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I hear a lot of anti-Trump noise on the Internet ratcheting up as the anyone-but-Trump crowd howl because he’s doing very well and should his run continue as forecast, he’ll be poised to be the Republican nominee within about two weeks.

To those among you who are haters, I need to suggest that he’s a far more likely win than any of the Republican contenders no matter what the polls say. Polls search for high propensity voters and the Trump popularity stretches to legions of so-called new voters who are concerned about our failing economy.

It’s all about the economy and jobs this time. Yes, I’m sure that Trump will pick appropriately conservative Supreme Court justices to nominate because the advisors who help him select will be conservative. Trump is not an ideologue, and while I tend to be, interest rates are at 0% and the economy is still growing at just about 0%. Am I the only one alarmed by that? By the fact that China and even Mexico walk all over us? America has changed and Trump is the only one who has tapped into that. It’s why he’s ahead.
He’s willing to take on the Pope, of all people, and America needs that instead of the metrosexual mulatto that has occupied the White House for the past eight years.
I reject the cult of personality argument. It’s about anger and the desire to upset the applecart in the hopes of a new way of dealing with both the size of government as well as our economy. Unless we do something, we’ll circle the drain – and the mainstream Republicans have not tapped into a way to make that happen.
Maybe it will work, maybe not, but it’s worth a shot. 

29 thoughts on “Anti-Trump Rhetoric

  1. What a hard nosed boss once taught me about change.

    1. It will make things worse.
    2. It will make things better.
    3. It won't change much at all.

    His conclusion? "I'll go to Vegas with those odds any day".

    He seems to be the only one who will bring change.

  2. After seven years of going bassackwards in everything I hold dear, I want a candidate who first, will win, and second, will knock some heads together to get things done, i.e., economically, bringing back the trust of the allies obola trampled, facing up to what everyone but obola calls 'terrorism', and immigration.

    Sure I'd like to see a female president one day, but one in the vein of Maggie Thatcher and not the lying grifter Hillary.

  3. Spot on as usual, LL. What I find most alarming are the people who say if Trump is the nominee they won't vote or, even worse, will vote for Hillary.

  4. I have no problem with a female president, and Thatcher was one of the people who wasn't able to be cloned, and more's the pity.

  5. That is what those same people said about Romney and the bastards gave us four years of Barack and his band of misfits and thieves. Those who opt out or vote for Hillary need to hang on the light poles next to the one she's hung from.

  6. We appear to be going to get what we deserve for sitting on our conservative hands and doing nothing constructive to really fix our problems.

  7. What the Trump haters are saying about Trump is the same thing the Reagan haters said about Ronald Reagan 35 years ago. I certainly remember what the GOP establishment said about Reanaldus Magnus: "he's just a stupid actor. The guy is a dunce. He'll blow up the damn world, he's too dang stupid to be handed the nuclear football."

    I remember those comments like it was yesterday. They were delivered by big names; Nelson Rockefeller, Bob Dole, you know, the GOP 800 pound gorillas. Turns out they were wrong. Dead wrong. They couldn't have been more wrong.

    And the current crop of GOP establishment are dead wrong about The Donald, too. I'll bet the guy does a bang up job as president.

  8. He may be orange and have weird hair, but he's got the gravy train crew worried for their jobs, and I like that.

  9. Spot on, Reverend. That gravy train is going to stop dead in its tracks once The Donald is elected. Then we are going to see those career GOP establishment types looking for honest work for a change.

    It'll be interesting to see how this plays out should The Donald move into the Oval Office. Barry may find himself on the wrong end of an indictment as well, if he is involved with Hillary on the mishandling of classified material. Who knows.

  10. The elite GOP is pouring many tens of millions into the Rubio campaign to try and stop Trump from damaging their gravy train. They only have two weeks. Let's see if America can be bought by TV ads.

  11. I always find that extreme behaviour and upturning apple carts has a way of making people pay attention.

  12. Being a poll worker (no, not that kind – I'm white and have no rhythm) I had to vote early and my choice was not Trump. If Trump is the one, then I will work for him over the Jail Bate, The Commie, or The Cowardly Liar (if he jumps into the fray).

  13. It's a free country, my friend. Voting is one of the few things that we can still do and elections have consequences.

  14. I doubt the GOP elite can buy their way out of this one, LL. It didn't work worth a damn for Jeb!, as we all noticed. He spent a butt load of money, and got zilch for it. I think Americans have (at least on the conservative side) been desensitized to those foreboding, negative ads. You know the ones, always in black and white with that low, menacing cello soundtrack in the back ground. I could be wrong (and have been a lot), but I sense that it is too late for the establishment to keep their power. The Donald has tapped into not only an anger, but a cynicism from conservatives out in Fly Over Country. I think the silent majority that Nixon uncovered has risen from the dead.

    I wonder what kind of gig Reinz Preibus is going to apply for, once Trump cans his weasily butt: used car salesman? I have a plaid sports jacket I could sell him, he'll need one.

  15. He'll be much better. We will be getting a dictator, but at least he will be dictating in the generally correct direction; towards capitalism, not socialism. He may be a ham-fisted dictator, but he's OUR ham fisted-dictator.

    The current dictator we have ain't working for anybody except those who own Obamaphones. And eat Obama cheese. And live in Obama government projects. You know, those who live off of 'Obama's stash.' Which is rightfully OUR stash, but don't get me started….

  16. Preibus could open an office selling life insurance in Peoria. Rubio will likely not be re-elected in Florida since Trump is so easily trumping him. He might get a lawyer job at Disney World, but I doubt his future as a Beltway lobbyist. Cruz can become a televangelist on Channel 40 and start his own university somewhere in the South.

  17. The GOP attacked Ronald Reagan viciously because of their preference for Bush. We need more of the voodoo economics.

  18. I hate to see it that way. America has been pumping Republicans into Washington to try and pull us out of the grip of Obamanation, but they haven't been able to do it. Maybe it will take somebody like Trump to go there and kick ass?

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