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The liberal argument in favor of gun control is driving women (and possibly a certain class of beta male) to find police officers and military warriors to be their companions. After all, when all firearms are outlawed and the only people with firearms will be outlaws and the police, how will women find solace through the dark, cold night?
On Euripides’ blog post Our Culture of Violence, he explores failed roots of the progressive movement and their mania over firearms control to legislate safety. 
Yes, you could marry a stock broker or a politician, but when the chips hit the table, they are more likely to be hiding behind you and using you as a human shield against a gun wielding freak.
Society is not all unicorns and rainbows and when there is trouble, statistics show that women are more likely to be victims. Attractive women in particular become victimized by criminals who flaunt the law. Criminals in the new Obama World will find comfort in the fact that they are (almost) the only ones armed. Attractive women have one alternative to succumbing to senseless violence — find an armed warrior. 

(note: not all police officers or military people are warriors – and while you can find warriors outside of their ranks, but if the Democrats get their way, they won’t be armed)

(Attractive) women in the new ObamaNation have only three options in a land where honest people are completely disarmed:

  • Become a victim
  • Be a warrior
  • Do a warrior
It should help with the whole law enforcement recruiting effort…

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  1. I take your definition of warrior as defined by Gwynne Dyer's excellent work "War: The Lethal Custom." There are a few warriors left in the world.

  2. As a retired police officer, you are entitled to CCW nationwide if you want to go through the bother of qualifying and going through a background inv. every year.

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