The Elites are Concerned

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Imagine being the captain or first mate of a slave ship back in the days of sail – and you’re hauling slaves from Africa to the Sugar Islands to keep up one leg of the molasses-to-rum-to-slaves triangle of commerce. Suddenly, you hear the pitter-patter of hundreds of unshod feet and languages spoken that you don’t understand on the deck overhead.
That is what the political elite of the Republican Party are hearing, and it’s none too comforting. They make a living by keeping their own little club intact and in power. (Fly over country only matters for votes. They needn’t pay attention to what the great unwashed want) The elite are very well paid by lobbyists and special interests who will expect the party to vote the way it’s paid to vote.

Frustrated by the fat cats who have ignored the will of their constituents, those people who vote have the temerity to support non-politicians for office, threatening the very fabric of pay-to-play that supports the kleptocracy.

Mitt Romney (who I like personally as a guy) is making a showing now as the party elite are trying to make a play against Donald Trump and Ben Carson to retake their beloved rice-bowl. I don’t find it surprising that they’ve pulled him out of retirement to stump for Jeb! who can’t draw a crowd of more than a hundred or so without paying people to show up and hear him pontificate. I don’t think that it will work. The tread of native feet on the deck means that you can’t stuff them back into the hold of the slave ship and chain them up again…

I’m sure that Mitt is happy to be asked out of retirement to help, but it’s a sign of desperation in the same way that Biden is.

Because, it’s not only the Republicans who are worried.

The Democrats were so sure of Hillary Clinton that they beat down any other voice, allowing only those straw men who posed no threat to another moribund Clinton Administration to run against her. Another Clinton serves the same special interests that feed the Republicans in an ongoing scam where the public can’t help but lose.

Biden is in the bull pen in case that the old Bitch of Benghazi is indicted as a result of the ongoing political scandal. He will enter the race because if Hillary falls for any reason, the Democrats are stuck with Bernie Sanders, who only became a Democrat to run for office. He’s another outsider. The details of the tectonic shift that’s going on are obvious unless you’re in denial.

The Summer-of-Denial has passed and the outsiders are soundly ahead of the insiders.

Polls show that most Americans believe that Hillary Clinton is a liar. Maybe the American voter isn’t quite as stupid as I thought they were.

Americans are fed up with politicians, their handlers, and the whole rotten mess.

16 thoughts on “The Elites are Concerned

  1. I read somewhere that Mitt was offering campaigning advice to Trump. Earth to Mitt: You lost! 'Nuff said.

    What I find remarkable is that in a country of over 350 million people the same old people are rammed down our throats cycle after cycle. I hate them all.

  2. That is what the parasites that feed at the top don't understand. You can have free cheese and a free phone, paid for by the uber wealthy who pay taxes. What more can you want? (so long as you disarm yourself)

  3. Your analogy of the slave ship needs work. It's apt, but only marginally.

    Much closer to the political situation: The French Revolution. We (the Great Unwashed) are told, when we ask our Betters whom we elected to vote the way they said they were going to vote when on the stump, to 'let them eat cake.'

    We (the Great Unwashed) are sick of hearing about all of that cake eating, and want results, so we are now grabbing our torches and pitchforks. King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette are not hearing unshod footsteps on the deck, they are hearing the clamouring outside the Bastille of a bunch of angry, unwashed Greatness.

  4. I don't think that they hear the cackle of Madamme Lafarge, calling for the guillotine, but it's coming. They need to buy more ammo and hire more guards.

  5. Like you I like Romney the man, But stay away please. Why would anyone want a Loser on their side.

  6. The elite cadre feel that if Romney pulled in 50 million votes last time, that we'd vote for Jeb! if he asked us to (nicely).

    It's a non-sequitur

  7. We're being ruled by a self-serving insider elite kleptocracy? Surely Hillarybush will put it right for us. In the meanwhile, Canada's swallowed a dose of lisping hopium.

  8. Canada always moves in those circles. I find it strange, but people who live in the Obama house can't cast stones.

  9. Although I don't like his political position, I like Bernie Sanders. He strikes me as the closest to an honest person as anyone in the race. Thrump? Has a history of bankruptcy for fun and profit in business. What will happen when he gets his hands on our checkbook?

  10. This is as usual; lots of people who don't know what they're doing, running in circles. Each of them, of course, is claims he/she has the REAL low down.

  11. Yep, it's turning into a cluster… As usual, and maybe, just 'maybe' it will wake some folks up!!!

  12. Bernie Sanders honestly believes in income distribution and giving everyone something free. The honesty doesn't mean that he isn't a wing nut.

    I don't know about Trump and Carson. Would you prefer Jeb! ? It's an honest choice but many (based on poll numbers) feel that the business-as-usual crowd are the most dishonest of all.

  13. Shaking things up when they are the way they are is not necessarily a bad thing. At least people think.

  14. The choices are similar to deciding which caliber you want the firing squad to use on you. I agree Sanders is a wing nut.

  15. Part of being older is that you recognize STUPID more readily then you did when you were young (and stupid).

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