The Brandon Administration recruits Freaks.

(daily wire) Sam Brinton, (photo below) deputy assistant secretary for Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy, has courted controversy with his open advocacy of sexual fetishism and ‘puppy play,’ a sexual “kink” involving role-playing as animals. The newly resurfaced, seven-year-old essay he wrote for The Advocate, in which he defended, and which was first reported by The National Pulse, is likely to raise more eyebrows.

Who would give this thing a job as anything? Brandon is woke, he showered with his teenage daughter. Is there no bottom to the degradation that these freaks are foisting on the American public? I’m sure that his next move up will be to that of Marine Corps Commandant.


Bullet Points

* Justin Trudeau invited American women who want an abortion to come to Canada – he calls it bodily autonomy. But they’re not allowed to come unless they get a mandatory vax first…

* On the eve of the January 6th protests, Ray Epps, a middle-aged man wearing a MAGA hat showed up, defended Antifa, and told the crowd they needed to “go into the Capitol” on Jan. 6. The man made the demands while standing next to Antifa organizer John Sullivan. The DOJ denied FOIA requests on Ray Epps. Why in the world would they do that?

* Don’t ask yourself why children need to see drag queens. Ask yourself why drag queens want an audience of children.

* VDH discusses the disappearing America:

What is going on?

During the nearly two-year-long COVID-19 shutdown and economic downturn, firms cut costs by laying off millions of employees.

As a result, some in their early- or mid-60s simply retired early and never came back to work.

Federal and state governments also vastly expanded financial support to the unemployed. Other workers figured they would not make all that much more by working and so are staying home on government checks.

Still, other former full-time employees became used to the new, more leisurely lifestyle and are loath to return to a full 40-hour work week.

Employers also are now convinced that a hard recession is on the early 2023 horizon when the trillions of dollars of newly printed money run out. Many are willing to put up with worker shortages now, rather than hire too many employees only to have them idle when consumer demand soon crashes….The real gender crisis in America is these listless and stalled 20-something men. Too many are still living at home, not fully employed, often in debt, hooked on social media, video games, or satisfying their appetites — and with scant interest in marrying, much less raising children.

You should read the whole article.


New Russian Tech

Bubbles in the plexiglass canopy of a jet fighter may be so common that the photo was released and considered “normal” for Russian military aviation these days.


SB-1 Defiant

refueling (above)

The SB-1 is Sikorsky and Boeing’s entry for the United States Army’s Future Vertical Lift program, succeeding the Joint Multi-Role (JMR) initiative.


The Sikorsky Raider X

It’s for the US Army’s Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) program is nearing completion at Sikorsky’s West Palm Beach, Florida, facility. Lots of new rotors are coming out.


Identify the Aircraft


Foul Language and the days of Fighting Sail

In the British Navy, foul language could be considered an offense if the ship’s captain was religious or easily offended. Punishment ranged from spiking (forcing the offending crewmember to hold a marlinspike in his mouth until his tongue bled) to having the offending tongue cleansed via a good scrubbing with sand and canvas. Burning the offending tongue and mouth with a hot iron was another popular option during the mid-18th century.

Another favorite was the cangue (from canga, the Portuguese word for yoke), a type of wooden collar consisting of two pieces of planking upon a which a 9 or 12 pdr. gunshot was attached. Lord Admiral Gambier ( an officer known for his strict principles of religion and morality) favored one utilizing a 32 pdr. shot, but was forced to abandon its use after a sailor suffered an injury while wearing it. The offender was typically forced to wear the portable pillory (while attending to his normal duties, of course) for a predetermined amount of time, although in some cases he was forced to sport it until hearing another of his shipmates swear.

In another job and lifetime, a plastic toy rat was passed if one employee “ratted” off another one. The rat had to remain on the desk of the rat until somebody else offended. It’s the same idea with the cangue and 12 pdr. shot.

