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Stork News: My daughter, Emilie, delivered a healthy baby boy, Michael Bryan, yesterday. It is a miracle, it’s wonderful, and all of those things. The big worry is always that the baby and mom are healthy, and that’s the case. It’s usually the case – but things can go horribly wrong and that’s a worry. So I’m on vacation of sorts in SoCal, hanging with buddies, hanging with kids and grandkids and so forth. 

The guy looks like a little boxer who’s taken a few hits. I may call him “Rocky”?

The Situation in Hong Kong

Chinese authorities have denied requests by two US Navy ships to call at Hong Kong. The amphibious dock landing ship USS Green Bay was to arrive on the 17th. The guided missile cruiser USS Lake Erie was scheduled to visit in September.
Given that the protesters are carrying US flags and are singing The Star Spangled Banner, the Chinese view the incendiary nature of US warships at Hong Kong as problematic. I can’t help but agree. 
Hong Kong enjoyed freedom under the British Crown and it’s challenging for the Red Chinese to stuff that genie back into the bottle. I’ve been speaking with people in China by telephone. Officials assert that it’s all the fault of the Americans. And that’s absurd. Somewhere along the lines of 5 million people in Hong Kong identify with the protesters, leaving 2 million or so who are on the fence or side with the communist overlords. I wish that the CIA was that good, but they’re not. It’s an organic movement (much like the original or more recent Tea Party was in the US) and while freedom, such as that which is available in the USA is an aspiration, it’s not the result of US propaganda. 
The Chinese move to snuff out incoming bank wires through HSBC, didn’t change anything. Neither did the other moves that they’ve made. Flights into and out of the airport are spotty and capital is being wired out of Hong Kong at a frantic pace. There are about 1,000 US owned companies that have their headquarters in Hong Kong and many of those are reconsidering their presence. 
The Beijing government is preparing to move large elements of the People’s Armed Police into Hong Kong. Essentially, they guard government buildings in China and serve as a type of “SWAT Team” when needed. They are a separate police force that is not part of the Public Security Bureau or the People’s Liberation Army. Unofficially, they’re in place in the event that the Public Security Bureau (the Police) get out of line. 
And lest you think this will solve the problem, it won’t. The People’s Armed police are an oafish group of poorly trained troops who will either over react or they’ll get their asses kicked…or both. They will likely make the situation worse. And then the People’s Liberation Army will move in. 
Armies only do one thing well. Putting ordnance on target. And once the People’s Liberation Army moves in, the resistance, currently being organized primarily by actors from Taiwan, will kick into full gear. Smuggled anti-tank weapons and sniper rifles will go into play and the People’s Liberation Army will turn the financial center of Asia into a smoldering hulk, ripping the mask from the image of a kinder and gentler Red China. Hong Kong people will flee as best they can or they’ll be placed into a new gulag system, constructed for their re-education.
China’s Problem
The reality is that if there was no People’s Liberation Army, China would balkanize TOMORROW. Meaning, literally, tomorrow. Shanghai would go it alone as would Guangzhou, and so forth. Nobody feels as if they either need or want the mandarin oligarchs in Beijing. There is no outside force that has any interest in invading China. We’ve seen what’s happening in Hong Kong and from an aspirational sense, the same thing could/would happen elsewhere if the central government didn’t have the army backing its play.
Thus, they will destroy Hong Kong to make a point. 

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    And I don't see how the China thing ends well, but perhaps I'm missing something?

  2. One hopes we have a President smart enough to keep us from getting sucked into the mess. Sucks to be Chinese but it is their world and their problem. US investments there? You pays your money and you take your chances.

    Do the Communist mandarins have enough resources to invade Formosa and crush Hong Kong at the same time? If they try, do you see the other parts of China taking advantage of the situation to break away? Interesting times!

  3. A new grandson to spoil. Congratulations!
    I've seen the footage of the military vehicles outside of Hong Kong. I figured this would happen eventually. I don't see this ending well for anyone.

  4. Congratulations on the new grandson! A handsome lad he is.

    As to China, without the PLA, the oligarchs in Beijing would have been swinging from a lamppost a long time ago…

  5. At least we have the good news of a new grandson and daughter doing well.
    I hope you are doing well also!
    God bless you all. ♥

  6. Bottoms up me old China! I thought a bit of cockney slang worked well with this thread! Fabulous news- he’s a knockout :)

  7. Congratulations! You are a truly wealthy man!

    The PLA crushing Hong Kong militarily has so many potential unexpected consequences- no matter how much propaganda they emit,this action will confirm in some Chinese that the gov. is the enemy, and to prepare accordingly. Your description sounds like Tito's Yugoslavia – disparate cultures and countries held together by commie-glue, aka military force and fear.

