Drug Cartel Update

(Reuters) WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. efforts to battle powerful drug cartels from inside Mexico have ground to a halt since January as strained relations between the two countries have frozen attempts to corral drug kingpins, according to current and former senior officials in both nations. (The article continues. You should read it all.)

At the heart of the problem is what is widely viewed as a corrupt, illegitimate government in Washington DC, hiding behind fences and troops like some tin pot dictator in an African s-hole. I know what you’ll hear on CNN: Nobody respected President Trump. However as with most things you might hear on CNN, the opposite is true. Even the Chinese gave him grudging respect. Jo/Ho? Yeah.


The Enemy of my Enemy

TOKYO — Japan and Indonesia signed a pact on Tuesday allowing the transfer of Japanese defense equipment and technology to Jakarta as the two countries strengthen their military ties in the face of China’s increasingly assertive activity in the region.

The agreement came during “two plus two” security talks among the foreign and defense ministers of the two countries, which share concerns about China’s growing influence and territorial claims in the East and South China seas.

“It has become difficult to take for granted the premises that have supported the peace and prosperity of the international community,” Japanese Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi said in opening remarks at the talks… more here

There was a sense in the world that the US would stand against China. That’s much less the case since the elections in November and old rivals are putting aside their differences to arm themselves against an imperialistic China, bent on absolute domination of the Pacific. American weakness, signaled by “race and gender issues” being the core of the new American military worries everyone else. The propaganda machine in the US is a lie machine and everyone knows it. But nations outside of the US who don’t have a nuclear shield against China can’t afford to let the US stand aside while China does what it has signaled that it intends to do.



You will have noted that the US is ardent in its efforts to find “the next war” for the Military Industrial Complex to pump men and money into. CDR SALAMANDER offers insight into his entry for the next one. And he may well be correct.

(US Naval Institute) “US special operations forces… will support Mozambique’s efforts to prevent the spread of terrorism and violent extremism,” the US embassy in Mozambique said on 15 March.

“Clearly, the US is trying to extend its influence,” says Jasmine Opperman, an analyst with the monitoring group Acled. But she adds that it is a complex local conflict, and that “the US is framing the insurgency in a very over-simplified manner by referring to [the militants] as an extension of the Islamic State”.

On March 10, the US government designated al-Shabab in Mozambique as a “foreign terrorist organization”, describing it as an IS-affiliate.


Do You Recall?

Kurt Blome, the chief Nazi scientist in charge of human experimentation as it pertained to biological and chemical warfare loved his job.  His scope of work included spraying concentration camp prisoners with sarin gas as well as deliberately infecting them with malaria, bubonic plague, typhus and other diseases to try and find various ways to weaponize diseases. He also gave cancer to prisoners. When he was captured at the end of the war and stood trial at Nuremberg the US government meddled in his trial to get him acquitted so he could be recruited for Operation Paperclip and conduct biological warfare studies for the US. His official US military file omitted mention of him having been prosecuted at Nuremberg.

Have you had your COVID-19 shot yet? Just asking, no reason.


Mongolian Border Guards

Mongolian light cavalry unit…LSP, you said you were looking for trained troops for the DLC…They could be part of the next levy??


  1. no, i have not had nor will i ever have the shot….seeing vids of tanks on the rails. one reports says ruskie tanked headed east, one says ukrainian tanks headed west. any idea which? and why? feeling like the dog’s tail, wagged. mozambique? we have a drill for that. they must have discovered gold or diamonds.

  2. I gotta admit, those Mongolian light cavalry troopers and their mounts would have been right at home during our recent deep freeze.

    Likely I have mentioned before that I have walked the grounds of Dachau. Shots? Yes. Out bound, Preferably in 308.

    • I don’t trust the shots. I doubt that I ever will.

      What about the flu? Do we still have the flu, or is it all plague?

  3. What kind of animals are those Mongolian light cavalry troopers riding? The only pictures I find in a web search look far more like horses than those two.

  4. LL/RHSM, that’s a loaded question! As you know well. We’re always looking for skilled horsemen and it’s getting hard to recruit in America because everyone’s gone trans. So yes, Mongolia’s a recruiting ground. What will this look like in the upcoming war with China?

    Good question. Fast, insanely aggressive troops of mongols mounted on Llamas(?) harrying the PLA? As the ChiCom navy’s detoured into attacking redundant LCS, only to be destroyed by demothballed battleships?

    Well, you get the picture and the DLC’s in it, for victory.

    • Take talent where you find it. But maybe stick to horse cavalry rather than going to camels?

  5. Not surprised Japan has gone to the Indonesians since they sure can’t trust Joe. I bet the Vietnamese and Filipinos are getting nervous as well.

    • The Vietnamese have a hope of not being invaded. The Filipinos have been bought for a long time. I have stories….Suffice to say that they sold their national soul

  6. I will eventually get the J&J shot, since it is actually a vaccine, AFAICT.
    Indeed, it will likely become a requirement of my employment at some point.

    I am probably one of the most ardent US hawks and interventionists most might ever meet, but I see absolutely zero reason for us to send troops to Mozambique (seriously, Mozambique!) to bail out French and Italian oil (and some other natural-resource-extraction… gems, IIRC?) companies that have plenty of their own money, and are located in nations with quite sufficient militaries of their own.

    A reasonably intelligent child could have told those morons that they would need a good, solid, military force in place WELL BEFORE starting extraction operations in that garbage dump. Trying to prop up the Mozamiquan “military” with some B-team Wagner thugs does not count by a long shot.

    Mozambique was a hopeless hellscape long before the Portugese got there, long before RENAMO tuned it into one of the best realizations of Lord of the Flies as-a-government-and-national-identity yet seen, still is after the surviving RENAMO kids got too old to really enjoy raping people to death and then eating them and settled down, and by all sane projections always will be. We have natural resources aplenty here at home, there is no excuse whatsoever for going to one of the very worse places on earth so somebody else can make money getting something we don’t need.


  7. Do the Chinese expect the Biden’s to stay bought now they have access to the USA Treasury?

    Though far, very far, from an expert on these matters, China’s neighbors forming alliances to do what the SloJo conspirators will fail to do is a good thing, IMO.

    • I don’t know of anyone who bribed a public official who doesn’t harbor the hope that they will stay bought. With Slow Joe eating checkers, thinking that they’re Oreos…well. He may forget that he has been bought.

  8. Kle I have an article somewhere that says the J and J shot is not a true vaccine. Just more like a vaccine. I will look for it.
    No shot for me and mine. As I have written before ivermectin and vitamins for me , hey it’s worked so far.

    • Could be.

      I would never tell anybody they need, or ought, to get the shot.

      Like I say though, I want to stay employed. I could get a different job, but I really love this one.

  9. Meh, got the shots through the VA, I’m done and they were free. Based on my ‘reactions’ to the first and second shots, per the doc, I’d probably had the WuFlu early last year (3 weeks of feeling like crap), and the ‘saving grace’ was probably all the shots I got over the years in the military. Ironically, of our group, Lawdog and I were the only two that DIDN’T get it when the rest of the group did a month or so ago.

    Re the Mongols… Think Genghis Kahn with an attitude and better weapons! What’s not to like? 🙂

  10. “Refusing to get the vaccine”, how the MSM and other mental midgets describe those who wish to not get a vaccine. Like saying “refusing to buy a gallon of milk” as if everyone who does not buy a gallon of milk is a subversive.

    Who the hell died and left these jerks boss over our lives? They did. No vax for us.

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