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52 years ago this month, the late Senator Edward Kennedy drunk drove off a bridge with a young woman in his car. He swam to safety and left her overnight to drown. No attempt at rescue was made. He went home and called his team to help him get his story straight.

This was publicly known at the time, as he did this on his own, in public, and bungled an attempt at cover-up irreparably.

He wasn’t able to run for president that next cycle. That was it. He didn’t go to jail. He went back to serving in the US Senate for many decades until his death.

A senator killed a woman in cold blood, publicly. Everybody knew it. It wasn’t even covered up. And nothing happened to him.

Imagine what these people are able to get away with when they’re actually trying.




First, you define “misinformation” as anyone whose opinion or whose recitation of the facts differs from yours, then you argue that a private organization can and should (especially at the request/demand of the government) ban such “speech”. Then you urge that if one social media entity bans that speech, ALL others should ban that speech.

The commitment to the concept of freedom of expression and freedom of speech seems to be ENTIRELY LACKING HERE. To hear such a dangerous progression of oppressive reasoning from an administration spokesperson is truly disturbing. As a government representative, you are either committed to the principles of free speech (not merely as a constitutional right but as a natural right of every person) or you are not. And if you are not, you have no business being in government. Remember the old adage, “the best counter to bad ideas are good ideas”? The same applies to speech; the best way to fight “bad” speech is the free expression and exchange of countervailing views, facts, and opinions, NOT censuring them.

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30 thoughts on “The Lion of the Senate

  1. Every day brings a new barrage of how our freedom is being assaulted. The talking heads bemoan the audacity. The GOP feigns indignance. Look back in the news cycle and see what has come and gone and go …’but what about’? No way to know what is really true. Deep State turns another screw.

    1. There has been a lot of screw turning recently. I don’t know how far things will go. Nobody really does, not even the screw turners. One thing is for sure, they have an agenda and your freedom is not something that they have any interest in.

  2. Ah, yes – The Floater, The Hero of Chappaquiddick, and other honorable aliases.
    How long did he sit on the bridge, looking down into the water, making political analyses while a young gal was suffocating while awaiting rescue.

    Saw a meme somewhere – If it wasn’t for freedom of speech, how would we know who the idiots are.

    Told my son, about 30 years ago, that if you let the other side define the words then you’ve already lost the argument.

    1. Ted, the Lion of the Senate was as corrupt of a politician as you’re likely to find. I did not mourn his passing.

  3. I suppose we don’t truly know who is pulling the strings and mouthing the words for the marionette Joe Biden. We do know for sure that whoever it is, they are evil to the core and are focused on the total destruction of out country and society.

    1. I have some idea but who knows how deep the rabbit hole is? Ask Alice…

      Yes, they are evil and are only interested in power. We know that a lot of the oligarchs and their interests have official representation in the Biden White House. To what extent do they collaborate and coordinate? That’s the real question. They control ALL of your/our data. We definitely know that.

  4. Why is it true Americans sensed a state of relief in The Force when Trump won in 2016, and defeat after twice getting Barry and now The Hologram and his cackling sidekick? The liars and cheats have refined their craft so well from Tedd-ly that the regular person has no clue they are being taken for a ride by a thieving grifter. Before, you could hide in the barn until the snake-oil salesman left, today they are in your living room by fiat. Buy more TP, that’ll help…or ammo. Your choice.

    Mr. Brain Freeze in Chief…getting more stupid by the day, and his PressSec is trying to outdo him; everything that hateful piece of [fill-in-the-blank] says is a “tell”, a lie, or “the plan”…making chocolate ice cream out of cow pies. Sold her soul a long time ago.

    Some of the little guys (aka. snack dogs) may be tough but can use extra protection. One of our “cattle dogs” is a 4# cheehooahhooah, he has a tactical vest, has a place for an emergency roll of TP (or hand grenade) if a government official decides to invade the homestead.

    Photo: That’s a good horse, and like a lot of things, good ones are getting harder to find.

    1. From comments on this blog and in my discussions with others, there was a sense of temporary relief when President Trump defeated Hillary. What it did, more than anything, is reveal the swamp for what it is, both Republican and Democrat. The Russia Hoax, the media frenzy, the Republicans who opposed a free America agenda, the whole big mess.

      From my perspective, it simply revealed the corruption but by no means all of it. It showed us that fixing it may not be possible.

      For America to be a free nation, it must be a good nation. The canary in the coal mine is the number of people who kill their babies in utero electively and the popularity of the practice. I understand the medical necessity, but we are a nation that does it out of convenience. There is so much more, but that says a lot.

      1. “For America to be a free nation, it must be a good nation.”

        John Adams said something similar. Weakness in the pulpit resulting in lukewarm and afraid Christian’s is one cause.

        I’m trying to determine how The Dem’s and The Hologram’s Administration can explain their activity with a straight face despite THIS:

        Bill of Rights – Amendment I
        “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

        Seems pretty straightforward to me. Old days there’d be hell to pay, today they get a free pass and sweet deals and a YouTube channel.

