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Has President Obama read ANY of his “National Intelligence Daily” briefings? We know that the CIA shows up every day and shares with some of his highly cleared political minions like Valerie Jarrett, a Chicago hack (and lawyer) that has clung to Barack like a limpet – because there’s no other job that she’s qualified to do, with the exception of Attorney General of the United States by virtue of her law degree. Is she as qualified as Eric Holder was? Sure, she’s African-American.

Apparently he picks and chooses and asks his staff to distill issues that he’s interested in – a one page summary or a few sentences over coffee. Don’t worry. He won’t miss a fund raiser. You needn’t concern yourself with THAT.
Will anyone outside of Obama’s political inner circle kiss the ring if the Democratic Party loses Congress in this next election cycle?
Apparently former CIA Director and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta won’t…because he’s telling tales out of school. Leon is a Clinton minion who was selected to serve Obama based on party credentials — and the party is shifting away from the demi-Muslim (and would-be Pope) toward other possibilities that Hillary Clinton is pushing for completely self-serving reasons.
Where is the mainstream media in all of this? I’ve heard that they are breaking ranks with Barack but I’ve seen very little sign of it. There is more truth in the British tabloids than there is in the staunchly liberal US mainstream media, a wholly owned asset of the Democratic Party.
Things have deteriorated to the point in the White House where the party machine is sending Michelle Obama (the bitter angel) out to stump in the president’s place – because she is apparently polling better than her husband. Frankly I don’t get it, but there is a great deal that makes very little sense to me – including the general ignorance of the American electorate.
Replacing Barack with Hillary is much like replacing one entitled, ignorant, wicked, amoral elitist with another. And people thought that President George W. Bush was an elitist…yeah sure, he was a piker next to Barack and Hillary. 
Vice President Biden is posturing himself as the alternative to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential race. My sense is that he will say that he’ll keep up what he’s started with Barack in the hope that nobody will want to change horses in mid-stream (Wag the Dog), and will work to springboard on Barack Obama’s popularity as the great black hope.

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  1. "Replacing Barack with Hillary is much like replacing one entitled, ignorant, wicked, amoral elitist with another."

    Might have to quote you…

  2. there are A LOT of uninformed voters and misguided souls out there…
    including the 2,036,466 that like fb Ready for Hillary, and the 19 that like fb Biden for President…

  3. I need to "like" Biden to keep him encouraged. 20 potential votes nationwide may sound better to him than 19…

  4. Australia would be a nice place to live – but the politicians are REALLY liberal. Really Really.

  5. A P-3C flew over me today. I thought that they were all being retired, but the venerable ladies are still up there.

    There is no new frontier.

  6. This is sick propaganda. You may want to look at actual data. And if you were a soldier as you say how have the Republicans been looking out for you? Benefits? Decent hospitals? On…how about head of commission even sitting through a meeting? Wake up!

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