    Wonder if the Taiwanese are screwing devices together. Along with the Japanese. Wouldn't that be an odd alliance!

  8. Congrats again, and very good to hear Mother and son are doing well after what was a protracted labor.

    "Destroy Hong Kong to make a point….."….OUCH! Shades of the old "We had to destroy it to save it", but much more Orwellian.

  9. If Hong Kong falls quickly to the PLA, after the PAP do the Harkonnen under the Beast Rabban thing of screwing things up majorly, and the PLA comes in to 'make things better' then expect them to jump at Taiwan very soon.

    Now, if Vietnam was smart, they'd be aiding in any HK resistance, along with Singapore, Taiwan and Japan.

    Hong Kong being a very dense urban center has all the joys of an ugly city fight. If the ball drops, the body count will be enormous and just wet the blood lust of the Han. There will be no way to 'limit' casualties, and I don't think the ChiComs will want to.

  10. Congratulations! And welcome to the littlest NSW Operator-to-be.

    @raven: Taiwan and Japan working together would not be as weird as it sounds. The people calling themselves ("native") Taiwanese (but whose ancestors migrated from Fujian some 400 years ago; the actual aboriginal inhabitants are <3%) are not generally anti-Japanese. The older generation of Taiwanese (born before WWII) lived under Japanese occupation and many spoke Japanese and aped Japanese customs as well. They and their descendants strongly dislike the Chinese who came over with Chiang Kai-Shek in 1945 to escape the communists. The post-1945 people are called "wai shen ren" as a term of derogation. It translates word-for-word as "out state people" with the meaning of auslander.

  11. On the Hong Kong thing, I've said elsewhere, only semi-facetiously, that we should state clearly that it's an internal matter for China. BUT, offer immigration to any HK resident who wants to settle in the US, so long as they agree to go to Detroit, Baltimore, [list of other failed shitholes goes here], or Los Angeles county, and live there for 10 years.

    While I'm quite anti-immigration in general these days, two can play at the replacement game. And if we're going to import people who don't fit in all that great, let's at least import high-IQ, entrepreneural people (who admittedly also tend to be grasping and rude). Our current policy of favoring low-IQ, low impulse control, uneducated and anti-Christian people is clearly not working well for us.

    1. Torques off China. We will be scrupulous about letting them handle their territory. But we will remove the bulk of their human capital. Or rather let it remove itself.
    2. Torques off the progs. Especially after the first mass atrocity happens in HK. "Look! We're importing non-white people! Non-whites with seriously credible threats against their lives. Go ahead and go on the record as being against that, you race baiting, victimhood pushing assholes."
    3. Detroit, Baltimore, etc can only be improved by dilution of their present populations. Was that racist? Sorry, but you must be mistaken. These are persons of color!

    Will the Chicoms slip in their own agents and provocateurs into the tide of Hong Kong exodus? Of course they will. But the US is *already* chock full of those people. And maybe Senator Feinstein can finally find a replacement driver, or whatever that Chicom spy of hers supposedly did for her.

  12. Congrats to mommy and baby! HK is going down, it's just a question of how badly, and how much human capital and money will get out ahead of that…

  13. I know I've been scarce of late, but I couldn't stop by without posting my heartfelt congratulations on your impending Pappyhood as well as (I hope) my soon to be forwarded congratulations to your daughter Emily and her husband on their newly arrived gift from God a/k/a Michael. Come September 23 (or thereabout), I too will be a grandpa to a VERY young lady already named Claire.

  14. Congratulations on the new grandson! I've been dropping by the last couple of days expecting the announcement – after all, she couldn't have gone a real long time without something bringing it to a conclusion.

  15. Thank goodness and congrats on Stork arrival!

    "The guy looks like a little boxer who's taken a few hits. I may call him 'Rocky'?"

    We also have a long tradition in our family of assigning ridiculous nicknames to grandcritters, and refusing to use their real names.


  16. Congratulations Grandpa! All our best wishes and blessings!

    As to Hong Kong, they are in deep do do. Sadly, many foresaw this occurring when it was handed back to Red China and of course were called fear mongers and worse.

    Some years back, we were working with the Hong Kong Jockey Club to offer their racing to the U.S. during that time they had a contingent over here for technical stuff and there was always a "government representative" with them. these folks were scared to even speak with us sometimes.

    My question is as one could have easily foreseen this, why even now, at least in my mind does it seem to be almost an afterthought for the powers that be.

    Another hard core Communist country flexing its domain over the people and the lefty Commies here just shrug their shoulders?

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