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The captioned photo is of an old chihuahua dog – that can’t see straight or remember anything. Maybe he chases parked cars? That’s how the world views Creepy Joe. Yes, election fraud a complicit media, RINOs attacking him, and hiding in his basement for a year catapulted him into his present position, but how long will the nation allow him to remain? More to the point, how long will his Party allow him to reign?

It appears that President Trump will be running for his second term in office in 2024. He was a good president, but his personality brings up some negatives. I was asked what his chances are of winning. Absent rampant voting fraud, a lot depends on who the Donkeys run. If it’s the cackling Ho, Trump will be 45 & 47. Handicapping a race this far out is difficult.

From what I’m hearing, the Democrats feel that the whole Afghan evacuation mess will be forgotten by the American public by 2022. There will be other crisis points (maybe another plague?) to distract the generally ignorant and complacent public.

Look how quickly Benghazi came and went, and the plague has been a rousing success. The BLM summer of love could also be reignited.



If Biden was introduced as the pilot of the airplane you were about to board as a passenger, would you get on? Yet he has the nuclear launch codes.


The Mask

Afghanistan looks bad? Time for another mask mandate. As I’ve been traveling around it’s interesting who and where masks are worn.  Is there really a “delta variant” or is it just “the flu”, politicized? It’s difficult to say because the CDC lies continually.

Northern Arizona – only the woke in Flagstaff wear them.

Southern Colorado – only a few tourists wear them despite some counties requiring them.

New Mexico – it’s very much a socialist state, the lemmings all wear them.

Southern California – only the hotel staff and a few waiters in restaurants. I didn’t go into the hobo jungle that is Los Angeles so it may be different there. Nobody goes there anymore, though.


Wooden World

This is a close up view of the rotted port quarter gallery of USS Constitution 2016.

Like many floating wooden ladies, USS Constitution needs regular overhauls. As early as 1927, 85% of her original wood was removed and replaced. Further work took place in 1960, 1972, and 1993. And in 2016, the time had come again: the wood of the last restoration of the two quarter galleries had to be replaced once more. The picture above shows how thick the white oak is, but also that there is not much to protect one in case of an attack.

The stern gallery and the quarter galleries were a popular location to place your shot because all the ships were very vulnerable there.


The Corps

17 thoughts on “The Ankle Biter

  1. Your educated guess that Trump will run in 2024 is probably better than mine but I hope that he will not. As effective as he was in his first term despite the best efforts of the Democratic leadership and the FBI (Oh I guess I repeated myself) all the Dems will have to to do is point to his age as compared to their 65 ish year’s old candidate and use that against the Republicans.

    There will probably be several manufactured crises to make what happened in Afghanistan a distant memory. I hear the Zeta variant of Covid will be kicking off about then.

    The Constitution looked to be in pretty good nick when I visited it in 86. Most of that was certainly me not knowing what to look for but it seemed sound.

      1. There are three and a half years remaining. Trump may just end up as a king maker.

        1. DeSantis is just as tough and sharp as Trump but with a softer edge, which is why he scares the MSM and the Dem’s so they are already working on discrediting him.

          1. DeSantis might just make the grade and he’s learning the biz at the sharp end of the corrupt media. You need to be toughened up if you’re to survive the swamp.

  2. Trump…agree he will run again. He must be about ready to blow a gasket watching this ineptitude unfolding real time when he left “things” in great shape. As for his “personality”…I don’t give a nanosecond thought to any of that, I want a strongly convicted President who gets things done, not some political pandering moronic idiot who is as far from a savant as one can get. Growing up in the Northeast Trump is a product of his environment…sometimes me too when the Philly surfaces. So what…if it works don’t fix it.

    Masks- The self identified as the first to get croaked when the zombie apocalypse hits.

    Great letter…sharing within my circle. Best efforts are never to be second-guessed.

    1. PaulM Totally agree that I want a president with strong conservative convictions. I just think the voting public, and yes they do get a vote, won’t be enthusiastic about voting for Trump when the news media has convinced them that he was divisive. I also believe the media will use his age as a factor even though he has more energy and ability to get things done then most people half his age.

      LL, the thought occurred to me that you may have been using the pictures of the Constitution as an allegory of the state of our nation today. Or am I reading into things too much?

  3. “Ship of State” is an apt metaphor, Ed.

    I don’t know what Trump will do in 2024. His personality doesn’t bother me one bit. He’s a New Yorker, and like life in L.A., the life in New York would be alien to most of the population who don’t live in Big Cities. or aren’t wel-traveled.

    This whole Afghanistan thing has me befuddled. I can see pulling out and letting the place go to h3ll, but to leave all those people to fend for themselves, and vast amounts of CURRENT US Mil hardware behind, is inconceivable to me.

    They should have blown it all up, and flattened the embassy building.

    1. When you are in the pocket of the military industrial complex, doesn’t it make sense to leave a lot of good stuff in the hands of the enemy so that you are forced to buy better stuff when you have to take them on again?

      I think Smedley Butler said it best.

      1. The $100 billion in equipment left to the Afghans means that USGOV made a commitment to replace it with $100 billion more in equipment. Yeah, a racket.

  4. I liked Trump as president. And you can be damned sure that if he gets re-elected, he will be much more critical in vetting and nominating people. He got burned bad by too many of his choices.

    And I’m being selfish. I want DeSantis to stay as governor of Florida.

    The letter? Good on the general and the Sgt Maj. Kind of totally shifts the blame, if there was any question, directly on the Commander in Chief. Was anything like this done after Vietnam?

  5. New Mexico is dealing with a Gretchen Whitmer level tyrant in the governor’s mansion and a legislature paralyzed by Dem majorities in both houses, who are patently unwilling to rein her in (while refusing to fully endorse her actions either – hoping to escape the eventual fallout?). We do have a few good folks who managed to get into state office (Rodney Montoya, Crystal Diamond) who do represent the People more accurately; unfortunately due to the rampant election fraud in this state (endemic for decades), they are mainly reduced to Making Loud Noises in opposition.
    The businesses here operate in constant fear of state inspectors and illegal shutdowns ordered and enforced by the governor’s handpicked flunkies, who made national news last year by executing an armed blockade against Gallup, the town that dared defy her.
    Outside the big cities, there is quite a level of resentment against Wuhan Lujan Grisham, but that resentment fights a daily battle against despair and drudgery.
    This state is not lost via votes; it has become resigned to tyranny, and the few voices in the wilderness (we have lots of wilderness) are not heard often outside the wilds. We arent a lost cause; we’re just beaten down into self-defeat through fraud and corruption.

    1. Kermit, it was shocking to find Colorado maskless, you cross the border and it’s all masks. The contrast was profound. I realize that while is a Democrat state, Southern Colorado would seem to be more “free” than the Boulder Corridor.

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