Fiscal Cliff=Obama Victory

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The term “fiscal cliff” refers to the effect of a number of laws that (if unchanged) will result in tax increases, spending cuts, and a corresponding reduction in the US budget deficit beginning in 2013. The deficit — the difference between what the government takes in and what it spends — is expected to be reduced by roughly half in 2013. That sharp reduction in the deficit is the cliff. The Congressional Budget Office projects that the tax increase will lead to a recession in 2013.
The legal triggers that constitute the fiscal cliff give President Obama precisely what he wants:
  • A massive cut to the Department of Defense that he was unlikely to get from even the Democratic Party faithful in Congress.
  • Massive tax increases across the board.
  • The ability to spend (rampantly) on programs that he feels are necessary to “fundamentally transform America”.
No, Obama doesn’t have ANY interest in ANY deal with the Republicans. He is getting precisely what he wants by doing nothing and letting taxes rise. Is there any thinking person in America who believes that the Obama Administration cares one whit about Unemployment except that it’s good for the President? He spends money from the workers to pay benefits to the unemployed and the number of people receiving food stamps and welfare blossoms like a rose.  Remember that he was elected by giving people stuff that he got/stole from others. This simply expands the “bread and circus” trend.
And the public will blame REPUBLICANS for their misery, which puts no pressure on President Obama to do anything but continue with his plans to spend December 17-January 6 vacationing in Hawaii with his staff and cronies.
Fifty-seven percent of those questioned in the Washington Post/Pew Research Center poll say they understand “very well or fairly well” what would happen in January if the automatic spending cuts and tax increases go into effect. Nearly two-thirds say such spending cuts and tax increases would have a major effect on the country’s economy, and 84% say those effects would be mostly negative. 
Forty-three percent say if the country falls off the fiscal cliff, it would have a major impact on their personal financial situation, with 35% saying there would just be a minor effect. (CNN)

All of that anger at Republicans — no, I don’t think that Obama will do much besides lounging poolside in Oahu and laughing at America.

This was a political speech – rambling on promising a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage that people didn’t have to pay for. It was all hogwash. But America slurped down every bite and decided that they weren’t eating sewage. America needs to embrace yet one more recession in ourlongest period of ‘recession/depression’ in American history – the legacy of the ObamaNation. Savor the feel of 2013 and know that 10 or even 15 percent unemployment simply builds a bigger base of Democratic Party voters who are dependent on the government for their livelihood.

It’s not a new concept:

“No one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal. He would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be?”
– George Orwell, Animal Farm
“It had become usual to give Napoleon the credit for every successful achievement and every stroke of good fortune. You would often hear one hen remark to another, ‘Under the guidance of our Leader, Comrade Napoleon, I have laid five eggs in six days’; or two cows, enjoying a drink at the pool, would exclaim, ‘Thanks to the leadership of Comrade Napoleon, how excellent this water tastes!'”…”Reading out the figures in a shrill, rapid voice, he proved to them in detail that they had more oats, more hay, more turnips than they had had in Jones’s day, that they worked shorter hours, that their drinking water was of better quality, that they lived longer, that a larger proportion of their young ones survived infancy, and that they had more straw in their stalls and suffered less from fleas.”
– George Orwell, Animal Farm
The only thing that George Orwell missed was MSNBC. He could have written those curs into each of his books and they would have fit in perfectly.

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  1. Do you have anything you can take for your fucking SENILITY? Good God… what a complete fucking MORON…
    I'm extremely sick and tired of the name calling and game playing that those Hypocrite Republicans, these extreme wingnut right lunatics have been doing. . They were in power for eight years and through their recklessness caused a recession that they are blaming our current president for,. The throw hissyfits whenever Obama tries to clean up the mess that Bush left us. They stand in the way of everything Obama tries to do, no matter how reasonable it may be. And I’m sick of these sons of bitches, all of them.
    So just STFU and get out of the way.

  2. Question man is cutting and pasting. He tried to post the exact same drivel on my blog this morning.

  3. Well said, and yeah, now the leash is off; they'll do what EVER they want for the next four years… America be damned…

  4. There are a LOT of Americans who died fighting external enemies – and here we are, under the yoke.

  5. He's a Canadian, which gives him huge standing with me in regard his opinion of American politics. Foolish little troll.

  6. Obama will be making Democratic Party voters the old fashioned way – by impoverishing the Middle Class and trying to make them dependent.

  7. His approach is typical of the general ignorance displayed by liberals. And you're right, his Canadian nationality is amusing.

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