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Google’s Jigsaw will begin a campaign to combat “misinformation” about Ukrainian refugees. The campaign will be based on research conducted by psychologists at Bristol and Cambridge universities.

The psychologist conducted their research on several social media sites using 90-second clips to inoculate people against disinformation. In their report, they defined inoculation theory as a method to “reduce susceptibility to misinformation by informing people about how they might be misinformed.”

They said that they inoculated users against five types of manipulation: “emotionally manipulative language, incoherence, false dichotomies, scapegoating and ad hominem attacks.” The videos, they concluded, “improve manipulation technique recognition” and “increase people’s ability to discern trustworthy from untrustworthy content.”

Beth Goldberg

Speaking to the New York Times, Jigsaw head researcher Beth Goldberg said: “This is one of the few misinformation interventions that I’ve seen at least that has worked not just across the conspiratorial spectrum but across the political spectrum.”

The campaign will begin next week, and will be directed towards users in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, which are the major destinations of refugees from Ukraine.

“We are thinking of this as a pilot experiment, so there’s absolutely no reason that this approach couldn’t be scaled to other countries,” Goldberg said.

“Poland was chosen because it has the most Ukrainian refugees,” she added.


Bullet Points:

* The watchdog group Judicial Watch has obtained 31 pages of documents from the Air Force, Joint Base Andrews, MD, that show Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd was housed at taxpayer expense at Joint Base Andrews after he shot and killed Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt, who was unarmed, inside the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. In addition to Byrd being put up in a hotel and having his bills paid, the government also hid his identity from the public.

* (From The Bee) U.S. – The Biden administration is providing new guidance to coroners and medical examiners across the country for determining causes of death. From now on, doctors and officials who sign death certificates will be required to choose between COVID, climate change, or systemic racism to describe how the person died.

“Listen, folks, this is much easier,” said Biden in a statement to the garbage disposal in his kitchen sink. “It’s multiple choice! We know these three things are really the only evil forces at work that could be responsible for killing someone. It ain’t that complicated, Jack!”

Biden then immediately tripped and fell down the stairs, almost dying of climate change.

* I know the pilot who flew this B-52 on a low-pass of the US carrier USS Ranger in, Spring of 1990.  A crazy man,  yes, but you’d want him on your side in a war.  Call sign Cougar because he played football at BYU.

* Will global cooling turn the planet into an ice ball? Last year, Mammoth, California received about 223 inches of snowfall during winter. So far this season, 328 inches have fallen, surpassing last year’s total by more than 100 inches with still a few months left in the season. Stop using your gas stove and eliminate plastic drinking straws. Save the planet or we’ll all be dead in three years.

So let us get this straight. The entire phony climate war that people have been brainwashed into believing is that co2 of which the atmosphere is .04% is running the show,  And it is running the show based on the input from man, which is only 3% of that, Meanwhile, direct correlations to water vapor, the most dominant by far of the greenhouse gasses are ignored as is the source region of the water vapor the oceans. You are asked to believe that man’s small contribution is pushing the oceans around. How does that make any sense?

* So much for the green future. Today the massive Sun Cable project collapsed into voluntary administration (bankruptcy) four years after promising to build the world’s largest solar power plant in the Northern Territory. Sun Cable was a $35 billion project supposedly to collect those sacred green electrons on a 12,000-hectare “farm” in Australia (120 square kilometers) and send them to Singapore via an 800 km land cable and then a 4,200km undersea cable. It was theoretically going to be nine times bigger than the largest solar plant in the world, and use a cable 6 times longer than the longest one ever built.

* Large proportions of the supposedly human-produced content on the internet are actually generated by artificial intelligence networks in conjunction with paid secret media influencers in order to manufacture consumers for an increasing range of newly-normalized cultural products.

* Moving The Needle: How To Reach The Vaccine-Hesitant And Resistant. The report gives tips on how to manipulate people’s values of “safety,” “reputation and public image,” “social clout,” and even their religion and shopping habits to coerce them to get the vaccine. –Hurry and get the plague boost or you’ll die.



28 thoughts on “Bullet Points

  1. Identify the Tank/TD:
    1. (West) German Kanonenjagdpanzer
    2. Looks like a Swedish hull but is not the CV90 twin 120 mm Mjolner mortar.

  2. Identify the Tank/TD:
    2. My mind is still (almost) there. It is an IKV-91 hull used to test the AMOS twin mortar turret.

  3. So It seems that politicians and the leadership of Sun Cable have sucked all the money they could out of the project and are now discarding the carcass, probably also at taxpayer expense.

    Jigsaw, more efficient brain washing, oh goody.

