March: Coming in like a Lion…


Bullet Points:

** Racial profiling again… A New Jersey man attempted to board a flight with an AR-15 rifle, handguns, a Taser, and a fake U.S. Marshal’s badge, according to a federal complaint.

Seretse Clouden, a felon, tried to board the flight at Newark Liberty International Airport on Dec. 30. He was charged with unlawful possession of firearms and ammunition by a convicted felon and fraudulent possession of an identification document and authentication feature of the U.S.

“During the routine screening of checked luggage that was destined for Fort Lauderdale, Transportation Security Administration agents discovered two .40 caliber Glock magazines, each containing fifteen rounds of .40 caliber ammunition,” the complaint read. “A further search of that luggage revealed a ballistic vest carrier that displayed the words ‘Deputy Marshal.’”

** In the latest example of leftist elites making rules for thee and not for me, Oregon Gov. Tina Kotek, who campaigned on her goal to restrict natural gas use for Oregonians, is reportedly having a $300,000+ natural gas generator installed at the gubernatorial mansion.

** Covid-19 – Was it an accidental release or was it intentional? Were the Chinese to blame or was the U.S. government? These are questions that must be answered.

Intentionally or not, the American people were used as lab rats for an experimental vaccine — a vaccine, which had been in development for nearly a decade.

In July of 2020, the Washington Post ran this headline: “How a secretive Pentagon agency seeded the ground for a rapid coronavirus cure.” Amy Jenkins, the manager of DARPA’s antibody program, said, “We have been thinking about and preparing for this for a long time, and it’s almost a bit surreal.”

The only way out of the pandemic, as presented by Fauci and countless others, was by injecting ourselves with this experimental mRNA vaccine. Even as anxious Americans waited for its availability, proven and existing treatment options like hydroxychloroquine and zinc, were dismissed as ineffective.

Once available, mandates and other coercive tactics were utilized to compel Americans to get the jab. The media, and even Biden, claimed the experimental vaccines, which hadn’t even been tested for efficacy, would prevent the contraction of COVID. When this was proven untrue, the same needle pushers then claimed it would reduce symptoms.

** He won’t be missed. Former speaker of the House Paul Ryan said this week that if Donald Trump is the GOP nominee in 2024, he’ll be skipping the Republican National Convention.

** More Racist Allegations: Hulking 6’6″ and 270lb boy, 17, who knocked out his teaching aide and pummeled her while unconscious was arrested THREE times for battery in 2019 and will be charged as an adult – facing up to 15 years in prison.

Brendan Depa, 17, can be named for the first time after the Seventh Judicial Court of Florida ruled that he would be transferred to adult court.  He is facing an aggravated battery charge after he attacked Joan Naydich, 57, at Mantanzas High School on February 21. The teenager threw the teaching assistant onto the floor before repeatedly punching and kicking her.  (Source: Daily Mail)


Receive Cavalry

Danish soldiers with bayonets ready for battle during the war in 1864



Pedo Joe and liberal theories. American thinker has a good article that outlines current liberal philosophy in the petri dish of American life.

Theory 1 — Diversity improves organizational performance

The diversity industry claims that having a diversified workforce increases creativity and customer service — resulting in improved organizational performance.  Joe gave us a few appointments who check all of the diversity boxes to test this one out.  He appointed Dr. “Rachel” Levine to be the assistant secretary of health.  Levine has a penis but thinks he’s a woman — making him a valid diversity test subject.  His department has spent two years promoting a vaccine that doesn’t prevent illness from the targeted virus, but does increase one’s likelihood of dying from that virus.

Theory 2 — Government spending is good for the economy

Whenever the American economy suffers a downturn, the left defaults to one government solution.  The theory is that sufficient government spending will trigger economic growth.  Leftists tax the population, give a little bit back to the citizens, spend the rest on liberal causes, and call it stimulus.

Joe tested this theory by spending nearly $5 trillion on various COVID relief, infrastructure, and inflation reduction boondoggles.  Did it help the economy?  No.  Instead we’ve gotten:

Theory 3 — Centralized control will optimize society

The left has been pushing for centralized control by a cadre of educated elites for years.  The theory is that with centralized control, the bureaucracy can optimize performance and eliminate all of the messiness of capitalism and federalism.  In service to this theory, the federal government has become the largest employer in America — employing over 9 million people in various permanent, contract, and military positions.  With the necessary workforce in place, we decided to give Karl’s manifesto a test drive during the COVID pandemic.

Theory 4 — Controlling guns will control violence

This theory is that gun violence results from too many guns — rather than too many criminals — in circulation.  Joe tested this theory by working with congressional Democrats and a handful of RINOs to pass new gun control legislation that tightens background checks and encourages states to implement red flag laws.  The legislation is intended to prevent those who shouldn’t have guns from getting them and enable the confiscation of guns from the unstable.  We’ve recently learned that Hunter Biden hasn’t been charged for lying on his background check documentation, Chris Cuomo is yet to be “red flagged” after saying he wanted to kill everyone at CNN, and violent crime is on the rise.  Perhaps enforcement is a better deterrent to gun crime than legislation.

