Which would you rather have for Breakfast?



Bezos Units


Catalonia’s regional elections told two stories. The headline is the Socialists (PSC) won the most votes – a win for the Spanish Prime Minister. However, the pro-Independence parties secured over 50% of the vote and seats – up from 2017.


From Japan

A young friend who worked his way up from inner-city thug to college graduate (engineering) without taking a single government loan, and who recently moved to Japan for work, reports the following by way of dispatch.

There are people here who can’t speak or understand English who play nothing but Missy Elliot and Ludacris, even in businesses like housing offices and restaurants.

There are people who have cowboy hats and dead cow skulls in their home because they idolize what they assume American homes are like.

There are people who learn English strictly through music videos and American television shows.

There are entire karaoke bars with english songs often sung by people who have no idea what the lyrics mean.

Japan often takes American shows like the powerpuff girls and make Japanese versions of them.

They often mistake common Americans for celebrities. I have been mistaken for Micheal Jordan, Tiger Woods, Shaquille O’Neal, Tyler Perry, and saddest of all: Queen Latifa.

The act of sprinkling English into your Japanese sentences is considered cute and cool and is popular with teenagers. Bonus points if you happen to use it correctly.

Japanese stores sell shirts with english on them and people buy them not knowing that most of those word combinations are nonsense.



Straws are banned. Water bottles are embraced.

Out-of-Wedlock Births



  1. As to breakfast, neither. Protein, lots of it. A good egg omelet with cheese and ham, or biscuits and sausage, or even toast with cheese, with a glass of milk. My days of eating sugar in the morning are long gone. And I just don’t do alcohol. Now a glass of tomato juice with breky? Mmmm.

    Bezos? Meh. I’ll start taking him seriously when he finally gets around to actually launching a payload. It’s Musk who I have my eyes on. He’s a slippery sucker.

    Had a neighbor who went on a long rant about plastic straws and plastic bags and how bad they were, while I was picking up all sorts of smoking trash from around the apartment complex. I handed the paper bag full and told her, “First, let’s deal with all of this garbage and then you can tell me how bad plastic bags are.” Frickin ex-meth head.

    • Same here. Some time back in my late 40’s, I got up one fine morning, had coffee, and started into a busy day. Coming up on noon, had to go run errands but had not eaten yet. Rush rush. Slammed down a bowl of cold cereal mixed with 1/2 of a sliced banana. An hour or so later I’m pushing a shopping cart, and I get the shakes and break out in a cold sweat. Sugar crash. We don’t do that any more.

      My usual breakfast is a beef hot dog cut up and browned in a pan, then mixed with scrambled eggs, along with a bagel and cream cheese. I pour about a fingers worth of Worcestershire sauce into a tall glass, the add low-salt V8 tomato juice to taste. Poor man’s Snap-E Tom.

    • Beans, buy Mr & Mrs T bloody mary MIX (no alcohol) and pour it over ice. Add a wedge of lime if you like, but you don’t need the booze to make it taste good.

      Protein is always good for breakfast. Bacon, eggs, and I’m with Ed that oatmeal in winter does stick with you. Add a little fruit, sugar isn’t needed.

  2. Breakfast- See this is why I was never good at standardized tests. It would depend on where I was, as in, When in Rome…So, BOTH. (then again, if you had a picture of Biscuits and red-eyed gravy, 2 eggs sunnyside up, some applewood smoked bacon, and strong coffee in a proper mug, I might have THAT ONE.)

    If Bezo’s and Gates got together those two would take over the world. Curious (only a little) what Bezo’s next move will be. Maybe deliver Gates’ ‘not meat’ with same day shipping.

    Paper…plastic…oh wait, paper, vilifying the other when it goes out of favor. I never listen.

    Interesting take from your young friend. Hasn’t Japan viewed America like that for decades, like we’re their weird uncle?

  3. Breakfast requires real food. Eggs over easy, a meat(ham, sausage, bacon, steak), and some fried potatoes. Gravy is a good option. A biscuit or toast to mop up. Not a sweet roll kind of guy.
    I rarely use either straws or bottled water. My straw use is mostly confined to restaurants where they give them as a matter of course. If I need to pack water, I pour it into one of my reusable aluminum bottles.
    There’s a website where they show a number of examples of English abuse. Some are quite comical.

  4. On the subject of “urban” “music”: One would think that makes sense to target commercials to audiences likely to be receptive. e.g. if you’re watching a video on, say gardening, you’d get a commercial from a garden supply store, or for some pesticide, or something related. Cooking show might link you to gourmet food, or kitchen appliances, etc.

    Yet when listening to baroque (or earlier) music, the commercials are some sort of rap, or hiphop, or other “RHYTHM >> melody” noise. I can’t see the logic of “Hmmm, this guy is listening to Palestrina motets. I bet he’ll want to listen to some dude grunt and rave. That’ll make him go buy some $400 sneakers that’d get him shanked in about 15 minutes in the wrong neighborhood. Yep, that’s just plain logic.” Therefore I can only conclude it is deliberate enemy action.

  5. Back in the day both would be fine for breakfast. Not any more. Breakfast now is three hard boiled eggs chopped up with two spoonfuls of salsa. Once in awhile, bacon. And coffee! A minimum of six cups with a spoonful of raw honey and a dash of heavy cream.

    Who remembers being asked, “Paper or plastic?” Of course, Karen and her significant other bring their own bags so as to signal their virtue, bless their hearts.

  6. Strong coffee with a shot of heavy cream. The fat kills the appetite , never eat before 2pm or after 7:00 pm. Only way to keep my girlish figure. Low carb and intermittent fasting. Not hard if you stay busy .
    Unless the grands are here, then we eat 6 times a day.

  7. Breakfast? I like Huevos Rancheros at the local, but a late breakfast in Dallas? Bloody Mary’s always welcome, but maybe that’s “brunch”? We didn’t have that meal in England so I’m not too clued in. Still, not opposed to the concept.

    Love cinnamon rolls.

  8. I usually eat a light breakfast. The days of two eggs, four sausage links, hash browns, and toast are behind me. The last several times I had a big breakfast like that required a nap around noon!

    Now I get the “Kid’s Breakfast” when we go out.

    The cinnamon rolls out here are to die for. The Silver Grill bakes them daily, and Vern’s has really good ones, too. I was disappointed to the ones from Johnson’s Corner, though.

  9. I do best with Paleo:
    In a cast-iron skillet, I simmer bone-broth with left-over veggies.
    Or instead of vegetables, I can alternate with left-over spaghetti sauce.
    I crack in three eggs to start poaching, then set the skillet under the broiler for three minutes.

    I aim for twelve servings of vegetables daily.
    For fats/oil, I add coconut or olive oil beaten with a squeeze of mustard.

    My body crashes with carbohydrates.
    Caffeine gets me shaky, and prone to miss tax-burners and other miscreants.

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