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Yes, things are nuts politically. 

We now know that the Clinton Foundation used charitable funds to pay for Chelsea’s $3 million wedding that the Obamas were not invited to. I have speculated that the First Family were likely to steal the silverware – and Wikileaks suggests that might have been the case. Michelle has been known to walk off with silver forks and spoons jingling in her purse.

Is that an appropriate use of charitable funds? It is if charity begins at home. The IRS regs will be set aside if Hillary is elected. That’s true of most laws these days — but only if you write a large enough check – or deliver the cash in a large trash bag. The Clintons aren’t picky.
FBI Director Comey sold out (again) and one can only hope that he got more money from this sell out than he did for the last one. I swear, the FBI doesn’t stay bought for very long.
->  Breaking news (tomorrow on this blog) regarding a rumor of Comey’s replacement should Clinton win the election on Tuesday.

The Clinton maid story has been more like dog bites man than the other way around. It’s not getting a lot of traction with anyone outside of bloggers or the NY Post. The question better put is who DIDN’T have access to the classified information at the Clinton residence. The Chinese and the Russians clearly had access to the server (likely so did the Israelis who like to keep tabs on things).

Human Interest Segment

This one goes out to Murphy’s Law down in New Orleans.

14 thoughts on “Amid all the Madness

  1. Sigh. Belle would be on the furniture like that, for sure. But Murphy's the food stealer. Asshole dog actually tried to nail my kebab on Friday when I was on the phone talking to his vet about getting some medicine to treat his ear infection. What kind of disloyalty is THAT?

  2. Rep. Steve King says Congress has all 650,000 Weiner emails. If true, I guess someone in the FBI/NYPD is really pissed.

  3. It will make for interesting hearings. With luck the criminal case will go forward under a Trump Administration and people will be held to account.

  4. He cleared Hillary.

    Then he re-opened the investigation with the emergence of 650,000 e-mails.

    The FBI took custody of the computer (but not before NYPD mirrored the drive) and he declared that Hillary is clear again…likely a couple of big pay-days for Comey in 2016.

    ….but not before NYPD hands the e-mail to Congress – curses, foiled again.

    Kabuki theater at its finest. No novelist could write this stuff and be believed.

  5. The Clinton impeachment will go forward if she is elected. The Clinton trial will go forward if she fails to be elected.

    It's like a persistent rash.

  6. I'm sure that there are a lot more Clinton scandals to come – even beyond Podesta's pact with Satan and the sex island where the happy couple goes on vacation. We need them gone. Once and for all, take that unpleasant duo and let them live out their days in fear for their lives.

  7. Haha. Thank you for this little bit of humor, LL!

    I am so disappointed with Comey and the FBI. And with so many others!

    Be safe and God bless us all.

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