Shooting the Messenger

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I have a few random thoughts for the day and for our times to share.




The Federal Bureau of Investigation


I prefer Tulips on an Organ 


An Inevitable Fist Fight on Easter 2022




Progression of the War as of Today

Updates: After building up their forces around Izyum and making some gains around the villages to the south of the city,  are expected to renew their offensives on Barvinkove and Slovyansk appears to have made further gains in Mariupol over the last 24 hours.




Identify the Aircraft

It’s in my top five favorites of WW2…


Unknown Circumstances


EASTER CHALLENGE: Identify the Tanks




This should be a bit more difficult.



18 thoughts on “Shooting the Messenger

  1. The aircraft is a Bristol Beaufighter. My father was an engineer officer in the RAF, and worked on Bristol Blenheim bombers, Beaufighters, and Beaufort torpedo bombers.

    1. The Beaufighter was an aircraft ahead of its time. I don’t know why they didn’t build more of them. They were very fast, carried a variety of heavy armaments, and could take a lot of combat damage and remain effective. As the war progressed, other aircraft became available that had a better combat radius, etc.

  2. Looks like a Bristol Beaufighter. Great looking plane. Similar planes I’m fond of include the Mosquito and the P-61.

  3. I don’t know nuthin’ about tanks but the starboard side soldier in #2 appears to be holding an StG 44.

    I wonder what the story is with the soldier posing with the pistol in #4. The way he’s holding the pistol would seem to indicate something.

  4. “I prefer Tulips on an Organ”. I see what you did there, you naughty boy. 😉

  5. Tanks:
    1. Swedish Stridsvagn m/42
    2. Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. G
    3. It looks like an Australian AC3 Thunderbolt but that has only one main gun.
    4. Jagdtiger
    5. Italian SP lash-up?

    1. 3. Yes, but in this case they added a second 17 pder. It was a prototype and I doubt that it worked out. It was set up to volly fire both barrels at the same time.

      5. M-3 Stuart with an 18 pdr. I thought that was a very tough one.

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