Bush, Trump, Hillary and so Forth

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I predict that Jeb Bush will NOT win the Republican nomination in the current contest. He’s boring, he’s a closet liberal and the dynastic Bush reign ran its course.  He hasn’t held office for 8 years. What did he do during those interim years other than screw off and go on vacation? Was he a great humanitarian? Did he find a cure for the common cold or invent cold fusion? 
I also predict that Donald Trump will not win, but for many different reasons, among which is his style. He has his run at the moment and he’s enjoying it. What he says resonates with many Americans. In fact, the non-politicians: Trump, Fiorina and Carson, are doing very well with voters. It’s the political class that are struggling — them and their army of mandarins that tell them what to say and how to say it.

On the other side, Hillary can’t draw a crowd that she doesn’t pay for and poor old senile Bernie Sanders can…(snicker). If a couple of overweight black ladies can throw Bernie off a stage, how will he deal with the Russians or Iran? Imagine how Putin or the Ayatollah would have reacted to the in-your-face black lives matter chicks in Seattle. It’s interesting to note that Putin isn’t a communist and Sanders is. And the Democrats are huddling to bring Biden and Gore in from the bull pen where they haven’t been warming up. They’re even talking about running John (Swiftboat) Kerry again to replace the faltering, aging Clinton. Imagine that, Kerry, running on giving the Iranians $150 billion to use to blow stuff up. Is the Democratic Party great or what?

Back to the Trump popularity. What’s made him popular? From the reaction of the public it is their dissatisfaction with the status quo. Victor Davis Hansen had a few things to day about Trump vs the status quo.

(IBD) Some of Trump’s companies may have declared bankruptcy. But if that is so bad, why is the U.S. government running up $18 trillion in national debt? If Trump ran his businesses the way government manages the Social Security Trust Fund, would we criticize him for running a Ponzi scheme?  (He’d end up in the jail cell next to former SECSTATE Hillary Clinton)
We’ve learned that the supposedly sacrosanct IRS is as conniving as any Third World junta. Is the coarse Trump any more dishonest than the smooth former IRS official, Lois Lerner? 
Trump is uncouth and reckless in his language. But former Attorney General Eric Holder disparaged Americans as “cowards.” Barack Obama all but called his Republican critics kindred souls to Iranian hard-liners. Did Trump make fun of the Special Olympics the way the president once did when referring to his own poor bowling form? 
Vice President Joe Biden once used racist language to characterize then-candidate Obama. “You got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” Biden said. 
Trump is crass and in your face, but his supporters see his venom as no worse than that of the foul-mouthed Sen. Harry Reid, who gets a pass from the media. 
The grandees of Planned Parenthood talk of their abstract compassion. But in secret videos, they boast of trafficking in human body parts, which is as macabre as anything out of Dickensian London. Do Trump’s wheeler-dealer businesses peddle fetal arms and legs on the side?
When you think about it, it’s Barack Obama who left the Democratic dog and pony show with one portly, compulsive liar to be their candidate as “heir to the throne”, and fueled Trump’s talking points.

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  1. When obama didn't exhibit a "Yo Mama" personae, he was in – for liberals and other retards.

  2. "Portly, compulsive liar." Well said, quoteworthy. Speaking of which, KPH has just told her youngest Grandson, "You better behave or we'll chain you to the Obama Tree!"

    I like that.

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