Garlic Knot Chicken Parm Sandwich 

Yes, you can eat half a dozen of them but your family will pay for it driving through the cold with the windows rolled up – you thought egg and beer farts were bad…


Bullet Points:

** Is Seattle finished? Crime-ridden woke city’s dying downtown loses flagship Nike store and multiplex cinema – as the number of homeless people killed in a year rockets by 122, to an all-time record 310. It’s very woke.  Local businesses watched in despair as customers stayed away for fear of violence – while progressive lesbian Mayor Jenny Durkan vocally supported the hellish enclave.

** From the Mail Bag

Q Why is a jeep or a pickup with a machine gun on the back referred to as a “technical”?

A The term “technical” originated with the War in Somalia. NGOs providing soap and bibles to the “skinnys” used “technical assistance grants” to hire and equip local guards.  “Technical” quickly became the shorthand term for their armed trucks. Thereafter every hajji, sand person, dune krune, cartel enforcer, raghead or tango driving a pickup with a machine gun mounted on it has been referred to as a technical by US Forces.

Over time, it’s expanded to mean Mexican Federal Judicial Police (Federales) and other Mexican forces as well who favor that equipment as well.

Mexican soldiers (SEDENA) patrol the streets of Apatzingan, the state of Michoacán in a technical

** Object lesson –  avoid Ghurka with a knife.


Identify the Aircraft – I gave you TWO photos


Identify the Armored Car – actually saw service


  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    The Ju 88D-1 flown by a Romanian defector to Cyprus in 1943 and then test flown by the British and the Americans?

  2. Don’t know why, they are not very similar but when I first looked at the armored car I had a flashback to those, hmmm, less than stellar let’s say, Cadillac Gage armored vehicles the AF SPs used to use back in the 70s 80s.

    Ghurka. Another Ghurka that upheld an outstanding tradition. Rest of the train must have been empty I guess since no one else seems to have helped and every male on the train should have.

  3. ghurka- just because it’s your duty doesn’t mean you can’t get paid for it. but then the ones i met would call that a fun afternoon. maybe he felt bad because there was only 40 of them. i watched a platoon of them one day in the next compound over. they took turns with one guy in the middle while the whole platoon took turns at trying to kick his ass. after they all had a try, he joined the circle and the next guy took the center. it went on for hours. they all piled into the em “club” ie: tent with beer, bloody and laughing their asses off. i make a very polite exit, with haste.

    • My experience mirrors yours. They’re serious men. I work with Ghurka Security Services, Ltd., (Aldershot) collaboratively along with my friend, John Derva (Norway). If you know of a need for paramilitary support anywhere on the planet, we can be your point of contact, if you’d like.

    • I have a buddy who spent a six year hitch in the Pacific Fleet. On shore leave in Kowloon, he ran into a pair of British MPs and a pair of Ghurkas patrolling a rather unsavoury part of town. My buddy, highly intoxicated, inquired as to their regiment, to which the taller of the “two big beautiful men” (as my buddy described them) swelled up a bit and replied “We’re with the Coldstream Guards, Lad.” My buddy, an amateur Scotsman and full time idiot, piped up with “Well, you must know all the words to ‘Hey Johnnie Cope,’ then.” He says the corporal hit him twice before he hit the ground, popped him one more when he tried to get up and growled “stay down, Yank!” But the thing that made my buddy freeze in the gutter was the whisper of Kukri steel on leather and a quiet, musical voice asking “shall I cut him, sahib?”

    • They grow up in homes where duty, honor, and country are taught. The live lives of honorable service. And, when the rest of the cowards on the train refused to budge – maybe they were planning to film the rape the way New Yorkers like to – he stepped up, trained, with a kukri.

      • Very admirable men.

        His heroic actions are no surprise, AFAICT they are what any Ghurka would do. Would that we lived in a world where all men were like them, at least a little.


  4. I remember the day when Naik Bishnu Shresta hit the news. He was about to retire from his Indian Ghurka Rifles Regiment when the event happened. I’m not so sure about the number of people he outfought and the casualty list, but there is no doubt the robbers ran off: they dared not face a Ghurkha and his kukri. The Indian Army renewed his contract, promoted and decorated him with at least two medals. Were I on The Indian Army Staff, I’d keep him on for as long as possible to motivate the ranks, and not only Ghurkhas. THere are never enough men like Bishnu Shresta.

    The funny thing is a year earlier another Ghurkha in British service earned the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross (US Army Distinguished Service Cross equivalent) outfought, alone and surrounded, a number of Taliban attackers that were assaulting his forward outpost. His friend was down and he was not about to abandon him. He wound up killing four or five Taliban and wounding many more with his rifle, grenades, a MAG machinegun and its tripod. He did not use a kukri because he had not been issued one. I always wondered what he would have achieved with a Kukri as opposed to that MG tripod. Then Bishnu Shresta stepped up to the plate.

    • No Kukri issued? What? I thought they were born holding one.

      Let me guess, some officer-turd deciced that having ‘his’ Ghurkas carrying kukris would be bad-think, so no kukris for the troopies. Oh, they can have grenades, mortars, rifles, pistols, bayonets, machine guns, anti-tank missiles, anti-aircraft missiles but a kukri is just too much.


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