Alvin Greene’s Primary Win due to RACISM?

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The Los Angeles Times (CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY) fielded a piece today that deserves exploration. It deserves to be read in its entirety but due to fair use and copyright, I’m only going to pull a few excerpts here for your consideration.

Scroll down on this blog to earlier posts this month if you don’t know who Alvin Greene is, or what’s going on with his primary win as the Democratic nominee for US Senate in November.

In a nut shell, last week, voters in South Carolina’s Democratic primary for U.S. Senate selected a politically unknown 32-year-old unemployed man who is almost incoherent in TV interviews and is facing felony obscenity charges for allegedly flashing pornography at a University of South Carolina student. There are plenty of videos in the previous posts. Essentially, Greene can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. There are other politicians on Capitol Hill who can’t either and they enjoyed long and distinguished careers in politics — but Greene may be too much of a cretin to even follow in those footsteps.

House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) has been fronting a conspiracy theory that Greene is a Republican plant — LA Times wrote,

“The theory goes that he was recruited by GOP operatives who wanted to ensure a clear field in the general election for incumbent Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.). That’s not implausible; it’s unclear how the destitute Greene, who collects unemployment checks and lives with his father, came up with the $10,400 needed to file for the ballot, and GOP operatives are frequently accused of exploiting racial splits in the state’s Democratic Party by helping black candidates run against white front-runners. Greene is black, while his Democratic primary opponent, former judge and state lawmaker Vic Rawl, is white.”

Is it an issue of race?

More from the LA Times: “South Carolina’s white conservative political elite wastes few opportunities to reveal shockingly antebellum racial attitudes, such as the time last year when the former chairman of the state’s Elections Commission posted a comment on Facebook likening First Lady Michelle Obama to an escaped zoo gorilla, or the op-ed in an Orangeburg newspaper written by two former Republican Party county chairmen suggesting that DeMint was as parsimonious with taxpayer money as a wealthy Jew. Or the comment from state Sen. Jake Knotts, who earlier this month said of GOP gubernatorial candidate Haley (who is of Sikh ancestry), “We already got one raghead in the White House, we don’t need a raghead in the governor’s mansion.” We could go on, but we’ve got space constraints.

And now to get to the point that the LA Times is trying to make: 

…it would hardly be surprising if some black voters put racial identity ahead of a candidate’s qualifications…and if nothing else, the travesty of Greene’s election shows that some interracial bridge building is overdue in the Palmetto State.

I think the LA Times, liberal rag that it is, hit the nail on the head. Black voters voted on the basis of race over any qualifications the candidate might have. The barack hussein obama presidency isn’t a referendum on race, but he made race a big part of his candidacy, playing on white guilt and black pride (even though he’s half white) to edge John McCain, a white liberal Republican.

In the end, angry black politicians such as James Clyburn (D-SC) may have to accept that it was BLATANT racism that propelled Alvin Greene to be his party’s choice for the US Senate.

5 thoughts on “Alvin Greene’s Primary Win due to RACISM?

  1. It sounds like the L.A. Times thinks we should be forced to love our fellow man. You do know we're incapable of doing it on our own.

  2. Perhaps the other candidate was so objectionable, voters would have cast their ballots for a flightless bird with hairy wings.

  3. Another typical 0bama speech that was a total a waste of my time and of airtime.
    I watched it until he got into his REAL agenda, , using another disaster to push his Cap and Trade BS
    But to the average Liberal Leftist Idiots who voted for him, he was "wonderful".
    For 58 days now, the (real) American People have watched in horror as a ocean of black oil has been pouring out of A-hole under our ocean and all we hear is threats and more threats!.

    But no, he wants to “Kick Ass” as his new adviser Spike Lee told him to do. Talk “Street Talk” as Spike Lee suggested. I guess that he intends to make this Disaster go away as he made terrorism go away.
    After about 5-8 minutes, I switched channels and watched a GOOD ballgame and the Yankees beat the Phillies and Roy Halladay.
    And George Bush had nothing to do with the way Halladay pitched or why the Phillies lost.

  4. Odie – All liberals think we should be forced to do what they think best. Therein remains the problem.

  5. I don't think he can chew gum without hurting himself, let alone walk to. Poor guy, kinda feel sorry for him.

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