Bullet Points

** New York City’s Trajectory– According to a new study obtained by the New York Post, 69 percent of criminal cases were dropped due to justice “reforms.”

** To Fix the world – stop teaching math! (so much for my MS from the Naval Postgraduate School, I guess) –  College math a ‘white, cisheteropatriarchal space,’ Vanderbilt professor says at a major conference. Undergraduate Mathematics Education as a White, Cisheteropatriarchal Space and Opportunities for Structural Disruption to Advance Queer of Color Justice” was the full title of the lecture given by Luis Leyva, associate professor of mathematics education at the Peabody College of Education and Human Development at Vanderbilt University. I can only wonder if Prof. Leyva presented his paper in Ebonics?

** Mail Bag Snippets – from a friend, an officer in the Canadian Army:

For context, I asked about a connecting flight that would drop me in Montreal overnight.  Heads up if you’re planning to travel to Canada…Canada is broken and there are literally no adults around to fix it. At some point, the government crossed the line from civil to criminal, but the Rubicon has been crossed. If you travel through here, you’ll come to believe as I do that the elites would like us all to give up on air travel, so they can use the carbon credits to get to and from climate summits instead.


Drebbel’s Submarine

Cornelius van Drebbel was a Dutch inventor who later became the court inventor of King James I of England. England. Drebbel had the idea for the construction of a Submarine in 1623 when he observed fishermen pulling catch boxes behind their boats. He noticed that the boats sank deeper into the water when the lines to the boxes tightened, and they lifted out of the water when the lines hung slack again. This gave van Drebbel the idea of constructing a submersible boat. James I approved the plan and financed the project.


Drebbel’s first submarine. 17th century, by unknown 

For his submersible, he covered a fishing boat with a half-shell-shaped wooden construction. Several layers of greased leather skins were applied to the outside of the construction to seal the hull. On each of the long sides, the boat had six oars, which were guided outwards by cleats sealed with leather and metal straps. They served to propel the ship and were operated by twelve oarsmen inside. There was a snorkel for the air supply. The foredeck of the ship was built sloping towards the front and additionally accommodated water ballast tanks made of goatskin. If the ship was now moved forward, the water flowing over the foredeck pushed the construction downwards and the ship submerged.


The shape of the overall construction thus resembled a primitive depth rudder. The maximum attainable diving depth was about 3.6 meters. In 1626, he then demonstrated it and had it successfully sail between 12 and 15 feet ( 3.5-4.5m) below the surface of the Thames for about 3 hours from Westminster and Greenwich and back again. This was watched by the King and many others.


A reconstruction drawing of the submersible, with snorkel and water pump 

The boat was purely an experimental vessel and had no economic or military significance, as the Royal Navy had no interest in a submersible.


The Caucasian Native Cavalry Division, or “Savage Division”  was a cavalry division of the Imperial Russian Army. Riders of the Ingush Cavalry regiment. South-Eastern front, Galicia. 1916.


In Scotland

Independence for Scotland? Sturgeon said: “Let the opposition if they can make the case for continued Westminster rule and then let the people decide.”  The Scottish National Party has been working toward a legal separation from the UK since I lived there in the 70’s. 19 October 2023 is the date for another referendum on independence.

(England doesn’t want to lose Scotland) In a unanimous judgment, the Supreme Court has ruled that the Scottish Parliament does not have the power to legislate for a referendum on Scottish independence. This Insight looks at the Court’s judgment, the legal issues involved, and what might happen next.



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  1. New York. And let me guess, the 31% of criminal cases that were continued to trial involved suspects that were predominately pale. Nothing like cooking the books on crime stats.

    Stop teaching math; spoken by someone who probably has problems doing basic sums. Math is what helps us understand the world around us.

    Submarines. Didn’t know they had a working model that early. Pretty advanced for the time.

    Scotland. The Scots should be careful, if they finally get there wish and split from Great Britain they may find it is not anything like what they expected, especially from an economic standpoint. Then they can start holding referendums to rejoin. Speaking as someone who legitimately signed the clan book at Argyle Castle I halfway think the Scots just need something to bitch about.

    Vegans. I only know one vegan and that person pretty much fits all the stereotypes and is always complaining about health problems. She does not eat for pleasure, only fuel so, in my opinion, is missing out of a lot of the joy in life.

    • White supremacy is the #1 threat today according to Pedo Joe and the FBI. It would be folly not to prosecute white suspects fully and disproportionately for the sake of equity.

      MATH is racist!! People who can do math are RACISTS. They’re likely also transphobic.

      Ah, the Scots. To be fair, the English have never treated them equally. At this point, the Island is messed up and unity would serve them better IMHO.

      • PS- My third daughter went through her vegan period. She announced that she was and tried to do it. It lasted about two months. I asked her what happened. She said, “Dad, I like meat.” There you go.

        • I thought I heard the Brits found a 17th or 18th century sub wreck in the river mud over there, sometime “recently” (last 10 years?).

          IDK if it was one of this guy’s though. Pretty cool stuff.


  2. I can only wonder if Prof. Leyva presented his paper in Ebonics?

    I can understand the words but cannot understand what the hell is being said. Of course I’m a lowly Associate in Aviation Business Management so below the attention of my “betters”.

  3. Without math, these brilliant pioneers of enlightenment can use their powers of telekinesis to build the utopia they envision. Of course, nothing will be square, plumb or level, and their computers will never be functional without binary code.

    • The woke have a way of willing things and sprinkling fairy dust to make them happen. Like cutting a guy’s dick off and claiming he’s a woman now. Or. giving a birthing person a crew cut and claiming she’s a man.

      • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Florida_International_University_pedestrian_bridge_collapse

        I remember reading about this in the news. It’s obvious that the math necessary to engineer bridges is both racist and sexist. If the bridge had been painted black instead of patriarchal white, maybe it would have held up. If it had been painted for each of the 50+ genders, it would have lasted as long as the Great Wall of China.

        The Transportation Secretary, the Butt-Guy, has declared highways AND bridges to be racist, so it’s obvious that. we won’t need math in the future as we demolish highways and bridges.

  4. Catching up from the Friday Function 1/20 post here. The cover photo in this post relates to my question L.L. Just exactly what needs might arise for you to use an armored scout vehicle? If a Zombie Apocalypse did occur in our lifetime, would the addition of a single 25mm Oerlikon KBA gun suffice to arm your “door greeter = gate keeper” for the Mine? Just to make a grocery run in NYC would this vehicle be a proper response to the current “justice reforms”? What color scheme would be an appropriate upgrade to this original color?

    Looking beyond actual needs and the realization of adult dreams come true, perhaps such a vehicle would definitely be appropriate even if only for downrange target practice? Never mind the budget for a 600 rpm ( burst) or eco mode of 100 – 200 rpm on full auto…just a few hours of motoring around with grandsons and single shot accuracy training would be worth it!

    • Approved Camouflage Pattern Painting” (CPP) per TB 43-209 (three-color NATO) would likely be the best scheme for where I live. The question of whether I’d go so far as to apply Chemical Agent Resistant Coating or CARC paint (a low gloss military version of the polyurethane paints that were developed for use in the commercial industry) is an open one. CARC has a low porosity that prevents chemical warfare agents from “soaking in”.

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