Bullet Points:

** To quote Ben Franklin,” I am for doing good to the poor, but…I think the best way of doing good to the poor is not making them easy in poverty but leading or driving them out of it. I observed…that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.” Then again, Franklin didn’t consider the value of buying votes with other people’s money.

** May the Force be – equal to mass times acceleration.

** MAID in Canada – Thanks to the government’s successful marketing, having the government kill those of its citizens who volunteer to die is one of Canada’s leading causes of death. Thrilled with its success, the Canadian government is constantly expanding the categories of those who can be killed.

Just think about it! The Canadian government has successfully done what the Nazis never dreamed of doing: It’s not only convinced disfavored people (namely, expensive people who Obama called “useless eaters”) to build their own cattle cars, but it’s also got them clamoring to enter the gas chambers.

** If you heard the shot, you were not my target.

** “Officers must appear on the battlefield, in the eyes of the soldier, as if they were at a wedding.” -Napoleon Bonaparte

The deployment of the 1800 Pattern Baker Rifle among skirmishers and even regiments like the British 95th Rifle Rgmt made that practice far more problematic. The rifle, as originally manufactured, was expected to be capable of firing at a range of up to 200 yards (183 meters) with a high hit rate.

By the 1830s, the addition of rifle scopes only made them more lethal. Combine that with the minié ball, primarily invented by  French army captains Claude-E’tienne Minié and Henri-Gustave Dolvigue in 1849, and the result was a tectonic change in the world of precision marksmanship. Picking off high-value targets, namely officers (dressed for a wedding), became a pastime.

** Live Ready is now for sale in all formats.

I reviewed Live Ready a couple of weeks ago here on this blog and it had not been released for sale. Sam Rosenberg, the author, used the review on the back of the book. Sam is an old friend, and we worked together for a season. His book is very credible.

As the blurb on the back of the book reads, Live Ready is a book about dangerous people – about predators who live in our midst and who violate our social contract with impunity.

I wish Sam luck with his book sales.

** The Russian government proposed a new budget that shows the Kremlin is mobilizing its economy for a long war of attrition. Defense spending in the new budget will account for 29.4%, or nearly one-third, of Russia’s total budget expenditure in 2024.

** Moscow’s pivot to Beijing as an alternative military supplier, while undeniably concerning, has its own challenges. According to U.S. Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Wally Adeyemo, China does not yet produce the advanced semiconductors Russia’s defense-industrial base requires, and about 40% of the less advanced microchips China sold to Russia have been defective.


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  1. St Greta in the air over the filed wind farm and solar panels is a nice touch.

    Ben Franklin. A wise man, if you incentivize anything you get more of it. We, as a society have incentivized poverty. There is really no downside. Not only do you get free financial support but you get to be a victim. Win win. I was talking to a friend yesterday that we were both in that “sweet spot” where we feel like a ATM for medical professionals since we have made too much money over our lives and medical care is not free.

    Epstein’s client list. How would the fbi (stealing your exemplary idea about lower case) support itself without blackmail? You don’t expect them to exist on just the billions in the federal budget allocated to them do you?

  2. Combine all the tech achievements: Consistent rifling. Minie-style bullets. Percussion caps. Improved graining of black powder and better control and measurement of powder. All made the rifle-musket a deadly weapon (to a mounted soldier or a cluster of infantry) for a reasonably trained rifleman out to 500 yards. Add telescopic sights and out to 1,000 yards or more for the trained shooter.

    The technological advancements in the 19th Century as pertaining to firearms was as rapid as the advancement in the 20th Century to automobiles and aircraft. From flintlocks to cartridges, from okay black powder to smokeless powder, from bad steel and iron to high quality mono steels. From hand-made to mass production. Crazy advancements.

    • And then in the 20th century, the common man’s travel speed increased from horseback to jet airliners, while his personal defensive weapon improved from a pistol to a pistol that doesn’t fire if you drop it. This lost innovation and progress is a triumph of gun control.

