Another Ebola Rant

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Does Barack read his daily briefings on the ebola threat? Don’t bet your
life on it.
However if you’re going to give him a lot of money, he’ll hop
a taxpayer funded airplane to fly and collect the check.

I’ve heard a lot of first-hand chatter from health officials about ebola. Most of them think that the US is being exceptionally reckless. You get a different spin outside of the US than you do from the mainstream media, and people are concerned.

It’s true that the ebola scare may blow over. It’s also possible that it will not. The Spanish Flu in the early part of the last century killed 10% of the people who contracted it – and it came to the US on passenger ships…just saying.

  1. Screening at a US port of entry is stupid. By the time they’ve been flying on an airplane with 350 other people, an ebola victim has infected all of them (potentially) and the airplane has to be parked somewhere remote. Everybody screening them has to be quarantined as well.
  2. Where does the US plan to house people who are being quarantined for 21 days? And once those domiciles are potentially infected, are you going to move other (potentially healthy quarantined people) in with them? How do you plan to feed isolated people with ebola? We know from the Spanish situation that even washing down suits in a “clean zone” can infect you with lethal ebola?
  3. This isn’t small pox, for which there is an inoculation. Ebola has been around a long time and it wipes out regions in Africa periodically. Now with globalized travel it is becoming a serious international health issue. — despite Barack’s assurance that all is well and “remain calm”. This isn’t a racial thing. Yes, ebola grows and mutates in Africa, but it kills 60% of the healthy people with great healthcare that it infects.
Ebola isn’t some Islamic movement that we can bomb back into the stone age…wait, they’re living in the stone age…bomb to receive 72 black eye’d virgins. Yes, I know, Barack maintains stridently the Islamic State of Syria and the Levant is not an Islamic movement or caliphate. But as bad as it is, it’s not ebola.

Riding on an airplane for 10 hours, even if I wear a cotton mask, if somebody on the plane has ebola, I’m technically a casualty and may die from the exposure of circulated air. If they vomit or deficate, it’s even worse. They can get on an airplane with a mild fever and end up bleeding from the eyes as their guts liquify, puking their stomach contents all over the airplane by the time they land.

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  1. Cleaning the aircraft literally means almost complete disassembly of the entire cabin in a "hot zone" environment and then reassembly in a "cold zone" while wearing hot zone level protection. AND would you want to fly on an airplane that had been contaminated in the past given the apparent effectiveness of decontamination?

  2. It will end commercial passenger travel worldwide until the problem is resolved in the dim and distant future. It will also end a lot of other commercial ventures. It can crash the planet.

  3. Since we're all human, the doctors probably won't be able to contain it. The doctors will probably keep making mistakes & then it will just spread wildly. I mean honestly, a few people from the US have been infected on duty, so it's going to spread wildly unless they just do it more 'CAREFULLY'

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