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The Old Communist has a slug of old ideas from the old USSR that he thinks will work here – chief among them is to make everything free and to tax everyone at 100%.  
It worked in the Union of Socialist Republics and it worked in North Korea and Venezuela. It’s bound to work in the USA.
The formula is simple, appeal to greed and the appeal of spending other people’s money on yourself. 
Hugo Chavez used the plan to great effect in Venezuela where a bushel of currency won’t buy you a roll of toilet paper.
Student loans and mortgages – no problem. PAID with the government’s money. Problem: The government only acquires money from you.   DO NOT read the fine print.

18 thoughts on “Bernie!

  1. Buying votes works. Appealing to the youth vote is problematic, however: they tend not to show up at the polls when push comes to shove. Obama figured it out, however. Maybe Bernie should give Barry a call…

  2. I imagine Xi and Putin would love to see a Bernie presidency, and Maduro and Castro would be downright ecstatic.

  3. Barack (before he took the office) looked younger and appealed to the youth. Bernie presents as a curmudgeonly old great grandpa. Bernie isn't exciting to the youth except to the extent that he's promised to forgive their debts.

  4. Maduro and Castro would be thrilled. I don't know about Kim, the Chinese and Russians. There is a certain grudging respect for Trump, who does not want war. Bernie could wake up one day in the throws of dementia and push the button for shits and giggles. The senility factor creates uncertainty.

  5. There's no way to punish workers for the benefit of those who don't that won't end badly. When workers don't work, there's famine, privation and hardship. That's the promise of communism.

    In China (a one party system that calls itself "communist") 95% of businesses are privately owned and the profit motive reigns supreme. Hardly the dream of Marx and Engles.

  6. My second favorite blogger (after you) posted his take on the likely Demonrat candidate.

    The 2020 Democrat Party Presidential Nominee

    …and the winner is…

  7. Joe (Slow Joe) Biden is a clown, and while everybody enjoys a clown, I think that he'll end up crashing and burning in the face of the diversity crowd…old white man, the ultimate insider.

    The Black Vote is important because sometimes it can swing a close primary or election. Same with the Latino vote in some areas of the nation. And while blacks and Latinos enjoy majorities in some districts, they are 20% of the US population. When you look at the map of the 2016 presidential election, it was almost all red with the exception of a few inner city hells that went for Clinton.

    I have no idea who the nominee will be. I would like it to be Biden because a lot of Democrat voters would stay home. I'd like it better if it was crazy old Bernie. Same reason. The Democrats have a problem. Harris is effectively a slut (so was Trump, but it plays differently with women), Spartacus is a fool, The fake Indian has lost her mojo… maybe it is Biden's turn. It was Hillary's turn too.

  8. You don't hear much about China being so capitalist.

    I just hope we can stop the flow of demonrat socalist voters (illegal aliens) before the 2020 elections.

  9. I've been to Communist China (PRC) many times. It's a society that is rampant capitalist. However if you asked the proverbial man on the street, he'd explain that they're all communists, who enjoy turning a profit. That's like saying that you're a vegetarian who loves a good steak.

  10. Dangerous days ahead. President Trump's victory was a wake up call for the (P)regressives. They responded, in part, with all the skulduggery they can muster to win the House in the mid-terms. Whoever the Democrat candidate is, they, along with the deep state and Mainstream Media Maggots (h/tBZ) will go all out to capture the Presidency.

  11. When Bernie was a political hippie he got in trouble on the commune for ripping off food from other hippy's fridges.

    I'll leave it at that.

  12. I think Bernie is just running for all that free campaign money. It takes some serious capital to upkeep three houses.

  13. …and to pay for his wife's legal expenses for her defense against embezzling several million dollars. Lawyers don't come cheap.

    And you know that he can keep any monies that are not expended…

  14. Pochahontas said she's sorry that she used her fake Indian status to propel her to the senate. That's gotta be worth something. And she's promising to rip apart Amazon, Facebook, Google, etc. That always works, cutting the big guys down to size.

    Then again, maybe not.

  15. She did, "Have a beer with America," to show that she's just like the little people who propelled her to the US Senate – and used the publicity stunt to explain how well she'd do as President. I have in-law family in Boston and Mass. and NONE of them know how that millionaire moron made it into public office and a position of honor, trust, and profit.

    Promising to dismantle America's biggest corporations while endorsing the end of air flight, non-sailing ships, and eliminating cars is clearly the road to the White House for the donkeys.

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