      2. “…it simply revealed the corruption…”

        Indeed, and a hearty huzzah for that. The eternal question is, do we have the collective will to do something about it? And by what mechanism? Obviously the progs have corrupted our institutions, and are now doing there level best to run out the clock. My gut tells me the odds are not in our favor, at least not yet.

        You mention convenience. My next bumper sticker–“Convenience is going to kill us all”.

        1. Exactly, and The Dem’s are trying to make our Republic a Government Convenience Store with Socialists behind the counter as the only option.

          1. I haven’t given up. After all, it’s our home. Where else are we going to go? As you all point out, the mechanism for wanting goodness, wanting freedom, abjuring greed…steep slope. As soon as the politicians figured out that they could buy votes with our tax dollars and get away with it, things popped off of the rails.

          2. “This is the lesson: never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense.”

            Never give up no matter the circumstance, as long it’s righteous. Plus we have God on our side, what I believe to be the side of the good.

          3. Geez, Paul, you sure hit the nail correctly. Between you, me, WSF, LL, Old_NFO, and a couple of others, we could could have us a right nice NoCo Blogarado!

  5. Gizmo looks cute in that attire!

    I feel that just as history is essentially his story written by those who won the battles/wars; similarly, information, incomplete information, mis information and interpretations are unfortunately being concurrently used. A simple man’s awareness of the distinction remains limited, so, his version of reality is often altered by that sought fit by some.

    1. Absolutely, losers don’t write their stories. In the case of wars, they’re often dead. The survivors always have an agenda. Sometimes it’s a fair enough agenda, but often not.

      There are a lot of versions of reality, each painted by our experience. TE Lawrence: All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.

      1. Ms. Assassin, the world around you is a reflection of your reaction to the world around you.

        1. The people you choose to hang out with shape the world you live in.
          Also, if you go looking for bad people you will find them; if you go looking for decent people you will find them as well.
          The world you see is a reflection of what you are looking for.

  6. Ted was just overtly corrupt. The rest of his family? More covertly corrupt, but corrupt all. Including the sainted JFK and RFK.

    Proof that being a high-ranking democrat makes one above the law.

    On a more happy moment, the US Olympic Women’s Soccer Team, all who took a knee at the playing of our beloved National Anthem, got stomped on by Sweden. The Trump Curse continues.

    If they were truly wanting to save people, cancer drugs, allergy drugs, diabetes drugs, and other expensive drugs (the better they work, the more they cost) would all be free. Right?

    And, sadly, dog armor is coming back in fashion, if only to keep the Fibbies and the BATFEs from shooting one’s dog.

    1. Yes, it was good to see the woke soccer team take a beating.

      The rule should be that no matter how aggrieved you are if you play under the standard, you owe allegiance to the standard.

      The last thing that Big Pharma wants to do is to cure people. There’s no profit in that. Making symptoms a little bearable for a very long time is the key to wealth and power.

  7. Sleazy… Typical Kennedy behavior going back to Joe Kennedy… Love the fact that both the basketball and women’s soccer teams are getting stomped! 🙂

  8. Several serious remarks here so I will add just a trivial bit about the Kennedys. They were a group of about twenty in a Colorado ski town having dinner. At the end of the meal, they seemed shocked to receive a check. The check was reluctantly paid, but no tip added.

  9. Maybe your title should read “The Lyin’ Of The Senate”? I remember the whole thing very well. He basically admitted he killed her, said he was sorry, and he wouldn’t do it again. And I’m sure poor Mary Jo’s family was offered some “condolence money”, but don’t recall for sure. This was the first time I evert felt that there really was a two-tiered “Justice” system here. Until OJ….

    And still the sheeple slumbered and fawned over the “Poor Kennedy Family”, and their “curse”.

    We’re seeing what they can do when they really try. And they appear to be getting away with it…..again.

    Why do I have to pay for my diabetes and heart medications? Because SCIENCE!

    The calf roping, steer “bulldogging” (?) and the barrel racing are the only things that interest me at the rodeo. Which reminds me to say that the Larimer County Fair is wide-open this year! YAY! And the Rist Canyon Mountain Festival is on again, and my SLW was called up by the places she’d been volunteering at, and they want to know if she’s OK to start again. Life is slowly returning to normal, even though the “NEW Normal” sheeple are in abundance.

    Wonder where I could get a rig like that to fit Pebbles The Wonder Dog? I don’t think she’d care for the anti-coyote measures, especially in those colors….

    1. Oh, man! I remember the uproar that SATIRE ad caused. Can’t imagine it even being allowed these days, what with “Feelings” and all….

  10. I stole that picture from LSP but did not feel free to out him where I posted it.
    Someone remarked that at least Joe can’t get an ice cream headache.
    That would require a brain.

  11. The really disturbing part about the press conference censorship brag is that instead of being the top US headline, only people like us noticed or are discussing it.


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