Bullet Points:

** When you find yourself on the same side as Nazis, it’s time to pause and reflect on where life has brought you.

** John Fetterman inexplicably won his race proving you can be a literal vegetable and still win due to election fraud.  The fact that he ran against the odious Dr. Oz meant that it didn’t have to be a. TOTAL fraud. He was then hospitalized and his wife’s response was to immediately flee to Canada. Now politicians are demanding that Fetterman show proof that he’s even alive. This movie becomes more absurd by the day.

** Finland’s Border Wall – Finland has begun construction of its planned 200-kilometer fence along part of its border with Russia, the country’s border guard announced on Tuesday, as Helsinki fears Moscow could use migrant flows at the frontier for political purposes.  Terrain work would begin on Tuesday “with forest clearance and will proceed in such a way that road construction and fence installation can be started in March,” the Finnish Border Guard said in a statement.



Identify the Tank



Identify the Production Automobile

(Not a Queen Family Truckster, but close)



The Rails


The Swabber

A sailing ship`s crew was divided into various disciplines, able seaman, light seaman, ship boys and so on but there was also the waster or the swabbers.

Swabbers were the weakest of a ship’s complement, those seamen unable to perform duties aloft or at the guns. Their assignments consisted of the dirtier, menial tasks to be found aboard ship, they themselves being pretty much viewed as scavengers by the rest of the crew.

Don’t confuse that with the morning cleaning of the deck, everyone had to do it, and at about five o’clock in the morning, the guard started to wash the decks and polish the boards with a heavy holy stone. Corners and angles were polished in the same way with small pieces of the same type of stone, called prayer books. After the holy stones, other sailors came with brooms, swabs, and buckets to dry the decks, while others polished the brass fittings or generally cleaned up.


This is an image of a cabin boy or mousse anglais, but the swabber would have looked like this

Lowly, though he may have been, even the ignoble swabber had someone to boss around, that is the liar. This was a transitory rate held but for a week by one lucky mariner. An exceptionally bad liar could be expected to be hoisted to the mainstay with a shovel and a broom seized to his back, just to get him in the right frame of mind for cleaning.


An original mop or swabber of HMS Invincible, 1758

But if from time to time the sailors talk about the swabber, then the epaulettes of the officers, who got this nickname because of their appearance, can be implied.


  1. Every time I hear a clip of Yellen explaining in her smarmy weird drawl I can’t help but think of Charlie Brown’s teacher, only with more marbles in her mouth. Can that woman get any more pedantic and condescending? She comes across as a grandmother but she’s as dangerous as The Bern.

    • That elitist whine that Yellen put out with its supremely smug arrogant twang typifies the Swamp. If we only blend her DNA with that of the Trans Secretary, we’d have the perfect swamp creature.

  2. But are they actually National Socialism NAZIs or what is called NAZI today which is a conservative race-based faith?

    Remember, real Nazis believed in government control of all business, government control of health care, banning or othering racial and religious groups, eliminating biblically based religions and foisting a make-belief religion based on pseudo history and cult-like behavior, believe in no arms for the common man, believe in fancy uniforms for police and the military, believe that the national government needs to take over all police functions, believes in sterilization or aborting undesirables, believed in using freed prisoners to push an agenda that the federal government was the only one to have police powers, believes in hiring or paying the average person to spy on everyone else, believes in throttling free thought and only portraying a really screwed-up history of the peoples, believes in one nation, one people, one leader (though it sounded sexier in the original German, so did ‘Work will make you free’…) And, guess what? The United States is a national socialist country, isn’t it?

    • The United States is a national socialist country, isn’t it?

      I think that was my point.

  3. “Identify the Production Automobile” That’s a Dodge; I have no idea which model.

  4. On Fetterman, it hit me last night that if I found myself in his position, condemned by a stroke to being unable to understand spoken words and speak coherent sentences, I’d probably end up turning myself into a hospital for depression like he’s doing. I’m not even sure he can read and write. If that happened, I might well skip the hospital and go straight to .45ACP to the temples.

    The real demon here appears to be his wife for pushing him. Perhaps the party apparatchiks for the same. Of the two, I have to assume democrat apparatchiks are dumber than a box of rocks, but his wife has to look at her kids, and ask herself, “is pushing him into office worth taking the kids’ dad away from them, and maybe killing him?” Then she had to say, “hell yeah.”

    • I feel sorry for Fetterman. He’s sort of a special needs Frankenstein’s Monster with a below-room-temperature IQ, who lived at home most of his adult life. I’ve known people like that and they play the hand that they’re dealt. In his political life, he rarely showed up for meetings.

      Then came the stroke(s), the farce election, and the stress of doing something he was never equipped to do. Even mental lightweights like Hank Johnson and Maxine Waters are better able to cope.

      The democrat apparatchiks are dumber than a bag of hammers.

  5. ID the Tank: Looks like a Soviet BT-5. By the setting probably a casualty of the Winter War with the Finns.

    • That was my first thought, but the hull is wrong. It’s an early BT-7 with a T-26 cylindrical turret, not the later conical turret.

  6. “Politicians are demanding that Fetterman show proof that he’s even alive”
    That is obvious anti-Zombitism. Shame on those politicians. Shame!

    As to Yellen: “weird drawl” and “elitist whine”? I’ve dealt with persons very much like her for years and so have a lot of data points. I think y’all are responding to not just the words and speech patterns, but also the body language, which is off-putting to many normal people. She does the wide-eyed gaze and excessive eye contact thing, which the Behavior Panel body-language guys (ex-military interrogators on YouTube) call “the romancer”. There is also the somewhat weird nodding. I just watched a CNN interview of Yellen and it was strangely reminiscent of that infamous Barbara Lerner Spectre speech where BLS goes on about how “Europe must transform (into white minority status) if it is to survive.” Normal people tend to be repulsed by the overall affect (not “effect” I mean affect), but it’s standard in some groups/subcultures. I tend to see it among sleazy-political academic physicians. It’s a predictor of untrustworthiness.

    • I don’t think that anyone is more untrustworthy than Yellen. Pegging the needle is common these days and there are a LOT of people who have hit the 10. I suspect that they have a lot of pride in being that sort of cur.

  7. “It’s a predictor of untrustworthiness.”

    So true! Which to the observant is why they rub us the wrong way.

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