Mystery Aircraft Challenge

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Mystery Aircraft – it’s time for a mystery marathon!

How good are you really?







How are you doing so far?






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10 thoughts on “Mystery Aircraft Challenge

  1. DHC Otter
    Grob Tutor
    Beech KingAir B200 (might be a 350)
    A-6 (D?)
    Eurofighter Typhoon
    Ekranoplan (Beriev?)

      1. Me too…got to “they’re all planes”, then quit. Freely admit this is not my wheelhouse.

  2. Goodness….the young lady is a ringer for my last “Illinois Girlfriend” in 1982, before I moved to Kommiefornia, which wasn’t quite so Kommie back then….

    Wonder what ever happened to her…..

  3. The header shows the Caspian Sea monster, an Ekranoplan with nuclear ballistic or tactical missiles.

    Nice nacelles. They are in proportion to the rest of the frame.

  4. I am sorry I arrived too late at home for this round.
    I was on a hike in the higher regions of Austria.
    No internet means no mystery aircraft challenge.
    But I like it that you are twisting the thumb screws a bit harder.
    Well done, sir; very well done indeed.

  5. I do like that parking job on the second plane, although it appears to be a monument, or something.


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