Identify the Aircraft


Countries having self-lauched satellites


Life Expectancy in South Africa


The Hatfield clan “culturally known for the Hatfield-McCoy dispute” in 1897.


Canceling Math is Progressive

When you think about it, math (until now) has been a gender and race free subject, unlike social sciences/grievance studies, etc.

2+2=4 wasn’t a statement of racial and gender grievance, but when you’re unable to grasp that 2+2=4, it sets you beneath others who understand it. Thus it must be destroyed in sort of a Lord of the Flies orgy.

With the exception of spending another $3 trillion on bullshit. That’s a progressive number when you get the skim off it. (you hire somebody that can count beyond twenty fingers and toes – or 21 fingers and toes in the case of some democrats)


Bull Chief

Bull Chief, an Indian warrior, from the Apsaroke tribe. The photo was taken in 1908 by Edward S. Curtis. Can you imagine what would happen if he showed up at the capitol today… they’d lock him up and throw away the key.




      • The German populus, especially the Jews, did not fix the rings and guns problem… the Allies did. As a nation, we cannot let it come to that, as no one is coming to be our deliverance.

        • There is no new frontier. There are no friends to save us. There is only us.

          And if we fall, God help the world.

  1. RAF Typhoon FGR4??

    The Hatfields and McCoys made for some good music though.

    I feel better about cancelling math since I never learned all my multiplication tables (really!)

    Why is life expectancy in Africa going down? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Heard a clip of an articulate mom dressing down the idiots that scrapped AP math. They don’t care, yet appear immune to consequence…until the public schools have no kids to teach.

    • When my four girls were small, I enrolled them in an “alternative school” within the district, that acted within more traditional means, with a focus on reading, writing, math and history. By the time they were of an age, there was a Junior High that had been cast as an “alternative Jr. High”. So they went there. I think that charter schools have filled that void today.

      • Government run schools, operated by the town and overseen by parents, used to give out a Bible. That ended in the early 60’s, if I recall, due to the oft incorrectly used “separation of church and state”. Been downhill ever since. The Liberal Left will demand ‘x’ regardless of merit or truth, then justify ‘y’ that is designed to undermine the good.

  3. i know an actual hatfield and yes, a real McCoy. they are great friends, tho they rib each other incessantly. were in the same unit together, great troopers.

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