    Low pass, impressive when succesful. Glad it was straight and level. Here is a link to another low pass at Fairchild in 1994. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1994_Fairchild_Air_Force_Base_B-52_crash. Col Wolf was just along to “calm down” Lt Col Holland since he had a reputation as a very reckless pilot.

    1. Making a list of all of the solar projects that have gone under in the past decade would kill forests to print out.

      Yes, that was a famously spectacular and tragic air crash.

      1. If it had to happen I am glad it happened when/where it did. A few days later it would have been during an airshow and a couple of hundred yards in a different direction it would have taken out the SERE school. A couple of hundred yards in a different direction and it would have been in the munitions area.

  4. Inoculation Theory – TV watchers are bombarded constantly with various commercials. You would think that this would, over time, make at least some people quietly skeptical about various claims and influencing attempts.

    1. Sheeple, Frank. A herd of sheeple who hate sheepdogs and seem to have an unhealthy affinity to wolves.

  5. Sir,
    I found a copy of your book “Bloody Mexico”. Is the book “The Old Whore” in print? On Amazon it is available as Kindle only.

    1. The Old Whore is only available on Kindle/e-books/digital framework. I hope you enjoy them. I personally think that The Old Whore is a better book than Bloody Mexico. I intended it to be a trilogy and started on the third book, which followed the characters but was based on actual events. I never finished it.

  6. Sooo, the question is, WHO will determine what is misinformation for Google’s Jigsaw? Re BUFFs at low altitude, back in the mid-late 80s, they tried to prove they could do ‘rigging’ of ships at sea. They tried it off California, and blew over a number of sailboats that were interspersed with the ships they were attempting to rig. There were also a number of issues with them getting the pictures, names, upright sequences, etc. since there aren’t any observer windows and the pilots had to fly the airplane vs. looking out the window at 200 feet.

    1. Misinformation, as defined in 2023 is anything that doesn’t conform to the current liberal perspective and propaganda bullet points put out by the permanent administrative state and uniparty… to include critical race theory, Marxist propaganda, the glorification of pederasty, and the certainty that there are somewhere around 40 genders with more on the way.

      1. Jigsaw: continuing and advancing the work of Vienna-born Edward Bernays (Sigmund Freud’s nephew), perhaps the first man to turn the art of propaganda into a science.

        Critical race theory was born from Critical Theory, a product of the Frankfurt School, which sounds pretty darn German to me. And Marx of course was the product of an Evangelical German family. Gotta keep an eye on those Germans and their Austrian cousins.

        1. 57? I must be behind the times. They’re always discovering new genders. Because I’m part of the toxically masculine patriarchy, I’m stuck at 2.

    2. The BUFF is a wonderfully versatile airframe and can do a number of missions it was not originally designed for but whoever thought that they could be used as a visual surveillance platform needs to be suitably rewarded; keelhauling or perhaps flogging comes to mind. Certainly a “Do Not Promote” on the individuals efficiency report.

    3. Old NFO and Ed are not on target with RIGs and the BUFF. The 60th Bombardment Squadron on Guam was quite proficient during the 80s. They surprised Minsk as she steamed unawares in the Pacific and gathered numerous color and black and white 35mm photographs of the ship and air wing including the Yak-38 along with high quality K-17 camera film.

      Crew proficiency is the key and crews new to the game just need a bit of practice — especially if you are going to show sailboats the way of the air. The 60th BMS also gave the US Navy crews warm up exercises before the ships moved up to play with the Soviets. In fact one captain was incensed that a BUFF put a rooster tail of water across his ship. No sense of humor.

  7. Their plan to brainwash us PureBloods to submit to the jab only works on the weak-minded, uneducated, or ignorant. That ain’t us.

    Trying to entice me with coupons and shopping deals?


    1. they’ll just ban us from the grocery store, like they tried last time. didn’t work then either, and i wasn’t even mad yet.

  8. I’m quite worried about Global Warming because I haven’t paid any carbon tax and now expect Texas to freeze into a solid wall of ice.

    Hey, pay your money, take your choice.

  9. Okay, the solar power to Singapore by a 4,800km cable? Geez, can you imagine the current loss from trying to push electrons that far?

    Seriously, who approved this bull-scat?

    With that type of money (solar plant, cable across land, cable under water) Singapore could have easily just built a nuke or two.

    1. Sure, nukes. But they don’t have the visceral appeal to the woke that solar panels and windmills seem to have. The grift is harder with a small modular nuclear generator than it is with a massive, thousand-mile-long cable.

      If it isn’t an unworkable grift, there is no appeal to the enlightened, elevated, elite, and progressively woke mind.

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