Fantasy Beach House

And because I’m old, there would need to be an elevator to get to the top. Don’t be a hater.

Isn’t it interesting how men and women have very different fantasy homes?


Curtiss-Wright XP-55 Ascender


Money in the Bank


Bullet Points:

* Tim Allen (in response to FJB on Sixty Minutes) – “Biden was on 60 minutes. I heard he asked how long the show was,” Allen tweeted Monday.

* Arizona bans almost all abortions after re-enacting an 1864 law automatically triggered by end of Roe v. Wade: The only exception is for women whose life is put at risk by pregnancy. Liberal heads explode. But if they want to kill their child, they can go to California where it’s cool. (all this assumes that somebody knows what a woman is)

* “It is the function of mass agitation to exploit all the grievances, hopes, aspirations, prejudices, fears, and ideals of all the special groups that make up our society, social, religious, economic, racial, and political. Stir them up. Set one against the other. Divide and conquer. That’s the way to soften up a democracy.”- J. Edgar Hoover, Masters of Deceit

* All of your eggs in one basket? Didn’t Confucious have something to say about that? (h/t Claudio)

* USAF Academy – Diversity trainers instruct cadets to refrain from using gendered terms like “mom” and “dad”. Details obtained by Fox News include a slide presentation from the training titled, “Diversity & Inclusion: What it is, why we care, & what we can do.” This slide presentation advises cadets to use gender-neutral language when describing individuals.

“Some families are headed by single parents, grandparents, foster parents, two moms, two dads, etc.: consider ‘parent or caregiver’ instead of ‘mom and dad,’” the presentation states. “Use words that include all genders: ‘Folks’ or ‘Y’all’ instead of ‘guys’; ‘partner’ vs. ‘boyfriend or girlfriend.’”

* FBI Special Agent Steve Friend – whistleblower

The FBI ignored all of these rules and just kept telling him to shut up about the 6th and 8th Amendment violations. Every time he would object to something illegal or unethical, they would strongly suggest his job was in peril, asking him things like, “And how long do you expect to be working at the FBI?” or inviting him to do “some soul-searching” about how much he really wanted to be at the FBI.


Pretend that it’s Saturday and you have nothing better to do:

A thought experiment in time travel:

The lid of the time-door drops a payload atop it one second into the past. The receiver is directly beneath, such that any payload in the receiver blocks the trapdoor and it cannot open.

If the lid is not open, the box is empty, so the lid opens.

If the lid is open, the box is blocked, so the lid cannot open.

The lid opens downwards. You put the cube on the lid, the lid goes down, gravity pulls the box through the trap door, and it disappears and rematerialized under the closed lid one second earlier. 

What does an observer see?

Assume the timeline splits at the moment of the experiment so that one experimenter places the payload on the trapdoor, but two experimenters in two parallel continua see two different results. What does each one see?

The lid does not go through the portal because opening the lid means the lid does not pass through the threshold after the lid is open. The act of opening the lid is how the threshold turns on and activates, somewhat as a refrigerator light comes on when one opens the door. You may assume a hinge for the purposes of the thought experiment.

For sake of simplicity, and to prevent facile or facetious answers, let us imagine the time-door to be a trashcan lid one-foot square, the receiver is a box one foot on a side, and the payload a cube that snugly fits within it. The time door is placed atop the box like a trashcan lid. There is no leftover room for some intruding fly or whatnot to enter the experiment or meddle with the result.

The experiment takes place on the moon, so we need not concern ourselves with details like air pressure or air displacement, or the bampf noise when the cube vanishes at one point in time and appears in a prior.

Also for the sake of simplicity, we assume the experimenter is able to destroy time cops or paradox police, historical revisionists, or killjoys, who show up to stop him, to remove such intruders retroactively before they exist. Time Lords are granted that scope of action.


Unseal the Records!


  1. If I were a Timelord… I would be too busy entertaining Leela of Sevateem to answer your question.

    Nice beachhouse!

    “Guys” is not a gendered term. The primary definition is and always has been “people”. The usage as meaning “men” is secondary and much more modern… basically slang. If we still had educators, they would know this.

    Always thought the Ascender was cool.


  2. The first rule of Time Lords is that rules don’t matter if you are a time lord. It’s like being a Democrat only better. Whistle Blowers, don’t they have a sacrosanct right to remain unnamed? I mean Chief Justice Roberts wouldn’t let a US Senator use a ‘cough cough’ whistle blower’s name in a publicized during a trial in the Senate? Sacrosanct I say, sacrosanct.