In spite of increased restrictions, firearm sales in 2022 reached 16.4 million — the third highest in U.S. history.  The current administration is coming remarkably close to proving one of my theories: increased firearm restrictions result in increased firearm ownership.

Theory 5 — The government can regulate the weather

This theory is problematic for leftists because they’re having difficulty describing the observation — planetary warming or more severe winters.  While they’re not sure it’s anthropogenic global warming or anthropogenic climate change, they are sure that it’s anthropogenic (our fault) and that more government control can fix it.

Joe has rejoined the Paris Climate Accord, canceled petrochemical pipelines, restricted domestic energy exploration, and taken regulatory actions to move America from fossil fuel-powered cars to fossil fuel–powered electric cars.

The use of carbon-based fuels continues to rise, as does strip mining to access lithium.  However, the weather remains unchanged (L.A. had a blizzard warning last week).


  1. Wait, Paul Ryan won’t attend the RNC Convention if Donald Trump is the nominee? Quick, boy, my fainting couch!

      • I used to talk to Bill Bennett regularly and I believe Bill is a true conservative.
        Ryan started out as his intern and Bill always spoke glowingly of him.
        Not so much anymore.

        • I knew people who were tight with Ryan on his way up and they all said that he was solid. Something broke in him. Maybe he had to justify taking dirty money to himself? He’s a RINO now. I’d put him somewhere on par with Hillary Clinton in terms of integrity.

  2. i thought it was weird that they suddenly admit it was the wuhan lab. that makes me think it wasn’t. i think it was released or leaked before it was ready. they were desperate to get trump out. little doubt it was amerikans behind it either way.

  3. Centralized control – there was a meme out there that said something like:
    People left unchecked will not make the right decisions and need government control.
    The government is made up of unchecked people.

    • Orwell: “Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.”

  4. Thanks for continuing to post the C-19 factor. It was not merely a past event. Ushering in the mRNA / DNA modification injection is an era likened to phlebotomy. Other economic, social, moral factors still hang in the balance as well.

  5. With a name like “Seretse” it’s no wonder he thought he was all that. You have to be some kind of delusional or stupid to try something like that.

    As for the “Black Hulk”, Michael Orr channeled his size and abilities away from his crime ridden environment, proving it can be done. This guy…it’s behind the woodshed for him because he’ll never gain a conscience, he’s a predator.

    I would bet the Danish soldiers are the happiest soldiers.

    • ?

      Before or after the Germans took half the country?

      Not trolling, just failing to understand.


      • My attempt at humor…the Danes are decidedly the happiest people on the planet. With Danes in the family I got some firsthand anecdotes of how they dealt with the Germans, even hiding Jews inside the Copenhagen Tuborg big bottle out front of the plant.

        • There has to be some sort of backstory to “Seretse” with his fake US Marshal’s creds trying to sneak all of that hardware on the airplane. I doubt that we will ever know what it is. However, there is no doubt that his arrest was based on the color of his skin – somebody out to get the black man. Another George Floyd moment – and during Black History Month.

          • What did he think would happen trying to drag all that hardware onto a plane? People are getting insane…correction ‘more insane’. You’re right, we’ll never know, the media won’t tear his life apart because he’s of a certain skin color and not wearing a MAGA ballcap.

  6. Without a firearm, the only way to approach that big black gorilla (if he’d been white, I’d have called him a big, white gorilla, so woke snowflakes can desist) assaulting the teacher’s aide would with a running kick to the ribs as hard as possible. Going for the head is too likely to get blocked or your own leg grabbed Break a rib or two and he won’t be so energetic. Women trying to pull him off is hopeless.

    • Back in my school days, well, let’s just leave out the list of felonies back then that me and others committed in order to keep the school and the neighborhoods safe. And I was a wimpy geek with headgear and braces. Teachers would look the other way when actual criminals were dealt in a criminal basis. (bike chains and locks, hard boards in backpacks, metal clipboards, even compasses (the make a circle kind, not the ‘find north’ kind) were regularly not used, cough cough, to keep the more criminally minded under control.

      Though there was the 9th grade Social Studies class being taught by a very left-leaning teacher, who happened to be a Korean vet. When some idjit thought he could threaten and lay hands on the teacher, the 5’5″ rotund teacher picked up somedude and threw him out of the classroom, hitting the closed door hard enough to knock said door off its hinges. And then the teacher picked up somedude by his belt and neckline and frogmarched him to the infirmary via the dean’s office.

      • The miscreant’s head (irresistible force) met the immovable object. It’s also a physics lesson.

    • I’ve taken his kind his out with a 245 Gonzales, but there is breakage. There are war stories behind that, but suffice you don’t need to shoot him. Just break parts. His jaw might never work again.

  7. That American Thinker article should substitute Obama for Biden. The anointed one is behind everything, Biden’s just the conduit. Jarrett and Rice have been working overtime behind the curtain.

  8. By the way, nobody is strip mining for lithium – yet!
    To this point, all global lithium production is from brines (salt water) because nobody has been able to economically extract it from rock or clay so far.
    There are a bunch of planned projects where it will be attempted soon, so we’ll find out if it can be done.
    I’m skeptical and wonder how long it’ll take people to admit it isn’t the panacea they think it is?
    Any technology you look at, the resources aren’t available for their green dreams…

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