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I believe that everyone who visits this blog understands that plague vaccinations don’t work as advertised. There’s a good article at American Thinker that checks a few boxes. The vax passports are CLEARLY unconstitutional – yet they exist in some US states. FBI Special Agents take an oath to support the Consitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic – yet they assert, “I’m only following orders.”

A recent study confirms what anyone who has been paying attention already knew: the vaccines do not prevent transmission of the coronavirus.

The study is titled “Increases In COVID-19 Are Unrelated To Levels Of Vaccination Across 68 Countries And 2947 Counties In The United States,” and it appeared in the European Journal of Epidemiology, which is a peer-reviewed academic publication.

The study’s lead author is S. V. Subramanian of Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health. You can read the study at this link.

Here is what the study found:

“At the country-level, there appears to be no discernible relationship between the percentage of the population fully vaccinated and new COVID-19 cases in the last 7 days…”

And here…

And a very Merry Christmas to the poor and hungry.



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  1. i think my spirit animal must be the dung beetle…..keep hearing rumors that slo joe is coming out w/ something big ref covid come the new year. i’m so sick of it all. my eye of saurin sees people rebelling, shots fired, goons trying to round up the guns for “safety”, all out chaos, false flag attack to rally the the sheeple, maybe then a real one to end us once and for all. i wonder how the average roman fared after the collapse….

  2. This scum among us have created a psychological monster out of thin air, and there won’t be any going back. Used to be vaccines where to protect the vax’d individual. Actual science. But the evil-doers have created the illusion it’s otherwise, they knew 70% of the population would eat it up like a fine mousse. Sheep.

    Town visit yesterday was uneventful. Restaurant had the big “MASKS REQUIRED TO ENTER!” door sign. Walked in without the robber bandana, table was 20’ away, sat down. Did the same on exiting. Thanked the masked gal for a great meal. Main Street sidewalks were teeming with the masked, except a few mostly older folks going about their business. College town, people buy into all sorts of hokum.

    On the good news front, after 3 months of sadistic threats and idiotic “follow on” gotcha style questions and forms by “HR”, and some final advocating by her bosses, MrsPaulM – who is a senior home office employee – finally got her “2 weeks to determination” vax exemption. A win. Stressful and wholly asinine, but we’ll take it.

    Boebert gives no quarter, whaddya expect from a gal who packs.

  3. I’ve been teaching people the phrase “Ehre papieren, bitte.” I originally was going to say “the foreigners” but come to think of it, over 80% of the native born here have no idea of the phrase either. (But stock movie-Nazi phrases aside, I’m sick unto death of /ourpeople making “yellow star” comparisons. What we have now is nothing like THAT, for one thing. And the other thing is, who exactly do you think is in wholly disproportionate power around here?) Mid-2020 I was telling people, “expect restrictions on air travel first, but eventually many aspects of daily life, based on vaccination status.” Interestingly, foreigners (Pakistanis, Indians and Iranians mostly) were telling me, “you’re crazy, that can’t happen in the US!” But you could see some Americans nodding along, not cynically, but as in “Yeah, that’s a good idea!” There are days where that lunatic calling himself tfA-T doesn’t sound entirely crazy (a commentor on certain blogs who wants 300M Americans killed off).

    Haven’t read the Subramanian paper yet, but I’m stunned. Harvard’s TH Chan School is chock full of rabid leftists. As is epidemiology and public health in general these days. (Exhibit A: Johns Hopkins has its Bloomberg School of Public Health. Yeah, that guy.) In the cardiovascular disease (CVD) part of the epi world I saw the change over the last decade where it went from “ethnic and racial DIFFERENCES” to “ethnic and racial DISPARITIES”. The assumption now is that any difference (neutral descriptor) is due to racism (hence “disparity”; used from the get-go, it’s a highly loaded term). Spent over a decade of my professional academic life in CVD epi, then walked away from it in disgust. It’s a shame because medicine was starting to get somewhere with “personalized medicine” (90% hype admittedly, but 10% real) based on racial disease propensities and personal genetic profiling. Now, we are forced to put it all down to racism.

    • Just to your south, in the place formerly known as Rhode Island, we are going full Ehre papieren, bitte Monday, by illegal fiat order from a dictator.

      Fun times.

