and the White House deny receiving such written communication…but we know that they’re lying because they ALWAYS lie.

And we’ve completed the first four months 
of what promises to be a very long four years.

10 thoughts on “Obama’s Early Second Term

  1. I can't believe a sitting President would be so bold…at least until Obama came along. He absolutely hates the US and all it stands far. It is so obvious. Yet it is that United States that has given him the opportunities he and his Moocher has had in life.

  2. "Moocher" — defines the life that he's led. And by all objective measures, that served him well. And it defines a large portion of our society. And explains why we're $16 trillion in debt.

  3. It's all about the "free ice cream" with him – and Dems in general. Their election campaigns revolve around "they have it – you want it – I'll take it and give it to you". It's only gotten worse since the Great Society was introduced by LBJ. I think we've passed the point where these folks can be defeated in elections. 2014 will tell the tale, but I expect the worse. Everyone kinda shakes their head at the thought of "Clinton/Obama 2016" but given the mindset of the folks with their hand out – I think they've got it if they want it. Bit "if" I know but . . . . that's how far we've fallen under the Dems.

  4. I have to hope that we can pull ourselves from the 'death spiral' that we seem to be in. The government projections of an improved economy have proven to be merely smoke and mirrors. The quarterly growth projections are almost always 3% and it turns out to be less than 1%. Meanwhile spending is unrestrained.

  5. There are a number of tweetable lines in this story. The FAA percentages alone. Obama is the anti-president.

  6. "Anti-president." What a perfect term. Opus has once again rung the bell of freedom.

  7. VP Biden has been out for another foolish attack on the Second Amendment. His favorite attack line is "The Republicans bet against America." That's simply not true. We bet against HIM and his master. Obama (the anti-president) and Biden are NOT America.

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