Obama on the Fence

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It’s interesting to watch the news clips of ISIS members taking a sledge hammer to the tomb of a prophet of Islam, with enthusiasm and energy. When I see that, I think of the same sort of fanatic, frenzied determination that the progressives have had in their efforts to “fundamentally transform America”.

No argument has been as absurd as whether or not we should put a fence long the US Border with Mexico. The Republican assertion that all negations on the status of illegal aliens can only begin with a genuine border barrier makes sense. Obama calls a fence, ‘racial prejudice’. 

4 thoughts on “Obama on the Fence

  1. I can't even laugh about this any more…
    there are enough boomer retirees to man the border, we could build a motor home wall, decrease aid to Mexico by $1,000 for every illegal that crosses….

  2. The boomer retirees are likely to take their jobs seriously and keep the potential Democratic Party voters from crossing. The Obama Administration is unlikely to pursue that option.

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