The World’s Oldest Complaint Letter


This is the oldest surviving letter of complaint, from ancient Sumeria in 1750 BC. Found in the ruins of the ancient city of Ur in modern day Iraq, it is addressed to a man called Ea-Nassir and bemoans his business practices. It offers us a glimpse into the every-day life not of a king or a conqueror – but that of an ordinary man, who lived almost 4000 years ago. The account underscores that though things have changed, people are still people. Same problems, same issues, still people.



Is The Marine Corps Still Reliable?

“Sergeant, United States Marine Corps, 1836″, by Don Troiani

There are some American institutions that I always felt would stand by the Constitution, and the American people. The Marine Corps is the first on that list.

No, I’m not suggesting that they should drag step down Pennsylvania, bayonets fixed, and spit looters and arsonists. It would be cool, but that is not their job.

Retired Generals Mattis and Kelly throw some question as to where the Marine Corps stands today. Does it stand with the People and the Constitution or does the leadership have another agenda? I seriously don’t know. Maybe Marines who read this blog could share their views?


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  1. Love the Susan Rice interview!
    I have no confidence in any of the current crop of military or police to stand for the Constitution.
    I would like to be pleasantly surprised, but could only be so surprised in decidedly unpleasant circumstances.

    • Some will stand for the Constitution. Usually county sheriffs, elected from conservative rural counties. Outside of that, I’m afraid that I agree with you.

  2. I was surprised by the Mattis thing, but what do I know? Just an lsp. Still, perhaps 8 years of the Magic 0 had a bad effect on the upper echelon?

    • This 3,800 year old complaint letter could have been written by a displaced Trump Tower-Chicago client in 2012, people have been screwing each other over since man crawled out of the ooze.

      Donald Trump noticed that the demand for his condos in the relatively newly completed Trump high rise in Chicago was way more than he anticipated. He had signed leases with many Chicagoans for his residential properties in the tower for $X.00, and then along came other buyers who offered $X.00 + 33% more than those who already put down their money. What to do, what to do, says The Donald. Easy solution: cancel those cheap leases and sign up the more lucrative leases. The cheap lessees were not happy, and they asked The Donald to keep his agreements. “Nah,” says The Donald, ” if you got a beef with me, see you in court. I have way more lawyers than you do, and my lawyers are way meaner. Now go away.” Or as Ray Croc told the McDonald’s brothers when he crapped all over their original agreement, ‘contracts are like hearts, made to be broken.’

      See how people are? I am not sure that any of those screwed lessees prevailed in their litigation. The Donald’s attorneys are as viscous as starving junk yard dogs.

      Same thing applies to crooks. There are still crooks around who will disregard the law if not stopped. Defunding the police? Any jurisdiction who does that will see a flood of crooks flocking to these environs to wreak terror and havoc on those stupid folk who vote for that. With no police, the strong eat the weak.

      It has always been this way, like, forever. And always will be this way.


      • Proving my thesis that people haven’t changed in the last 5000 years. Which is depressing and at the same time is reassuring. You can predict behavior accurately – based on bronze age people and applied in the present information age.

  3. Once you get high enough in rank these days in any service, seems like you gradually turn into a politician. Or maybe they replace you with a pod-person.

    Maybe it’s always been like that, IDK.

    That’s what it looks like from the outside, anyway.


    • During the Obama Administration there was a litmus test to make flag rank. You either sold your soul or you’d remain a colonel (or a Navy captain). There were people of flag rank who hadn’t sold out and some of them retired. Others (Admiral Rogers, director of the NSA) stayed and served with exceptional honor, calling BS on the conspirators.

      • Thank you for the remark on a litmus test. Pox on those who traded honor for promotion.
        On a similar path, in three years President Trump has appointed, and the Senate confirmed, over 200 Federal judges. His legacy will outlive the Lightbringer’s by decades.

    • I don’t disagree with the reduction and redirection of the US Marine Corps. At present they are augments to the Army and that’s not what the Marine Corps was supposed to be. As a naval/amphibious force operating in the Pacific, augmenting the Navy, the Marine Corps will be a Marine-Corps and not another Army division.

      I realize that there are many Marines who are opposed to the re-focus, but as a former Navy officer, who worked on the amphibious side of things (Naval Special Warfare), I think that the Marine Corps should be an amphibious force.

  4. Buried in the warrens of the British Museum is a nice desk from around 1650. When they restored it in the 20th century, they found a letter, carefully placed where it would never see the day- it was a litany of complaints, from the cabinetmakers- the boss kept the workshop and rooms too cold to save on coal,he did not pay well, the wine was crap, etc. I got a laugh out of that.

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