Identify the Rifle

Let’s see if I can stump any of you.


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  1. KRISS rifles and pistols and sbrs and whatever the fork they are have to be the 2nd most butt-ugly guns ever made. First ugly is that ridiculous Zip-22 POS.

    I mean, when a commercial gun is uglier than actual zip guns made by defective mutants from East Bungholio, well, that says a lot.

    I think the KRISS works initially by being so fugly that the potential target will either be struck blind or start vomiting so the gun holder can get an easy shot.

    Gah. It’s like some Lovecraftian horror copulated with a bucket of plastic and a gun. Bleh.

    And the afterbirth of said Lovecraftian gun birth would be… the aforementioned Zip-22.

    Prove me wrong.

      • No. If it works, okay, sure. But there’s some… polishing that could be done to make it a much nicer, visually, weapon.

        And this is from a guy who can go rapsodic about the wonders and joys of vans and utility vehicles.

    • My take if the rifle shoots, shoots well and accurate and has little to no problems then shoot what ya brought. personally I think the M16 is a butt fugly rifle, I am partial to a M14. ka sa wrap, ka sa wrap…

      • To me, the original M-16/AR-15 was a different but beautiful weapon.

        Now, go full M-4 and M-4gery, with rails and pods and sharp edges everywhere and most likely to injure the shooter and not the shootee? Yikes. At least if you have all those rails exposed, put some rail covers on them so they don’t snag everything in existence. Sure, you can use your quad rail (that nothing is mounted on) to chew through a tree, but that’s what saws and axes are for, and, no, don’t mount a saw or an axe to your damned quadrail forearm thingy.

        Common sense must intrude sometime.

        ( Now, an AR-15 in wooden furniture is actually quite beautiful, in a twisted “Why did you do that?” way.)

  2. While Beans is certainly correct to say the Kriss Vector is a ugly gun,its appearance is a direct result of the outside the box thinking that created a .45 acp smg with almost no felt recoil. A true bullet hose. Who cares if it looks like a pneumatic stapler on steroids.

  3. Agreed with above. Kriss makes some really ugly firearms. Wish someone would bring one to the range so I could try one.

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