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Caption: one who draws with crayons or pastels


Bullet Points:

** Make Orwell fiction again.

** “I’ve just flown in from California, where they’ve made homosexuality legal. I thought I’d get out before they make it compulsory.” — Bob Hope

** Aliens among us? You be the judge. Ok, one more different time

** HogsbreathSS asked about favorite revolvers. I responded to that post but will put it up here, too, just because. I have favorite large frame and,  favorite small frame revolvers for different reasons. It’s like having the right tool for the task. Large Frame: I’m partial to my Colt Python in 4″ blue steel, low serial number. I bought it when a teenager from a former Salt Lake City, UT municipal police officer who needed $35.00. Ever the sharp trader, even from my youth, I kept cash in my pocket (then and now). I’ve used that handgun ever since, and we have an emotional attachment to each other. I inherited a 6″ blue steel Colt Python from my father when he passed. I can nail tacks with both of them. I carry a short barrel Ruger Super Alaskan Redhawk in .454 Cassul for bears and such at the White Wolf Mine and am fond of it. I also have a S & W 460V, which I carry for the same purpose. It has a longer barrel than the Ruger and is a bit heavier. The cross-draw tanker holster solves that carry issue. I don’t flinch when I shoot them, even though they have significant recoil. Either of them will kill any animal in North America. I keep them handy when traveling in gang areas these days. I don’t want to double-tap. Just shoot and scoot without leaving brass behind. (Any hit center mass will be lethal)

** There is no place for masculine virtue in the current version of Boy Scouting. If you tried to encourage such a thing, you are a sexist bigot. The best you could hope for is that the trappings of your old culture would be hollowed out while you are allowed to participate in something that vaguely resembles the original. Which means you need to separate yourself from the program completely.

** One view of Global Warming/Cooling, etc.

** What’s unfair about creative production? Peterson weighs in. The problem comes when the government puts its thumb on the scale. Ramsey adds advice.

** More from Ramsey on debt.

** Are Private Intelligence Companies the way of the future?

** Can Pedo Joe win in December 2024? The Babylon Bee has some thoughts on that.

** Mercury or Bust?  (h/t Claudio) This week, the European Space Agency posted a slightly ominous note regarding its BepiColombo spacecraft, which consists of two orbiters bound for Mercury. Maybe it’s just me, but if you launch a spacecraft to someplace like Mercury or Uranus, why wouldn’t you include a plutonium generator to power it? Solar panels are more effective if you’re going to Mercury than to Uranus, but power is a constant problem for all spacecraft.


From the Police Blotter


A Plea from the First Lady


Identify the Aircraft


two photos to aid your identification






35 thoughts on “Calcographer

        1. You did. There went my thought of ‘primary trainer with experimental turboprop fit’. The French build either sublimely beautiful or ‘I need to wash my eyes with bleach!’ aircraft. This is the latter.

  1. IDA-
    1. Ilyushin Il-102
    2. Morane-Saulnier MS 1500 Epervier
    3. Fisher P-75 Eagle
    4. Kawasaki Ki-61 Tony

  2. My range gun is a 9mm 1911. My daily carry is a S&W model 65 357mag. If I could shoot the 1911 as well as I do the 357 I would be a very happy man.

  3. Just as the population may generally be divided into Elvis People and Beetles People, revolver shooters may generally be divided into Colt People and Smith & Wesson people. I fall into the S&W category, although exposure to the newest generation Python and Anaconda have caused me to question my faith more than just a little. Smiff’s unnecessary Hilary Hole safety lock and crappy wood grips of late aren’t helping much. Did Smiff hire some Boeing engineers without me noticing it?

    1. You’re leaving out Ruger people. In some ways they’re not quite as slick as the other two, but generally the revolvers are built like tanks and seem to run forever. The GP100 Match Champion is excellent, and easy to shoot well.


