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Do you ever wonder what your dog named you?

Do you DARE to wonder what your cat calls you inside its secret (wicked) heart?

What would your wolf name be? 

Jules Smith (our fellow blogger) has a wolf named Lucifer…

If you stole a zippo from a whorehouse, what would you do with it?

What will the latest fashions turn out to look like in 2020? 

I don’t think that chemical wear-fare suits from 1918 will ever catch on but they would be interesting on the catwalk…They say that if you wait long enough the old clothes will be in style again.

Wherever you are…BE THERE.

Should you dip your pizza in ranch dressing?

29 thoughts on “A Few Questions

      1. I like pineapple on pizza too. To me anyway, ingredients are important.

        I recall one time in the Amagosa Valley near Death Valley. My son-in-law and I stopped at a place while doing some off road driving. It looked rough. They sold pizza. He asked me, “How can you ruin a pizza?” They did.

        1. My pizza of choice is Canadian bacon and pineapple, extra sauce. I also like pineapple cream cheese, but it is not to be found in many stores. Apparently not an item in demand by many shoppers.


          1. I’ve never even HEARD of pineapple cream cheese pizza. But I like both ingredients, so yeah, why not?

          2. Its one of the ” Philadelphia ” cream cheeses in the tubs; have you tried their ” Smoked Salmon ” flavor yet? That’s my go to when I can’t find the pineapple, it goes will on a bagel.


  1. By the way, I like both pizza and ranch dressing, but NOT together.

    As to the second question: When I had a cat, she likely called me ‘ hey you, my food dish is empty ‘.


    1. I normally don’t dip it, but I have and it works. One of my daughters dips her pizza in ranch dressing and convinced me to try it.

        1. Ed: Only if one is sharing the sauce, if you have your own dish of ranch dressing, there is no harm to anyone else in double dipping.


      1. Ok, I’ll give it a try the next time I have pizza. I’ll tell my wife that it is your fault if I become hooked on this combination. She thinks I have enough weird food preferences as it is.


  2. I hope my dog calls me “friend”. I have little to no experience with cats.

    That Zippo would go in my collection….

    1. Pepples is a wonder dog…the declaration of friendship from a dog such as Pebbles is high praise indeed.

    1. What if your dog calls you “Wolf”? Would it mean the end of biscuits?

  3. Monster Hunter Nation readers know that ranch dressing is made for dipping your Hostess Ho-Hos. At least if you are the Elf Queen. Pizza is strictly optional.

    Zippos are not the fire starter of choice in some situations. In a whorehouse you are meant to flick your, er, Bic. (Haha, spelchek turned it into “whitehouse” ahahaha!)

    “Plague doctor” beaky masks will be all the rage for the modern MD.

    1. I think that the beaky masks are the solution to doctors falling ill with the plague. Nothing says confidence like a beaky mask combined with old fashioned motorcycle goggles.

  4. My wolfit calls me Mistress. Just had an interesting moment with Lucifer on a walk. A man stepped to the side so I could walk past (keeping a good 2 metres away) which was responsible and good mannered. However, that’s not how the wolfit saw the situation. What he witnessed was somebody trying to hide in the bushes with a mask over their face. How to scare the living crap out of a social distancer…

    1. I wouldn’t mess with somebody who carries and occasionally wears an emergency clown nose, has all kinds of spy gear, drives a full size pick-up truck in a country of Minis and has a wolf named LUCIFER who thinks you’re his mother. It’s good to train the social distancers that 2 meters may not be quite far enough.

      In fact, they need to walk on the other side of the road if they don’t want to be savaged by a wolf…or the reincarnated Boudica.

  5. Our cat calls me her favorite can opener.

    Pineapple rings on a succulent ham? Get outta my way. Pineapple on pizza? It’s OK, but not my first choice. We like to get Papa Murphy’s pepperoni $5 fav’s and load them up with our own mushrooms, olives, green pepper, and red onion. I add some grated Parmesan to mine.

    Here’s another one to try. Butter cracker of your choice, a slice of salami, and a dab of Bleu Cheese dressing on top, along with a decent medium body red wine.

  6. Blue calls me Powerful Great Commander then sits promptly to attention for a treat. Hmmmm. I don’t have a cat.

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