Billy’s and Hilly’s Scam

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The Clinton Foundation solicits money from everyone and anyone gets a lot of money from foreign governments who wished to curry favor with Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state, in violation of US law, is short on information. 
We all know that the US Justice Department wouldn’t open a case against Ms. Clinton because it’s run by Democrats and she’s the heir apparent from the Democratic Party now that Elizabeth (Fake Indian) Warren decided not to run.
The Clinton Foundation has not disclosed donors, and based on the latest information, it spends over 90% of what it takes in as “overhead”. That’s not unusual. The American Red Cross’ numbers are about 80% overhead. The question at hand is whether or not 10% of the money going to intended purposes, “charitable”? Or is it (another) a Clinton scam?

People want Hillary Clinton to be the next US president? Really? Do we have to scrape the bottom to find somebody – that we’d want this soiled dove? Scam artist, rule breaker, harridan – but “at this point, what difference does it make?”

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  1. Applying the Obama standard, she's the perfect person to follow him as leader of the free world, ruler of America and so forth.

  2. You don't really think they'll (Hill & Bill) leave enough silver to make coins, do you?

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