      I never would have guessed the degree to which peer pressure, of all the stupid things, could turn smart, formerly rational people into avid slaves.


    • Back during the protests against Bush, I was visiting down-town and listened to a bunch of whackadoodles and offered “Work will make you free” as a better slogan. Some of them actually used it. And then I said, “It’s better in the original language.” The cop standing behind them tried really hard not to laugh.

      These people are just idiots.

  4. In general, most readers will support the thought that requiring the jab to go about your everyday lives or to work is an unconstitutional burden. The problem is that if a state slips in a law, no judge will rule against it because it was enacted by the state legislature, even though said new law violates the US and the State Constitutions. Our society’s reliance on the rule of law is most tenuous right now.

    We must be able to point to exact portions of the constitutions which were violated, not just the preamble.

    In Moscow, Idaho, a District Court judge ruled that stickers saying “Soviet Moscow — Enforced Because We Care” was advertising and that constitutional issues could not be used in court. There is no factual basis for this ruling, as there was also no basis for the judge prohibiting constitutional arguments that the stickers are protected under US First Amendment rights and the Idaho Constitution. Additionally, the City and the judge do not want the defense to have access to a cop video of the stop when the stickers were placed in downtown Moscow. The cops hid that evidence for a year and now because of the illegality of the cops actions, the City is resisting allowing the public to view the video.

    The Stickergate case is an offshoot of the arrests and citations in September 2020 when Christian Psalm Singers were arrested while following the Moscow City Code.

  5. I doubt we’ll be seeing my daughter and her husband again this Christmas, because she has fully bought into the BKT (Bullshit Kabuki Theater) panic porn. When my wife texted her to ask what her plans were, her response was wanting to know our jab status. I am proudly a VACCINE FREE PURE BLOOD and my wife had the single J&J jab back in May which the medical tyrants are now saying is no longer effective. Her five years in college turned her into an obedient subject of her overlords. My wife and I have been socializing and attending large group events with no detrimental effects. We went to dinner last Sunday evening with 14 people from several different households. No masks and no cares. If my daughter wants to stay in hiding…. oh well, her loss. My wife and I are living life as though the BKT panic porn did not exist.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, Larry.

  6. “FBI Special Agents take an oath to support the Consitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic – yet they assert, “I’m only following orders.””

    Translation–“Under color of authority”, in which case your uniform is just a costume, and you can expect to be center-punched right between the running lights.

  7. There are no facts, no data, no evidence one can present, to make the covidians even begin to question- it is quite remarkable and it is very frightening- if they can believe such an obvious lie, what else can they be persuaded of? There has been a bit written on this hypnosis, or brainwashing, or whatever one calls it- mass delusion perhaps?
    Orwell’s quote “the party told you to reject the evidence of your own eyes and ears.” That’s it, yes? If the coof was as bad as they say , there would be a pallet of corpses on every street corner waiting for the morning pickup.
    It would be no surprise if the “new variants ” are in fact a way to cover up mRNA injuries.

  8. Well…. Turns out I just tested positive, and am struggling to find a monoclonal antibody infusion center. Contemplating taking some of the ivermectin horse paste I bought a while back.

  9. Lauren’s clearly right and the vax is clearly wrong. If it wasn’t, the great vaxxed wouldn’t have to wear masks which don’t protect them from viruses which they can’t get because they’re vaxxed except that they do.

    The phrase “utterly insane” springs to mind.

    • Berenson has a new article, the Dane’s are keeping detailed track of cases, out of 541 hospitalized (a tiny percentage compared to overall population, so nothing worth panicking), 76% were vaxed.

      This is not a vaccine, it is a DNA manipulator, otherwise the vaxed would have better results.

  10. The seventh floor of the Hoover building has always been political, but under Obama, it morphed into a weaponized KGB/Stasi type of organization targeting political enemies of the demorats and the deep state apparatus. Same with the IRS and NIS. Nowadays, the FBI leadership from the top down to the SAC’s is more focused on promotions, ticking the right boxes and moving up the ladder. Mavericks and real agents are weeded out and transferred to field offices in Montana or Alaska, with the tacit warning of, “Just resign, you ain’t going anywhere.” When I watched 20 to 30 FBI agents getting down on one knee when BLM marched by, I knew the FBI was finished as a law enforcement agency. What I’m seeing lately hasn’t changed my opinion. Sad.

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