According to The Seaman’s Narrative by William Spaven, an offender “would often stagger with design, and tread on the toes of some of the after guard or maintopmen, who would perhaps say, d-n your eyes, why don’t you keep your feet to yourself… when the prisoner would cry out ” Sir, such a man swears!” then the collar was taken off him and fixed on the other.”

Fortunately, these punishments were replaced by others such as gagging at the beginning of the 19th century.



  1. When I went through initial employment training as a combat engineer, the instructors favored giving a shovel to the person who’d most recently screwed up, with the requirement to clean and polish it. That thing started rusty with a dry almost splintering handle, and we were required to have it checked by one of the instructors every day.

    I’ll be damned if it wasn’t gleaming by the end. Other infractions were punished with voluntary six back of beers at the end of course piss up. Made quite the shindig.

    Funny really, I was going to comment about it being simpler times, but that was when North Korea managed their first nuclear test. We spent half the course thinking there was going to be a resumption of that war.

    • I don’t think that times were simpler “back then” – pick your time. We all tend to lense the present through the experience that we had in the past. My grandsons will never understand or really know the life I’ve lived. I’m sure that to them (the oldest is 13). I will/do appear strangely arcane.

      Since 1900, the world changed rapidly and all of us have been caught up in that vortex. In 1900 there were no nuclear weapons, no cell phones, no birth control, and no microwave ovens. But the world was just as cruel, justice as obscure, and people were — people in the same way that they are now.

  2. Water filled cockpit to lower G force effects on the pilot, with a few air bubbles showing 🙂
    One IT team I worked on had an Odie figurine that was passed around to any team member who screwed up. I received it once when an Indian contractor went on vacation and I inherited his current work load….and he didn’t tell me what was going on. I just shrugged, because we had another team member who was a real Odie magnet, and he got it a couple days later.

  3. Random thought about the reduction of fertilizer going to farmers – maybe bureaucrats are having nightmares about farmers with fertilizer chasing them around???

    • There is a lot of mischief afoot being driven by globalists with an agenda these days. It’s difficult to keep up with all of it. It gives me a headache. Most of my work comes from outside of the USA and the efforts to destabilize the world create untold problems for me.

  4. Is that a Brewster Buffalo? Looks very similar, but there are a few differences – might be detail changes for a foreign order, as it’s not wearing US insignia.

      • Sir, I’m not sure if that’s a Buffalo. The Buffalo’s wings stuck out the middle of the fuselage and not from the bottom. The cockpit on the Brewster Buffalo was also more open. Also, the wheels of the landing gear were exposed and in the side of the fuselage below the wings. In my humble opinion, this one looks more like a Republic Lancer. But I am no expert; I’ve just always found the Buffalo to be a fascinating plane.

        • M McC – you may be right. I thought that it was a Buffalo, but I could be wrong on this one.

  5. I’m not too sure about the bubbles. It looks more like he’s being chased by UFOs. Also the Defiant seems to be taking cues from a LA class boat or the like.

    • The new helicopters are very exotic, aren’t they? It’s a new generation of rotorcraft – faster, more complex, and much more expensive.

      • The top speed of a helicopter is limited by the rotor tips going supersonic, causing the advancing rotor tip to go supersonic and the retreating rotor tip to stall, which in turn causes vibration and loss of lift.

        Looks like the SB-1 addresses this with shorter rotors, unusual rotor tip design, and a pusher prop for forward thrust.

        • They would seem to have worked out the bugs on the SB-1. There is a lot of spinning wing/rotor there for projectiles to hit in combat.

  6. VDH – The nuclear family has been under attack since the mid-70’s. With fewer dad’s in the home, dismantling God’s prescriptive balance, you eventually create a generation or two that didn’t get the work ethic lesson showcased in your Justice Thomas bit yesterday. All this is by design to weaken America from the bottom up; in effect generating apathetic immature guys – not warrior men – who sit around doing useless activities instead of going out and getting it done.

