Barack’s Teleprompter and the Dallas Massacre

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Progs will disagree with me on this account, but it’s a fact:

Barack is dumb as a box of rocks but he’s got a bright teleprompter, and an army of handlers who tell him what to say…come to think of it, so does Hillary. The handlers should have thought about the assassination of five police officers in Dallas more thoroughly. 
Fortunately, I’m here to think about it for them — because most of Barack’s advisors are either black or are homosexuals. Or are black homosexuals, or part black homosexuals…whatever. None of them care much that police officers protecting black people at a black lives matters march where they chant about killing police officers, were killed by one of their own.  And when you think about it, why would they?
I found it interesting that Barack mentioned the names of the two felons, killed by police officers, but not the names of the five Dallas Police Officers killed in the line of duty. Where are Barack’s handlers?
A CLARIFICATION: I have been using the term “hood rat” to denote Afro-Americans of all genders living in inner cities. I was recently taken down a notch because of my lack of understanding of the term. A Hood Rat is a female who has sex with everyone in the “hood” or neighborhood; the term is linked to the culture of the American ghettos and to hip-hop culture. A hood rat is an often a woman with declining hygiene, who engages in sexual activity like a prostitute, but without charge and without being coerced. The offspring of same are handed off to grandma to be raised.

The term, “Hood Rat Shit”, however, is generic. Urban Dictionary: The act of engaging in undesirable or unlawful activities such as stealing, smoking marijuana, and drinking forties on the street.

Practical Illustration:

The Afro-American youths damaging the truck in the background may or may not be genuine “hood rats”, but they are engaging in typical “hood rat shit”. (does this help to clarify things?)

The Memphis Police Department (left) shows great restraint for not using flame throwers to disperse the crowd, in my humble opinion. I realize that would be politically incorrect of the police to do because it would demonstrate insensitivity toward the needs and aspirations of members of the minority community who express their displeasure by looting, which in the white community is referred to as “theft”.

14 thoughts on “Barack’s Teleprompter and the Dallas Massacre

  1. I must live under a rock. I never heard of the terms 'hood rat,' or 'hood rat shit.'

    Until now. I could have gone on for many years not knowing these things and been blissful in my ignorance.

  2. This blog is a source of vital information. Now when you're in Dallas and ask (axe) local Afro-American people what is happening and they say that, "Dey MF'en hood rat shit be goin' on, homes," you will know what they're speaking about.

  3. I guess Odumbo will be speaking at the memorial service for the 5 officers. He be telling the white folks that dey need to lisen to the black folks mo cause of dat bad ass slavery ting that's holden da black man down.

  4. Black people are angry that they're black, but I can't fix that. They are angry because their "culture" is a culture of rape, murder, single mothers and addiction. Not much there to be proud of. Whenever you have a community that is predominantly black, the "culture" comes out for all to see, and it's not pretty. Barack knows this. Just look at his beloved Chicago, awash in welfare money, drug money and corpses.

  5. No. It has nothing to do with color. That culture is the result of a socialist nanny state. Apply those policies to any group and get the same results. Like the man said,"you get more of what you subsidize". In this case it was the destruction of the black urban family. Get rid of the male , destroy the job base, and offer all sorts of free goodies , all the while teaching how they are oppressed, and have a political climate where anyone legally stating a business has a bridge to jump over, and what do you expect?

  6. It has NOTHING to do with skin color. And yes, the blacks have been exploited by the progressives/socialists or by whatever name they are known as useful pawns. And they drink the Kool Aid and beg for more.

  7. Ya know, there are people who will get all upset at the term "Afro-American" to describe blacks in/from the United States. "Because 'Afro' is a hairstyle. What you meant to say is 'African-American' [sniff]."

    You're welcome, because I'm sure you care about the tender sensibilities of the easily micro-aggressed. Heh.

  8. Merely mentioning hairstyle without including a discussion of haircare products for American Africans (produced within the inner-city community for that purpose) and websites for same could be construed by many to be a form of micro-aggression against black-owned businesses.

  9. I supposed I could dig up some reruns of "In Living Color," and bone up on the lingo by listening to the sage words of 'Homey the Clown.' Homey be talkin like dat, or so I seem to recall.

    And of course Homey had the 'tude to go with it. And just remember: Homey don't play dat.

  10. I'm keeping a vigilant eye out for any hood rat **it. So far they're keeping a low profile.

  11. You wouldn't want them threatening the compound in Hillsboro. Now that the DLC has been augmented with fresh reinforcements, though, they'd think twice.

  12. Hillary goes free, another example of white privilege for the BLM folks to be upset about. A good long jail sentence should dispel them of that idea. As a socilist in good standing, Ms Clinton should bite the bullet and go along.

  13. Alton Sterling is the love child of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

    You heard it here first.

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