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If you plan to catch big fish, you must leave well before dawn (unless you’re LSP and the fish line up in the lake, drawing. lots for the opportunity to take your hook). The Savage River canoe is loaded up, ready for its journey to the White Wolf Mine area, and trying to get in on the fishing season before it ends.
In 2008, my modified 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser was pictured prominently on the wikipedia page for that vehicle but no more, alas. Time has passed, but the rig is still as effective as it was then. When a part shows wear, I replace it, and there are a lot of weld-er-up style custom parts and aftermarket goodies to replace the weak spots in the OEM vehicle. 
The 18′ canoe weighs in at 33 lbs. Carbon fiber with a kevlar bottom to deflect rocks and such. Thus, even a weakling such as myself can toss it up on the FJ. The yellow microfiber buffer pads are of my own design and help prevent chafing from the cinch straps on long trips.
Toys are important. But in fishing, luck is more important. Combining the two can be even more fun!

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  1. Nothing like a lightweight canoe. An uncle of mine owned a wooden canoe. Once in the water it was great, however it was heavy and required a lot of maintenance. Still, we kids(this was back in the 60s) loved to take it out on the lake. Swimming wasn't permitted away from the beach, but somehow that canoe at some point always tipped over. About 20 years later my uncle took me out to his garage and showed me his new canoe. "Lift it," he said. I did. With one hand. "Kevlar," he said. Someday I'm going to get one when the budget allows.

  2. That's amazing – a 33 lb canoe. And if a fish mob decides to shoot at you you're protected. Kewl!

  3. Sounds like an enjoyable, relaxing time ahead for LL. Drown a few worms and toss back a beverage of your choosing.

  4. Never been in a canoe, but I can sure appreciate one of such lightweight construction.

    And the FJ looks great. You go about modifying it the same way I do; replace the OEM parts "as required" with higher quality, more performance oriented parts.

  5. Fishing doesn't *have* to require luck, we are the tool-using ape!

    You're going in the boonies, right? You could always bomb them, and pick them up with a net. Or you could rig the net across the channel, and then divert the river.

    Efficiency might interfere with the fun though… good luck!

    P.S. – the space canoe is a hoot, didn't realize they were making them. Shoulda.

  6. I did that before, but don't need it. the top straps hold it firmly. The fore and aft straps are just insurance.

  7. If the fish acquire firearms and learn to operate them, I'm off the water. There's a lot of revenge to be taken for me eating their relatives.

  8. I know of people who messed with the engine, adding a supercharger, things like that. They usually regret those decisions. With off-road/off-trail rigs, suspension is paramount as is armor.

  9. One hand grenade, or a brick of C-4 and a #10 blasting cap can improve any fisherman's luck. However, I tend to be a purist and drown a worm or drag a piece of metal through the water.

  10. Few things beat a good skid plate when you need one.

    I'm not big on blowers, either. Properly done they're fine, but most bolt-on kits are geared more for melting your tires in straight line squirts than for mid-range/low-end grunt.

    I've seen too many where the blower blew the engine in more ways than one. Beat-up rod bearings, crushed piston ring lands, piston tops that look like Big Guido worked them over with a ball peen hammer, etc, etc.

    Car and Driver just published their 40,000 mile review of the Raptor. I'll fire up the scanner and email it to you.

  11. Beautiful canoe, that 33 lbs. makes portaging much easier. Bet it goes through the water too.
    What paddle do you have?

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