    Next level continuum transition are men acting like Klinger, only this new breed of pedophile is serious and demands acceptance of extreme wackjob behavior. It’s okay to be weird, but this stuff is Satanic. I find it reprehensible that middle-class woman don’t see it, trotting out their kids to see this garbage, then demanding they emulate it. Time to start shouting the lewd and lascivious child abuse truth from the rooftops.

    That second helo….more and more the designs look like flying insects in nature. Terrifying your enemy when they see that pop over the hill is a good thing.

  7. What creatures such as Brinton are doing is no different than blackface. They aren’t trying to *be* women, they’re LARPing as exaggerated stereotypes of women. Yet for some reason, Brinton is “stunning and brave” but blackface performers are hateful (except for Al Jolson).

    Why is Jolson NOT hateful? For Reasons.

    • I thought that Trudeau was also included as “not hateful” for mocking negros, Hillary Clinton, and former governor whats-his-face from Virginia. Democrats seem to be those most inclined to wear black face but apparently, they get a hall pass on that one.

      As a non-Soddomite, it’s challenging to wrap my head around their behavior. To me (and I’m neither a biologist nor a psychiatrist), they appear to have serious mental health issues. It’s the same disturbed behavior that we see with school shooters and others of their stripe that suffer from psychotic breaks. Yet that behavior is celebrated and rewarded in this case as being named an Assistant Secretary of Energy.

      This isn’t a sideshow in a circus, yet it’s treated specifically as one.

  8. Off topic…but geez!, hard to keep up with the insanity.

    Just read that former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe was assassinated yesterday, he was the first to congratulate Trump after 2016 win. Trump made a sympathetic and prayerful statement, Brandon has said NOTHING…who is pals with Xi, whereas Trump was an adversary. Telling.

    I don’t believe in coincidences…are “they” eliminating ALL of Trump international supporters as a warning to others? After watching the first 3 episodes of The Terminal List last night (very well done), I won’t put it past those demanding the ruin of America at any cost.

    • I don’t think that the Abe assassination was part of a deeper plot than a deranged man with some skills. The Japanese have 90 investigators assigned to the matter. I’ve worked with various Japanese police agencies & Imperial Guard over the years and managed to wrangle a coat lapel pin from each. They’re a solid bunch, great investigators, meticulous. I’ve never done anything in Japan. Just when they came to Southern California.

      • Good to know. More often than not, as things get weirder by the day, I find myself going towards the cynical theory. Maybe I need a short reeducation stint to get my head right. Or maybe it’s just the sun baking my brain while out mowing pastures listening to “the news”.

    • Speaking of murdered Japanese politicians, I just entered 12OCT in my calendar as a reminder to celebrate Inejiro Asanuma Day. Got no opinion on Abe, but the only thing I have to say about Asanuma is that he went too quickly. (Also, major style points to Otoya Yamaguchi.)

      And only three days after Dead Che Day.

  9. I’ve often wondered how often a naval version of fragging occurred during the age of sail?

    • Over the side in the dark of night during a storm. Much cleaner than fragging. The officer slipped.

  10. The aircraft is a ringer. It’s an Australian CA-12 Boomerang. I’d have guessed a P-35 Hawk since I knew it wasn’t a Brewster Buffalo (wrong wing shape and position), except that I just happened to have read about the Boomerang last night.

    I like the new helo designs. There are a lot of advantages to contra-rotating coaxial main rotors at the cost of some complexity. A tilt-rotor is faster, but they’re even more complex and expensive than these, with a LOT of limitations. Swing-wings for aircraft were a fad for a while, too, but too many drawbacks for what they bring to the table.

  11. Good gravy, that “man” in a dress is disgusting. Not too long ago it would have been run out of town. Have these “people” no shame or decency?

    That canopy belongs in the scrap pile. Send it back to be ground up and remelted.

    Oh, Lord, another new rotorcraft? Wonder how many Marines it’ll kill. One of the Engineers I worked with had been on the V-22 program. He said if you lose an engine, it takes something like 110% power on the remaining engine to maintain flight. That means if you lose an engine, you’ll be on the ground shortly, as the engines were only rated for a short time at that power level. The “Raider X” has a sort of “Airwolf” look to it.