    Barack, he always did need someone else to do his work for him. He did teach Biden well though. Just look at the economy. Or was Joe just trying to teach Barack those first 8 years?

  3. Ok, I’ll bite on the Time Box scenario. The trap door drops then closes every second with the box reappearing, oscillating/blinking. That’s my best guess trying to visualize your description.

    The Half Black prince was a Manchurian. It’s been obvious from day one. I’ve always wondered if he was selected as a child (as only Satan worshipers could do), being groomed by Frank Davis, then becomes a paid “community agitator”, then Senator, then President, twice with all the grifting that led to his and The “Mrs” wealth. Still is involved somehow. Doesn’t add up.

    FBI Steve is our friend. Keep the righteous leakage coming, expose these bums for what they have become.

    The Conex “beach fort” also has the advantage of being a Faraday Cage, and from the rooftop perch you can see ’em coming from a long ways off, which is more necessary these days with every liar and cheat running things.

    • Best info, Barry Soetoro was groomed sexually at a very early age by a tranny babysitter who dressed him up like a girl.

      The grandparents who were communists introduced him to Frank Davis in Hawaii. There is talk that Frank was his actual father, not his namesake. Who knows if that’s true? His mother, named Stanley, was a bit of a slut and slept around a lot in those days so who knows where the truth is in that? Frank split and Barack-the-Kenyan (hardcore alcoholic) apparently accepted that he shot the juice before he split in turn.

      It’s an interesting story and so much of it has been deliberately obscured. Young Barry never showed any interest in girls. He’d get high with his boyfriends.

        • Based on literature and statements, Barry’s first girlfriend was the Mooch, and the match was made by Rev. Jeremiah Wright (in Chicago), who may have understood a lot about the situation both of them faced.

          • From a few pictures (you have posted a few), Michael was his real name and they were involved in a bromance. The “Mrs” has a striking resemblance to that guy…and walks like a truck driver. I guess The O knows, so will the coroner when that time comes.

            I just hate being lied to. Own it, quit hiding the truth. Doesn’t much matter now anyway, especially since we know the guy behind the Resolute Desk is a half wit and corrupt as the day is long, and no one in Congress and half the voting public seems to care.

          • The Swamp rewards its own and they close ranks to defend their own unless they threaten to go “public” and then they end up like Jeffrey Epstein, in prison with the cameras turned off while they kill themselves. Or it’s a suicide in a park with no apparent weapon found. Or it’s a robbery gone wrong and they’re shot in the head. Or it’s a helicopter crash. etc.

    • Yes, President Xi is in custody at a People’s Liberation Army base near the Great Wall. I visited that facility 20 years ago. It’s a training and administrative base.

    • Today was supposed to be some “event” that would cause international unrest, but I thought it would be Germany’s econ collapse based on what that one official said last earlier in the week.

      But China…didn’t see that coming (then again, I don’t really care what happens in China). Wonder if FJB will have anything to say between ice cream cones?

      • Xi’s demise has been coming. There is an 11 man council that actually RUNS China. It is a subset of the Chinese Communist Party Politburo Standing Committee.

        Zhang Gaoli, who has been mentioned on this blog before, is from Shanghai and they have a different perspective in that city than they do in Beijing. He’s been mentioned as Xi’s successor if there were to be a coup. I don’t know what is going on inside with the power struggle that is underway.

        Even if Zhang were to succeed Xi, he couldn’t do things like flipping the switch on their naval build up because it would idle workers and that would be problematic. He can’t suddenly create a China that could feed itself or could discover oil. 30% of Chinese oil comes from Russia, but they buy oil in dollars and the Chinese foreign currency reserve is perilously low – a 9-month supply at current usage. Zhang could cancel the expensive and counterproductive One Road Initiative. Whoever takes Xi’s place, presuming somebody does, and Xi doesn’t just go back to work after being taken to the woodshed has a real mess on their hands. The Chinese public is not happy. They could slowly take it back to the days of President Hu, but the US and the American people have been so blasted by the Chinese propaganda machine that it will take some time to fix – if it is to be fixed.

        • Following the Tiananmen Square protests and massacre, known in Chinese as the June Fourth Incident in 1989. The People’s Liberation Army constructed barracks in neighborhoods at the company level. If you wander the back alleys of Beijing, as I have, you run onto them somewhat randomly. The PLA presence in Beijing not exactly hidden, but it’s only obvious to one who gets off the main streets.

          The People’s Armed Police (not police) is the People’s Liberation Army contingent that serves to guard public buildings and strategic assets. They wear army uniforms, not police uniforms. That’s not what I referred to (above). I referred to regular units of the People’s Liberation Army. I’ve never been into one of the PLA barracks buildings/facilities. They are present to keep order in town if the public should get frosty. I’ve heard that they are on alert.

