The Attack Dog: Rahm Emanuel

His bio isn’t all that different from his colleague, David Axelrod’s. Both started their careers in machine politics working for Mayor Richard Dailey in Chicago. On one occasion when a pollster made Rahm Emanuel mad, Emanuel sent him a dead fish… which makes him a classical Chicago politician. If you say something he doesn’t like, he wants you to “sleep with the fishes.” He also sat on the board of Freddie Mac, but takes no responsibility for mortgage failures even though he is joined at the hip with Dear Leader and David Axelrod.
He claims to be a devout Jew, but pushes Dear Leader in a direction that would push Israel in the position of being hit by nuclear weapons from Iran or striking Iranian nuclear facilities first. Both situations would be devastating to the world’s economies.
Rahn Emanuel was clever enough to endear himself to the Chicago Political Machine, ruthless enough to prove himself to them, and is more or less as ambitious as Satan. (I think he’d agree with all those comments) He’s not a fool by any stretch – but the overarching question is whether or not he’s good for America. (I haven’t discussed his brothers: Hollywood Agent and Mad Scientist)
I often wonder whether Rahm Emanuel is President of the United States or whether Dear Leader is. When it comes to gray matter, Emanuel certainly comes out on top. Dear Leader needs the adulation of the masses. Emanuel does not.