Do you know what day it is?

It’s Draw Mohammed Day!



More video commentary from China in Focus.  Floods, plague, locusts, earthquakes… sounds as if somebody is really ticked off at Communist China. I try and refer these youtube videos to you here on the blog because they tell the story that the mainstream media fears to.

The Chinese are going to need to buy more food from the USA. (hahaha) The whole coming war thing doesn’t necessarily bode well for them, but of course, the communist party cadre (more equal than others) will dine well even if the common people starve to death. As it was in the days of Mao when something on the order of 50 million starved during the cultural revolution.


After a Blizzard in North Dakota (1966)

At the time, the people of North Dakota might have thought that global warming would have been a good thing.


SMS Königsberg in the Rufiji River, German East Africa (now Tanzania).

In happier days.

After the battle

She had been scuttled after a fight with two Royal Navy river monitors on 11 July, 1915. Maneuver in naval warfare is critical and SMS Königsberg couldn’t, in that place.


Tribute to the A-5 Vigilante

Still one of my all time favorite aircraft.

Fast and capable, the A-5 had been designed as a naval nuclear weapons strike aircraft and was more often relegated to a recon role.


I realize that there are fancier plastic battle rifles that followed, but in truth, it was a war-winner in so many ways, and remains unique in so many ways.


  1. Two of my favorites, the Vigilante, and the Garand.

    I built a couple of models of the A5 as a kid. I thought the rear-ejecting nuclear weapon was just too cool….

  2. A-5 : awesome plane. Too bad the tubular, rear-ejecting bomb bay was a failure.

    M-1 Garand: excellent rifle for the day, but rather expensive and prone to mud in ways later designs avoided. But it has soul. And can you imagine wasting that grade of wood on a battle these days? It’s not like the incredible birdseye pre-WWI German Mauser (issued to an artillery battery) I saw at Collector’s Firearms years ago, but it as way out of my budget!

    • You can smash with the butt of the M1. That steel plate has authority. And with a bayonet mounted, not a bad hand-to-hand weapon. You can do things with it that you just can’t do with a plastic gun.

      • It’s great for crowd control with that long pig-sticker bayonet. The protesters haven’t faced anything like that. I think that it’s time.

  3. A lot of folks bring surplus M1s out to the range and now and then one will let me shoot his. I never turn down the opportunity.

    • They are sweet to shoot, but heavy to carry. Not heavier than an M-60 or a SAW (or a BAR in their era), and a lot lighter than ANY .50 BMG.

  4. I knew the folks up North were kinda goofy, but damn,, howcum they use such short poles for the powerlines?

  5. Ah yes, the Viggie… Riding in the back is NOT fun TWO little rectangles are all the outside view you have, so the pilot gets frisky, you’ve got NO idea what is going on. And that IS a pretty M-1 Garand

    • I don’t feel sorry for the NFO’s in the Viggie. Not one bit. I’d trade my left nut to do that job right now (in my dotage).

  6. Of all the firearms I’ve ever handled. the M-1 is my favorite. Went through Basic at FLW 1963 with one. No two original parts, looked like a car wreck, and never jammed. When I did my part, the round went where it was meant to go.

  7. That photo of the North Dakota blizzard aftermath is a little less impressive when you realize those are the much shorter railroad telegraph and signal poles, not your typical and modern 34 foot tall version. Still a lot of snow to remove from the tracks before the train comes by.

    Bought my 1944 vintage Springfield Armory M1 in 2002 in a private sale. It is my SHTF weapon of choice. 800 yard effective range with M2 Ball ammo, and a center mass hit ensures a target goes down and stays down. At my age, I am more than happy to hang back and operate as a rifleman to pick off targets of opportunity from a distance. My ammo supplies will most likely outlast my ability to survive. It’s all about inflicting as many casualties before I go.

    • There’s another blizzard picture floating around out there somewhere.
      It shows a large snow drift inside a building, where the snow came in through the keyhole in the door.
      I’ve driven in whiteout conditions before – not for the faint of heart.

  8. the m1 isn’t the new sexy and i wouldn’t want to hump it across europe, but she still holds her own in the defense and 30.06 speaks with authority. had me going into full battle drill this morning with the china consulate burning papers until i read trump shut them down. whew! i wasn’t ready for chinamagedon just yet. note to self- get backhoe fixed, asap.

    • Better to be ready in these times. Every man a minute man. I hate that it has to be like that, but it does.

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