  3. As to China’s RO-RO ferries, when will people stop believing that there is anything civilian about anything in Communist China. Fishing fleets? Military owned, military run. Ferries? Yeah… Airliners? Rail equipment? ‘Civilian’ construction equipment?

    Come on. Didn’t anyone pay attention to the USSR? Or North Korea? Or Cuba? All who had/have ‘civilian’ ‘companies’ that were/are fronts for their various militaries. And the ChiComs are just like all those other ‘communist’ countries.

    What’s next? Reports as to how ChiCom paratroopers are training to jump out of ‘commercial’ aircraft?

  4. Franklin knew the human condition…but hey, he’s just some old white guy to be ignored, our amateur “leadership”, constantly flailing about, think they are smaatah.

    RFKjr is a wolf in sheep’s clothing…he is working to undermine PDJT’s “way out in front standing” despite all attempts otherwise. He’s a Kennedy…more like Teddy and not JFK.

    VDH nails it again. People need to get their heads out of their…! But they won’t, betting some still have a garage full of TP. Showcased when the Penn and Haavaad womyn in charge twisting themselves into knots in front of the committee prove how demented these people have become after decades of drinking their own brand of Lefty tortured logic poison.

    Infographic (as I see the cartoon panel)- I want every wind and solar installation to start failing…miserably. Germany is reversing their foolishness, some here are halting permitting for off-shire projects.

  5. Identify the Tank:
    1. AMX-30
    2. Chinese QN-506. Similar concept to Russian BMPT-72 but built on T-59 hull.
    3. Vickers MBT Mark 7

  6. “Live Ready” So many books so little time but added to the reading list.

    VDH, as always, has very valid points that are articulated clearly. We are headed for very hard times. I hope and pray we survive them but am becoming more and more pessimistic.

    RFK jr has always struck me as a radical leftist with a few conservative talking points thrown out to gain support from additional voters.

  7. Based on your stellar recommendation I just ordered 3 copies of Live Ready. On for myself and 2 for close friends. (Still hoping for the 3rd book of Red Mist…..)

    • I stand by the recommendation and by Sam as a trainer and practitioner.

      Book 2 of Broken Toys is in the works. I don’t know what writing projects Jules might want to undertake. If I do Book 3 of Red Mist I might have to go alone on it, which (from my perspective) makes it less fun to write.

      I’m sure that I share the frustration with ALL authors – but the publishing end of things these days makes it nearly impossible to break out of the herd with Amazon publishing 1.5 million different books each year. You can spend a lot of money on advertizing but will you ever get into the black? I think that in some areas, maybe.

      I bought a book by an author recently with 2000 5-star reviews. I took a chance, and the book was a huge disappointment. It turns out that he’s a member of a mega-church and the members bought books and gave them 5 stars. With that sort of support, I’m sure that he made money, but the writing was juvenile and the editing was even worse than mine. By comparison, Broken Toys has something like 16 reviews.

  8. rfk jr mentions flying with his wife and kids to make his flights seem innocent, but considering it was epstein’s plane, it just makes it creepier.

  9. Ben: he owned nearly all.of the communications industry of his era.

    Still getting shuffled of to random websites when I try and. read the blog.
    It takes one or two attempts to get to your site.
    This morning the third hit was a porn site. 🙁

    TPTB really hate/fear you.

  10. I think it’s safe to say Epstein’s flight logs were destroyed a long time ago. It’s much easier to obfuscate with legislation than to admit the logs were so damning they were destroyed to hide the power players involved. If any copies exist, having one probably guarantees a swift assassination. Regardless of how accurate it is, a dead person can’t explain how it was acquired, their proof of accuracy, and can’t defend themself from character assassination.

    • Blackmail opportunities are curtailed without actual incriminating evidence. So destruction would depend on whether the person in control of them was in the log themselves. It is sad that our best ally in preserving evidence, is their utter corruption.


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