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There is more than one cat blog out there. And while I am not a cat person, I thought that this might serve as me becoming more mainstream. The kinder, and nicer LL.

And then there is the bitter Barack, who some people are calling “Pennywise” these days. Whenever he spoke, I heard the steam calliope playing in the background because he reminded me of a carnival barker. All he did with his pen was quickly undone. And now America is recovering. But Pennywise did amass a large personal fortune while he served in the White House. From pauper to billionaire… while steward of the exchequer.

25 thoughts on “Cat Blog, etc.?

  1. I like the new mainstream, cat blogging face of Virtual Mirage. Then there's Pennywise.

    People say he was a "great orator." I never got that, he always sounded like a stilted, phoney, faked up clown to me.

  2. It was said about a politician once, I believe it was LBJ, that he came to Washington to do good, and did quite well indeed. Supposedly the Clintons were dead broke at one point too. If want to get really rich, it seems getting elected can be the ticket.

  3. He works hard to pronounce words in a Southern way, even though he was from Chicago and Hawaii. My sense is that he thought people would be drawn to the MLK style of cadence. America is lucky that he's as lazy as he is. When he had supermajorities in Congress he could have done even more damage than ramming ObamaCare down our throats.

  4. It worked very well for Barack and the Clintons.

    Lincoln said of one of his cabinet members, "He's crooked enough to steal a hot stove". That would apply to Barack and Hillary.

  5. When I was a wee lad at the ranch I grew up on, someone gave us a female kitten. She was our only cat with indoor privileges. In time she became the matriarch of a herd of 26 cats. Never had much problem with mice or gophers.

    I do see some parallels between domestic cats and the left.

    Cats + laser pointer = the left and because Trump.

    Home owner/bread winner arrives home. Cat(s)–"Oh look. Our favorite can opener is here!".

    My opinion of clown face is that he is a lazy, arrogant, stuffed shirt with a huge ego and a thin skin—the perfect sock puppet for the likes of Valerie Jarrett.

  6. We all float down here is is direct conflict wit JFK's a rising tide lifts all boats. Oh how we have fallen.

  7. I don't understand the progressives. They make no sense. The Hollywood trust fund babies (each of whom is working endlessly on a screenplay) are people with no need to work and no experience at working, but they do like to protest – Occupy, or a pipeline near Indian land, or a tranny parade in San Francisco. Their parents did them no favors.

  8. Their hippie parents let them run wild, and these are the consequences. Spoiled, arrogant, loud-mouth, permanent victims that are now pretending to run things, and that song was written about.

    "GET OVER IT!"

  9. The political party, Soros and others. It's been a proven way to funnel unaccountable funds to politicians for 30 years now. Sold 10,000 copies! Yet no-one, even my barking moonbat acquaintances, have even looked at them.

  10. Would love to have the ability to really find out where exactly Barky the Clown got all his money during his terms of 'service.' I suspect that the countries that benefited the most from his tender care, like Iran.

  11. The libs are happy to see income redistribution working to their favor. The conservatives are too busy working to fight Alinsky tactics.

  12. My choice early in life was between whether to be a piano player in a whorehouse or a politician. And to tell the truth, there’s hardly any difference. РHarry S. Truman

  13. I believe it was like this on the C-17, "one pallet to Iran, one,two pallet to BO. one, two pallet to Iran, one, two,,three pallet to BO". can't prove it but the bank accounts speak for themselves.

  14. Cats are predictable. So is Odumbo. The sound of his phony shuck and jive cadence is like listening to bagpipes – it drives me to fury.

  15. I like bagpipes too. It's just that they want to make me kill something. There's a reason bagpipes led men into battle.

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