  4. Just one cup down, so, maybe it’s just me. I had to read this three times, and then go on to the next sentence, then it came clear.

    I bought it when a teenager from a former Salt Lake City, UT municipal police officer who needed $35.00. Ever the sharp trader,

    when a teenager from a former Salt Lake City, UT municipal police officer.

    And was waiting for the action of the teen to cause or allow for the purchase.

    Without a comma after teenager, my brain was hunting for something else.
    Enjoyed the story, not trying to pick a fight. And you stole that gun and you know it.
    Equivalent pocket money, today? What do you suppose That would be?
    Glad you had the cash. What firearm related piece of hardware would $35.00 buy today, even from a Distressed and Motivated seller? A firing pin and a coupla springs?
    Seriously though,, am I the only one who had to re-read that?

      1. Nope, me too just to verify. Heck, I can’t even edit my own bloviating comments, sometimes it’s the iPad, but mostly operator error….have to re-read and even then I miss stuff, adding to my “owe-age” to the VM coffers. Sometimes am forced to re-read LL’s stuff to get the inference…even then…right over the head (like every tank ever shown on these pages, making those who can ID them in a heartbeat – total savants.)

        1. I wasn’t trying to be clever. I learned that I could take advantage of opportunities if I kept a couple hundred dollars in my pocket. I do the same thing now, but it’s a few thousand (inflation).

  5. Opening image reminds me of the library in the movie “Dr. Strange”. I have a motley accumulation of revolvers, mostly older guns, or repro’s thereof. My most recent purchase was back around 2000, an Italian made Colt SAA repro in 44-40. Also have a repro of the Colt 1861 Navy converted to cartridge in 38 special. That chambering is not original, just a concession to modern convenience.

    Another is about as garden variety plain vanilla as you can get, a S&W M67. Bought it used from Century Arms. They had a bunch that were turn-in’s from some Fish and Game Agency. I did a trigger job and installed Hogue rubber grips. It is a delight to shoot.

    Back when I worked in the business, we sold the S&W survival kits with the 2-3/4 inch barreled revolvers in them. Our running joke was that even if you missed, your target would be deaf and on fire.

    1. Better choice than my first impression: The Time Machine (2002 version with Guy Pierce)…I’d kill for that lab (figuratively for those lurking for insurrectionists).

  6. James Gregory was one of my favorites…thing is this was funny but also fact, something entirely lost of those who wish us to live in their “10-12 year end of world cycle/recycle” panic.
    The PuppetMasters (now trying to confer Constitutional powers to that scumbag organization, The W.H.O.) made a deal with that reprobate woman to keep her “well kept” after The Husk either, short-circuits, expires, or is forced to step down (before the so-called debate, won’t happen…nothing but deflection optics). Jill is yet another one who needs a “behind the woodshed” attitude adjustment. She will be judged harshly (not speaking for God, as it’s up to Him…but the handwriting on the wall is clear as a bell).
    —Think about it, the last three….FOUR!…1st “lady’s” there has only been one actual “lady”, the gracious Mrs. DJT…who still rocks the wardrobe and is as classy as it gets (see Barron’s High School graduation pics…stunning yet demure).
    Ramsey has preached against the grift for decades, because he was there at one point – riding high then massively in debt. Took that lousy episode in his life to learn – and not repeat – the lesson, then to rethink “the system” we’ve all been sold: Soft slavery to The System Overlords. MrsPaulM and I have no debt, haven’t for years. Took a massive effort to build our place and even more to maintain a plan. Despite typical ups and downs, we managed to [creatively at times] to get out of that “prescribed” cycle. And we weren’t spendthrifts. Last year I hated the idea of “getting money from the government” (aka SSA)…but I paid into it, so it’s mailbox money each month. It was mine to begin with…they did nothing to take it in the first place (unlawfully I’d add), so I want it back, and am. No guilt. The Federal government is operated under a thievery mentality, that We The People” owe “them” for our hard work. It’s so wrong…like damn near everything they “enact” (including undermining Our Constitution at every turn of the page)….Rant over.
    Newsflash (don’t think less of me – heh) – I don”t carry, even out on the homestead. Atho the bear woke up around 4AM and left us a calling card, so might – to my younger brothers relief – may start carrying the Ruger Vaquero MrsPaulM got me a few years back. Whenever I’m not home she carries her S&W 2″ barrel .38/357mag revolver, purchased moons ago from a pawn shop for protection after some clown decided “she was his” (pre-PaulM). Never mess with a gal that knows her pistol. Reminds me, need to clean the firearms, never can tell – especially now – when someone looking for an easy target decides to somehow get past two sets of gates and breach the perimeter. Can’t be too careful nowadays.
    Cali…getting closer to home. Safe travels. Same for MrsPaulM who flies in this afternoon after a much needed “get away” for a couple of weeks. Been bach’in it so had total control over the remote…and this is “male and female” interesting…only used ONE roll of TP (hey, it’s purely a clinical data point).

