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Bullet Points:

** Hunter is looking for a new lawyer…

** Democrats wouldn’t fear President Trump if Pedo Joe actually received 81 million votes.

** AG Garland –  According to Garland, the Department of Justice doesn’t prosecute many Antifa attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers because they frequently occur at night. He said on Wednesday. “Those who are attacking the pregnancy resource centers … are doing this at night in the dark. These people who are doing it are clever and are doing it in secret.”


When my Ancestors Fought the Danes…

K. K. Oberlieutenant Anton Otto Ritter von Ollenfeld, Danish-Prussian War


Letter to TransSEC

A top union leader penned a letter to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg about a number of rail workers at the Norfolk Southern derailment site in East Palestine, Ohio, who have become sick, likely from the toxic chemical spill. CNBC obtained the letter on Wednesday.

Jonathan Long, a union representative for the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees Division of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, titled the letter “Norfolk Southern Is Dangerous to America” and said about 40 workers were ordered by the railway to clean up the wreckage.


Long said workers weren’t given proper personal protection equipment to clean up the toxic wreckage. He said many workers weren’t supplied respirators, protective clothing, or eye protection.

As a result of the chemical exposure, many rail workers “reported that they continue to experience migraines and nausea, days after the derailment, and they all suspect that they were willingly exposed to these chemicals at the direction of [Norfolk Southern].”

Long added, “This lack of concern for the workers’ safety and well-being is, again, a basic tenet of NS’s cost-cutting business model.”

Norfolk Southern released a statement to CNBC about the cleanup effort. They said:

Norfolk was “on-scene immediately after the derailment and coordinated our response with hazardous material professionals who were on site continuously to ensure the work area was safe to enter and the required PPE was utilized, all in addition to air monitoring that was established within an hour.”

Meanwhile, the Environmental Protection Agency, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, and the Biden administration have ensured adequate measures have been taken to protect residents and surrounding communities from the toxic chemical spill and controlled burn of vinyl chloride.

But perhaps the EPA and government aren’t telling rail workers and residents the truth. That’s because rail workers are getting sick, residents complain about health issues, and animals in state parks are dying.


Identify the Aircraft




Identify the Tanks




Photo of the Day



25 thoughts on “But…there’s even more…

  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Columbia (although designed by Grumman) XJL
    2. MiG-31B Foxhound

    1. I knew it was a Foxhound but I was late once again. I am getting about 20% of the planes.

  2. If I were a conspiracy theorist I would be talking about the best ways to poison a few hundred square miles of productive farm land and a river at the same time. But …..

  3. Picking on the Danes isn’t a good move, they might force you to eat Lutifisk (aka Boiled snot with a hint of lye) instead of that fine French cuisine. But since you brought it up MrsPaulM now wants reparations. You have my email if you’re feeling generous. (heh)

    My East Palestine Conspiratorial theory: When Gates owns 9,000 acres of prime Ohio farmland and wants to ruin a few thousand acres of “other” prime farmland in a rural community that went PDJT in the last election, the “response” and subsequent Controlled Narrative of Lies and Obfuscation that immediately ensued in the aftermath of a suspicious train derailment carrying toxic waste from Illinois that was pronounced as something “less benign”.

    Yeah, nothing to see there when animals and fishes are dying left and right and people are getting sick immediately, let alone 20 years of seepage eroding what had been healthy streams and aquifers and soil. Trust the morons in charge at your own peril.

    How’d you get that picture of MrsPaulM and I? She’s a mad mama if I’m under attack by some nimrod (rare but has happened), so will use deadly force if need be (for the FBI watching/monitoring, because they aren’t interested in catching the real bad guys: “only when warranted under threat of deadly attack.”).

    1. I picked up a Danish war bride grandma from that conflict if the research is accurate.

      The next time that I’m through Colorado I’ll buy you and the Missus a steak dinner at a place of your choice (don’t go cheap on me) by way of reparation.

      1. Ahh geez, now you did it…I have just been informed by MrsPaulM that we’re available next week in case you happen to be up this way, and I’ll do the driving so you two can trade war stories, be like reliving the D-P War, only on happier terms.

  4. Identify the Tanks:
    1. Ladoga APC built on the hull of T-80 tank. To be used to evacuate government from Kremlin to airport under nuclear/chemical/biological attack.
    2. Chinese VT-4

      1. He’s incredible. Wait, I get it now, he’s actually A.I. with direct access to all the tank and plane data in existence.

        1. He may be SkyNet. I’m always keeping my eye out for that AI to go sentient…

  5. Had a nephew who helped clean up a spill in a river several years ago. They wore standard work clothes, and cleaned the river bed by sweeping it with brooms.
    The EPA is run by top men…TOP MEN.

    1. I’m sure that the Trans SEC will do a better job with his all-negro work crew – who will croak from exposure to the toxic chemicals.

  6. Interesting note on the 2nd Schleswig war. My father’s family left the area after the war so they didn’t have to be German. Even with a name like Wagner they were and are insistent that they were Danish. Being a true Danish Viking I got myself a Irish/Norwegian bread maker.

  7. What an excellent closing meme!

    How come tranny PR’s so ubiquitous right about now? You’d think, by the sound and fury of it that everyone’s a tranny. But they aren’t, it’s a satanic lie. Don’t say Pritzker billions.

    1. I’ll have to look for the article.
      There are 6 very wealthy people with big pharmaceutical shares who are funding the trans movement because trans people require expensive drugs every day – if they can get the feds to pay for the drugs, it’ll be a huge Bonanza to the drug companies these people own large chunks of.

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