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On 9 June, Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force detected a Chinese naval frigate within the 24-nautical mile contiguous zone of the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea. China claims the islands, but Japan controls them.
During the several hours in which the Chinese ship operated in Japanese-claimed waters, three Russian navy ships passed through the same area. (Coincidence? You decide.
Japan made a formal protest to the Chinese. The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said, “We have noted the relevant reports. The Diaoyu Islands (the Chinese name for the Senkakus) have been an inalienable part of China since ancient times.” 
“The Information Office of the Chinese Ministry of National Defense said: It is reasonable and legal for a Chinese warship to sail in its own territorial waters. Other countries have no right to make thoughtless remarks. We will find out more to further understand the relevant situations mentioned in the media.”
This was the first time a Chinese navy ship steamed so close to the Japanese-controlled islands. Just last December, the first armed Chinese coast guard ship entered the Senkaku waters. Last month, Chinese coast guard ships operated in them on 28 of 31 days. In the context of recent Chinese behavior, the intrusion by the naval ship is an escalation step. 

The Chinese succeeded in desensitizing Japan to the coast guard intrusions. The Japanese should be wary that the naval intrusion will follow a similar pattern.

Beijing has announced plans to put two more lighthouses in the Spratly Islands. Xinhua reported on 6 June that lighthouse construction work on Mischief and Fiery Cross Reefs is being rushed and will provide navigational services to ships in the vicinity.
The lighthouse on the east end of Mischief Reef, which Xinhua reported is over 60 meters high, is one of the tallest structures in the Spratlys.
On Mischief Reef, Chinese engineers have reclaimed approximately 5.5 sq. km of land. Since January, infrastructure work includes airfield construction. Fiery Cross Reef has an operational airfield and other improvements. 
A search of the web indicates China built and operates five lighthouses in sea areas that were generally considered too treacherous for much navigation. The new construction will bring that number to seven. Not surprisingly, the lighthouses are being built on reclaimed structures that have other infrastructure. 
The need for navigational services is primarily a function of Chinese activities. Lighthouse construction and improved navigation aids must accompany infrastructure improvements. The ships carrying construction materials and basic supplies to the workers and soldiers represent an exponential increase in maritime activity in the Spratlys. Thus the Chinese reclamation projects and prospective mineral exploitation created the need for improved navigation aids and that need justifies building more and improving them. 
Chinese and Chinese-sponsored activity should be expected to increase significantly after the navigation network is completed.
The Chinese do not fear the US (a paper tiger) or the Japanese who would be punching way above their weight to take on China’s brand new (built by US money) blue water navy.

Barack had no comment. But he sends his secret service detail out to buy quality marijuana and one can expect that he was puffing on a blunt while he didn’t read the “National Intelligence Daily”.

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  1. "punching way above their weight." Funny. That's one of Barack's favorite aphorisms. Many will be using it against us soon. Thanks, Barry.

  2. Barack is looking forward to the day when he can become a malignant hector, on the lecture circuit, spouting his bullshit to whoever will listen. I suspect that unlike Jimmy Carter, repudiated, but he did turn his life to good to the extent possible — Barack, being endemically lazy, will just whine and gripe. Blaming everyone else for his failures is an art form that Barack excels at.

    He's been asleep at the switch for the past eight years and I think that history will treat him as he deserves…a president who made Jimmy Carter look good.

  3. When can we expect a naval showdown between US and Chinese naval forces? It's bound to happen, if the Chinese expansion into Int'l waters continues. Or, Japanese waters. Will President Hillary Clinton say boo about the matter? How about President Trump?

  4. Weakness is like a loathsome disease that can be smelled at a great distance. The Chinese have got our scent and as long as a democratic is in office, they won't ease off.

  5. My crystal ball is broken. I would have thought that the FBI would have done for that miserable old harridan long before now. I had faith but it must have been misplaced. She seems very confident that she has a free ride. I wonder what it cost?

    Anyway and moving on, I don't think that the US will do anything under Barack or Hillary. Give them the ocean or whatever they want as a means of appeasement. That's been the pattern.

  6. Why should they ease off? No reason. As we march toward $30 trillion in the hole and spend more money for votes than for security, we simply become a husk of what we once were.

  7. The way it looks now for our Navy, the best we could do against China is make a good showing of it. Obama has brought the Navy down in eight years. Top NCOs are begin forced out, or they are leaving because there is no future for them, even in retirement. The ships and aircraft are "rotting" away, the training is sub-par, and the sailors can't even throw a good drunk in Japan. Best we get someone in office that will build up the military before we start confronting other nations. I think the Coast Guard is better trained and equipped than our Navy. Sad to say, too.

  8. The Chinese are very, very sneaky. Have you seen what they put in their noodles to pass as chicken? The best way to floor the Chinese is to fill 'em full of Liquor.

  9. I heard a comment the other day that some of the correspondence on TBofB private server was likely with BHO. if true we could have a situation where a sitting president gets called as a witness or person of interest. That might go a ways towards explaining her confidence that the investigation would be quashed.

  10. I hadn't heard that, but it would certainly give her confidence that one crook could succeed another, with the system rigged to make it happen.

  11. Yet another ally we don't support. I wonder if China will go to war with Japan and all we will hear is how Hillary is more than competent to be president.
    Makes me want to gag.

  12. Our Navy may not be what it once was, but at least it's not cisgender normative. Chinese Dragon, meet Rainbow.

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