“Never Trump” Should Draft Jeb!

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The Republican Convention is about a week off and there are still elements within the party who would rather not see Donald Trump become the nominee. The mainstream media broadcasts their whining because it makes the opposition (as represented by a scoundrel) sound more credible.
I have a modest proposal. Draft Jeb!
It’s true that Jeb! spent $100 million to rack up four primary delegates, but as the dim bulb of the Bush Family, he represents ‘Hillary Lite’, an alternative to Hillary Clinton that incorporates all of her ideas in a package that is more conservative to the Republicans who hope to ride Jeb!’s coat tails for four years and feed at government largess.
Best of all, nobody recalls Jeb!’s primary campaign, what he promised, what he said that he’d accomplish, etc. Nobody but friends and family showed up for his rallies. Those who did come, wanted a picture standing next to his brother.
Jeb! would be everything that the Never Trump people want in Washington.

14 thoughts on ““Never Trump” Should Draft Jeb!

  1. Brilliant idea, LL.

    I am looking forward to seeing Trump nominated. I am also looking forward to the aftermath if they somehow steal the nomination from him. Either way will prove to be entertaining.

  2. I hope to God someone becomes the candidate who acts like he running a serious campaign, isn't willing to give the win to Hillary, doesn't continually make stupid gaffes.
    If Trump changes and that's him, fine.
    If not dump him and get someone who will, and not Jeb.
    It's not student council election or a popularity contest where the candidate brags about who likes him or how many primaries he won.
    It's a blood sport where you better start raising some money and putting an organization together or you lose.

  3. All of the rules on how to win the presidency are out the window. Raising money? Nah. Putting together an organization? Uh uh.

    New rules. Dump shit all over Hillary and Bill. That's it. And a gaffe or two? It humanizes him.

  4. Most of the never Trump crowd wants Ted Cruz. They are doing their best to swing the delegate votes before the convention.
    I think we are getting closer to martial law. I pray not, but it seems that way.

  5. No problem. When he was asked about abortion.
    He changed his answer roughly five times.
    He didn't have a clue.
    Then he wants to fund PP, but not the abortion industry.
    I assume he'll continue supporting GM, but not the automaking.

  6. How do you dump that without advertising?
    The MSM won't be broadcasting those attacks.
    Gaffes don't humanize him to anyone but his supporters.
    They allow the media to make him look like an fool.
    But, let's see how it plays out.
    If he's the candidate, I'll vote for him and hope you're right.

  7. Trump is not a politician, though he's trying to learn the job. Not speaking from a teleprompter has created some problems for him with those of us who are accustomed to politicians with the 20 second talking point sound bites and teleprompters. However, it's Trump or Hillary…or I guess that y'all can write in a vote for Jeb!

  8. Ed B, I agree with you, but I think we're doomed to four years of being grateful that we at least got Trump instead of Hillary.

  9. Donald will get money without a concerted fund raising effort. The big money (Jeb! money, you know, Tri Lateral Commision dollars) will show up in his accounts without effort. Then he will spend it like a drunken sailor on negative ads.

    Gaffes humanize everyone. You're wrong (yet again). And even bad media gets his numbers up. You have been watching how Trump works this so far, right? Rules? Conventional wisdom? Forget the rules. Things are different this time around.

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