    • The Ascender was visionary and Rutan clearly drew from the concept in his work.

      There is a water tower home in Seal Beach, CA that is much as you describe. I used to covet it openly.

      • It was called by people at the time the “Ass-Ender.” One of those ‘great in theory’ ideas that just, well, you know.

        High performance pusher piston engines have a severe problem. Cooling. Lots of cooling provided by the propellers of tractor engines, as the air flows over the radiator or cylinders or whatever one is using to cool one’s engine. Not so much with an enclosed pusher engine. You have to install extra cooling and cooling pumps and suddenly all the aerodynamic advantages of a pusher engine disappear due to weight and complexity. Many a B-36 engine caught fire for just this reason.

  4. Still on my first cup of coffee. I will have to revisit the thought experiment later.

    One might ponder these:
    “Back to the Future”

    “Time Bandits”

    “Buckaroo Banzai”

    “A wrinkle in Time” (note: tesseracts)


    I’m still struggling with the Creation.

    Meanwhile, there’s this to fall back on:
    “If it is,
    you stupid shit,
    it IS.”
    -graffito at Bestie’s pub in Redondo Beach, where I participated in B league darts during the mid-80s.

  5. If that satellite dish doesn’t have auto-track motors it is going to have a high bit error rate with any amount of wind.

  6. Fan fiction attempts to extract computational work from time stream modification, and the in-story answer is the Harry character writing a terrified note to himself ‘do not mess with time’.

    has the advantage of being a Faraday Cage

    EMP is overrated. Just unplug your device from the power line, a thousand mile antenna, and it won’t collect much energy.

  7. Couple of years ago had a car radio destroyed by a nearby lightning strike; no other electronics in the truck were damaged. Radio is a sensitive ear designed to collect RF energy, but engine computer is not. Can recommend as having their act together with a kit to replace the stereo in the specific truck model.

    • Homes near me have been struck by lightning within the last 2 years. In each case, the plugged-in electronics were all fried. Because a small number of people live here, these stories are passed on first-hand.

      • We have proper surge protectors on everything sensitive. So far nothing fried.

        Watched lightening strike near a house were in, traveled thru the granite subsurface, hit the phone line traveled thru the house to the Slimline sitting on top of my workstation (metal cabinet), and arced from the phone baseplate, leaving a burn spot on the W/s cabinet. Found out the ground rod was next to useless, added another one laid in a trench. Problem solved.

        • Most of my gear is plugged in using Tripp-Lite “IsoBars”. I use the older ones that have some inductors and capacitors along with the MOVs in it. Solid metal box, with some “diagnostic” lights on it.

          I’ll be driving/bonding ground rods this week, along with moving antennas around, and putting up one for the 6 Meter (50MHz) band.

      • I was waiting for my wife to close up her computer in her office.
        She was the office Manager and I was the Maintenance Manager, thus my waiting for her.
        At about 5:15 pm there was a lightening strike in the field across the street from her office.
        She felt it in her mouth (assuming it came up through the keyboard through her fingers).
        I spent the next day replacing computer components throughout all the offices.

  8. Eh, don’t like stairs or heights like that. Give me lots of concrete bunkerage with thick rolling armored shutters and you’ve got me. Like the lair of John Kelly in Tom Clancy’s “Without Remorse.” (the book, which was good, not the dogsqueeze of a movie that, as Wikipedia says, is ‘loosely based’ on Clancy’s work.) Maybe on a rocky island. Far away from people. Screw people. Hate people. Especially my neighbors, dope smoking drunken idiots.

  9. If you don’t play the game and go along with the FBI leadership, you end up transferred to Bozeman, Montana where careers go to die. It’s not Efrem Z’s FBI anymore.

      • There was a time – long, long ago when I was offered a job at the Bureau. I’d have to go through the Academy but they’d give me a choice of first office in writing. I said, “Resident Agent, Durango, CO” boot the guy who’s there and park my ass there until I retire. Of course, they didn’t go for it. I don’t know if the offer was serious. That was when Bucky Cox ran LA. He was a gentleman — bureau — but a gentleman.

  10. I did some study and standing up a container on end. Stairs and landings inside maybe a gun port or two. The amount of concrete and steel to stabilize the base was prohibitive. Was gonna put a zip line down to the creek for the grands. Maybe a fireman’s pole in the middle .
    Treehouse in a giant old oak became a better plan. Zip line a little shorter though.

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