      1. Sorry, I skipped over Bush in my head and forgot to clarify which 4 (started as 3 but needed to include HRC for every reason we know): Clinton, Obama, Trump, Biden…while keeping Trump in there as the standard we should expect from not only our President but of the 1st Lady because they turn the head…Melania being the most elegant ever in my opinion, that we can know when viewing from modern eyeballs.

        1. Melania is probably one of the smartest First Ladies we’ve had. But she has an accent so the eneMedia and the power-elite consider her to be stupid.

          1. Exactly…failing to understand she speaks…what…five languages and most of her detractors can’t understand their own save for emoji’s, let alone read cursive.

  7. Yay for Colts! I have a couple of Pythons and Diamondbacks, and a new Cobra is my carry piece with 147gr wadcutters. ‘Private’ security companies have existed for a long time, mostly in the ‘black’, so to speak.

  8. I’ve got a Ruger Security-Six in .357, a Ruger SP101 in .357 with Crimson-Trace grips, a New Nay Repro, and a SW Military and Police 1905 in .38spc.
    But last Christmas my wife bought me a Heritage Arms (Taurus) Rough Rider in .22lr.
    It’s therapeutic.
    Load one at a time, eject one at a time, pull the hammer back each shot and tight grouping.

  9. Guess I’d better start carrying around the place, someone driving along 287 spotted a large grey wolf with a collar on our main road this morning, saw the scat on my way to the airport but didn’t top to look at it, figured it was the bear again. Have the game cam card so will look. This wolf is one of the reintroduced ones from the Boulder/Denver Morons pushing legislation as a sneaky way to wreak havoc on the cattle industry within the state. They imported the rogue Canadian grey wolves that Idaho captured and didn’t want, pure killers for sport. Beyond foolishness.

    1. It’s never a bad idea to have something handy, PaulM. The urban jungles are worse than the Colorado high country but better to have and not need than need and not have.

      1. Yup..sometimes [often maybe] we are forced into some level of preparedness or compliance, if we’re smart we get to choose which one.

  10. Make Orwell Fiction Again………..MAGA/MOFA! A new trend is awakening…..
    Bob Hope was a National Treasure! I have two reel-to-reel tapes made by the AFRTS of his 1967 USO show from Korat RTAFB.
    The only revolver I have experience with is a S&W TRR-8 in 357. It’s based on the large frame, and holds eight rounds. Eight rounds of 357 can do a bit of damage.

  11. I was actually broke enough one year that I sold my full-sized semi-auto. So all I have is a compact semi. Got some rifles and a shotgun, but… well… unless I win the big lottery and put in that backyard (and the underground… yes, I have plans, fun things to do with box culverts…) ranges, my ability to purchase and use guns is nigh to non-existent.

    So I’ll just have to lust after revolvers and other fun stuffs from my tiny, cramped apartment.

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