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A person bet me that Trump wouldn’t build the wall along the Mexico by the conclusion of his term and Mexico wouldn’t pay for it. That will be the easiest $100 I ever earned.


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…and in the mean time, the press is castigating President Trump for evicting a black family from their residence as “fair” reporting in the news continues. 
The Clinton News Network (CNN) announced prior to the election that if Trump didn’t win with at least 300 electoral votes, they wouldn’t consider it a plebiscite. When Michigan is called from Trump (presently in a re-count with Trump leading), he will get 306. CNN is disregarding requests to acknowledge that the will of the people was an overwhelming victory for him, a repudiation for the miserable Obama years, and the end of the Clinton Dynasty.

Unemployed young people, living at home and being supported their parents are unhappy that Donald Trump was elected president. Each of them has a different grievance. Some think that blacklivesmatters, others want their student loans paid off the way that Hillary promised. Still other shouters and marchers are simply enjoying the party – because they don’t have to go to work in the morning.


In America, 114 million are employed full time. 106 million receive means-tested entitlements (welfare) (as opposed to Social Security payments for those of an age to receive that benefit). Of the 114 million employed, roughly half have jobs that are paid for from tax revenues – government workers. That explains in large measure why the budget doesn’t balance. I’m sure that it’s sexist, Islamophobic, racist, and violates all sort of politically correct safe space guidelines to discuss such things.

Raising the minimum wage will mean that more people will be unemployed and that they will swell the ranks of those receiving means-tested entitlements.

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  1. I like my post that said: This election will be historic. If Clinton wins, it will be the first time in history two presidents have slept together. If Trump wins, it will be the first time in history that a billionaire moves into government housing vacated by a black family.

  2. Hope you defined the word "wall" in your bet. Lefties tend to literally interpret everything Trump says, literally. Your friend might think a "wall" has to be 50 feet tall, constructed of concrete blocks with a moat and machine gun towers.

  3. Governments should exempt the pay of their employees from taxes – and pay them less. I understand it would make it difficult for some to equate the government job from the private sector job, but millions upon millions of employees are spending millions of dollars figuring out their income tax, when they are simply paying it back to the employer that gave it to them.

  4. Watching my former family and the one or two libtard acquaintances having public meltdowns on Facecrap has been delicious. One acquaintance has a black bull dyke friend who is "fearful for her "wife" and family." WTHell? Last I checked it was the Soros funded Hillary supporters out causing mayhem. Payback is a bitch.

  5. The bet was defined and the other bettor tried to take it back once we discussed the fact that success of the Trump presidency would be defined by the wall and deterrent measures that he puts into place.

    The bettor said, "it's $25 a year…I can afford that".

  6. Absolutely.

    The most important thing that should be done is that the recipients of government jobs/funding should not be able to lawfully make political contributions to the people who vote their salaries. At present, billions of dollars are paid by government employees to curry favor with their masters. That must stop – but I can't imagine any congress, R or D carrying even a simple majority with that sort of straight forward legislation. But it would stop run-away salaries and benefits.

  7. If it's not addressed, the ship will sink on its own weight.

    The Trump campaign spent roughly 1/10th of that spent by Hillary. Donald knows how to pinch a penny.

  8. Every major news source is running some kind of story about how evil Trump is, and he hasn't even been formally elected yet. He's got a long and tough road ahead of him when there's so much propaganda being pushed on the zombie progressives across the globe. We remain hopeful, though, that the same thinking and forces that got Trump elected with continue to brew among the remaining US population.

  9. (read the sermonette tomorrow)

    The payback is that they will all benefit when America is Great Again. That's how it worked when President Reagan replaced the inept Jimmy Carter.

    Jimmy was redeemed from being the worst president in modern history by Barack, who survived by being 1/2 black (nobody wanted to appear racist by criticizing the black half).

  10. It wasn't much different than the experience with President Reagan, who the left hated — but arguably hated less than they hate Trump. I'm hopeful.

  11. We now can look forward to four years of not listening (and seeing) Shillary on a daily basis. Thank you, DJT.

  12. And soon we won't see or hear from Barack either. I won't have to watch the news with a finger hovering over the mute button.

  13. Stopping run-away salaries and benefits can be done by eliminating public worker unions. All of them. Union relationships on behalf of the rank and file place their union leaders against management of the enterprise. In the case of public workers, they are pitted against the tax payer. As a tax payer, I say let them all go on strike, and then replace every God Damned one of them with somebody who is willing to work at market place determined wages and benefits.

    Let me handle the negotiations with the public workers union thug bosses. The negotiations would be lightening fast.

  14. I have no problem with collective bargaining. To me, the vast bribes to public officials to vote for pay and benefit increases is the problem, and will remain that way.

    But I take your point.

  15. Yes. Social Security is a tar baby that will be with us. As Chris Christie said, "The government stole your Social Security retirement." And nobody went to jail. It is a ponzie scheme that must end at some point but it won't end soon. I think that the solution is to incrementally increase the retirement age and only take that money from workers that is necessary to keep that going.

    The means tested entitlements are a safety net of sorts, but the net is way too big.

  16. It's my daughter, Heather (age 31), who reluctantly voted for Trump but is skeptical that he will deliver on the wall. She wanted to take it back but since we officially "pinky squared", it's legal and binding.

  17. I want to see the MILITARY get a fair wage before the first burger flipper gets $15/hr… Just sayin'

  18. That might happen with President Trump but it wouldn't have happened with Hillary and has been slow going with Barack.

  19. Don't forget we need to stop congress' own disgusting retirement packages and they fact that they are the only workers who get to vote their own pay raise. THAT would be something worth changing, too.

    I think most unions have outlived their original design and intent. Every state should be a right to work state without having to belong to a union.

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