    • No shame or decency.

      The V-22 was a real Marine killer. I expect similar results with this one while they work the bugs out.

      Remember the stealth rotor that went down in Bin Laden’s compound? The SEALs who made it through that crash were lucky.

      Too bad that they killed OBL. I’m sure that he’d have a lot to say under interrogation. Likely would have said too much. Not exactly an Epstein deal but if the DEVGRU guy hadn’t ten-ringed him, it would have gone that way.

  12. Isn’t that degenerate freak in charge of nuclear power, or something like that?

    Great will be the fall of it.

    • Well, he’s a weirdo, but he made it through MIT in a field of study actually related to his job.

      So he’s at least technically qualified, which makes him head and shoulders above most of the Biden Administration’s appointments.


      • I beg to differ. (ex-Navy submarine nuc officer with post-Navy MS/PhD in Nuclear Engineering talking here)
        He is NOT technically qualified for the job of waste management, not even at a much lower level. He has zero experience in it. Going to school, even working an internship during school (which I’ve seen no evidence of) does not grant what I would call meaningful experience other than to possibly get a start in the field. Certainly not a SES level appointment.
        This “guy’s” experience outside of school has been working at some woke non-profit, not the power industry.

        • This is the telling question. Would you hire him as an underling at a regular public landfill?

          • Based on the judgment he’s shown (explicitly!), of course not!

            This type of position should be filled by someone not just with book knowledge, but imo with operational experience too. After all this is someone who sets and enforces policies with great implications. It should be someone who has some actual wisdom who can accurately predict what will happen if we allow this or forbid that, what if we loosen this regulation and tighten that one? What should be happening that isn’t right now, and how do we best get it to happen?
            You need to know how things work before you can do that and grad school doesn’t prepare you for that, not “even” MIT.

            This is worrisome, not simply because it encourages moonbattery but because it’s promoting the narrative over reality. We all know why this “guy” was put where he is and it isn’t his training it’s his freakery. Watch if you haven’t the HBO mini-series “Chernobyl”. Promoting the narrative over reality is how you get a Soviet-style system that makes Chernobyl accidents happen (and that wasn’t nearly the only one, and it isn’t just nuclear reactors it’s anything where the laws of nature will bite you if you flout them)

        • Compare to any cabinet position in the administration, and tell me this guy isn’t better than them.

          Local swindler Gina Raimondo is the Secretary of Commerce, the only thing she’s ever done besides ruin the economy of Rhode Island and then commit treason during the Clampdown is work as a huckster for a bunch of “investment financiers” bilking people out of their money.

          Obviously, this guy has no experience, which is why I stated “technical” qualifications. That is the definition of “book learning”.

          I am not arguing that he’s the person I would pick for the position, nor that he’s the best person for the job. I am merely suggesting that considering Biden’s track record, this guy is closer to a reasonable choice than most of the others.

          Additionally, I have no idea of whether he is good at his job or not. However, I would much prefer a person who is highly competent and effective at their job, but is a traveling freak show (within the law) than to have a completely normal and decent person who is the salt of the earth, but who is incompetent and useless at carrying out their duties hold the same position.

          We’re living in a nation where the Secretary of the Treasury spent a decade espousing the infantile scam of Modern Monetary Theory. This guy has a very low bar to step over, to be a better choice than that/


  13. People like Biden surround themselves with dummies, freaks and sociopaths and sexual perverts as they are not a direct threat to him They are easier to control and use as a scapegoat when one of his scams or foul ups occur. An intelligent, respectable person with morals and common sense is much more difficult to control and blackmail and usually don’t have incriminating skeletons hanging about.

    • The freaks, sexual deviates and sociopaths are the people who “run” the Hollow Man, writing the speeches that he stumbles over as he reads from the teleprompter.

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