This might be the perfect breakfast sandwich:


Food from China

I avoid it. They’ve been far more clever lately, “truth in advertising” on the package is stretched to the limit. Food originating somewhere else and processed in China is food from China. I always suspect its purity.

Food in China

Despite my careful inspection of labels, I love Chinese-style cooking and search diligently for Chinese food in the US. Having knocked around the Worker’s Paradise off and on for over twenty years, I’ve eaten food in China. Some of it would gag a maggot. Some of it is maggots. Some dishes are quite good.

Water buffalo is NOT beef. I don’t like finding a pigeon head in my soup, though I’ve heard that it’s good luck. I recall having baby scorpions (dead) in a rice dish in Shanghai. They weren’t bad, to be fair. But my general inclination is to pass on the bugs.

There is some really excellent Chinese-style cooking in the US. I don’t avoid it at all. Most of the ingredients are locally sourced. They are not shipped from the PRC.


Is China Joe, China’s Ho?

Fox News has reported another article to add to the pile of Joe Biden’s shady dealings with foreign superpowers for personal gain.

We know about Hunter Biden leveraging his father’s name for special treatment in China and Ukraine.

Americans remember Biden using Air Force 2 as his personal Brinks Truck, bringing Hunter along to close personal deals on taxpayer fuel and resources.

What many may not know about is the Biden Center that operates out of the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn).

Slow Joe nominated Amy Gutmann, the president of UPenn, to be the next US ambassador to Germany.

The Biden Center has been largely paid for by donations from China.

Between 2013 and last year, the university allegedly received tens of millions in undisclosed donations from China, according to the National Legal and Policy Center, a conservative-leaning public ethics group. And the dollar totals dramatically increased after the school opened its Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement.

The NLPC filed a complaint against UPenn last year, alleging $22 million in “anonymous” donations from the country for the Biden Center and $70 million from China in total.

Chinese donations for the Biden Center increased by nearly 400% the same year he announced his bid for President. The Biden Center opened in March 2017, about a year before Biden announced his 2020 presidential campaign. If you ask me what the difference is between Hillary jet-setting on the taxpayer’s dime, raking in billions for the Clinton Global Initiative, and the Biden Crime Family’s activities, in all fairness, there isn’t much. Clinton, or Biden, same general scam.


More from the Biden Crime Family

(Link) Hunter Biden memos on a laptop recovered by the FBI directly conflict with the congressional testimony of two key executives at a Democrat-connected firm who asserted they did not deal with the current president’s son while working for a Ukrainian energy firm where the younger Biden served on the board.

The questions about the testimony from Blue Star Strategies officials come as the Justice Department is reportedly investigating whether the firm violated the Foreign Agent Registration Act with its work contacting federal officials on behalf of the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma Holdings.

If you’re interested, follow the link to the article. It’s interesting, not surprising in the least. Will the US Justice Department follow the breadcrumbs back to Slow Joe and will that lead to impeachment for ‘high crimes?’ Don’t hold your breath.

Where is the Durham Report? Buried deep, no doubt.


Fear no Beer

After the invasion of Normandy, troops were in dire need of supplies. Although necessities were getting through, luxury items were not even on the list of things being considered. By luxuries we mean beer. An English brewing company by the name of Heneger and Constable offered free beer to the troops that just fought in Normandy. With the war in full swing, the only problem, and a major one, was getting it between the two places.

Since Spitfire Mk IX’s had pylons located under their wings, it didn’t take long for some creative minds to rig them and be able to attach beer kegs to them. External fuel tanks were also cleaned and filled with beer as well. The best part was that when these courier pilots landed, the beer was ready to drink. At cruise altitude, the beer was chilled by the outside air so as soon as the plane landed, it was time for a pint even if the sun wasn’t over the yardarm yet.


Have a Splendid Weekend


A Parting Shot


  1. Turner’s Army Surplus on I-30 just west of Texarkana has an F-111. Exit 113 in Hooks, TX if you wanna lookit up on Google maps.

    • Can we get it into the air? There is a long military runway that is rarely used, and it’s about an hour’s drive from the White Wolf Mine.

      • I have no clue. The goddam army paid me to walk around in circles for a living, not inspect aircraft, but, I suspect with enough money, ’cause you know that’s gonna be one hell of an expensive annual inspection, maybe. Probably need new engines, tires and armadillo evictions. On the other hand, with I-30 being so close, you’d just have to cut the fence and taxi about a hundred yards and a-way you go.

        You could land at LSP’s place for coffee and kolache on the way home. Win-win!

  2. My impression of Slo Jo is that he’s anybody’s punch for a dollar.

    Been that way for 40 years. anyways.

    That sandwich does look good!
    There might be a nit of a height problem, and I could do with a few less layers of bread, but good!

    Are you a fancier of the Loco Moco when in Hawaii, LL?

    • No, I can’t do Loco Moco. I’ve tried it, but the Hawaiians tend to make it greasier than I enjoy it. I’ve heard that it will cure a hangover.

    • I’d try it if I was going to the Big Island, based on your recommendation alone. But it’s unlikely that I’m going there anytime soon. I’ll be on Oahu later in the year. Any recommendations there?

      • I had it somewhere in Honolulu years ago and liked it, but I have a high tolerance for grease.


  3. Glad I haven’t held my breath these elite grifter criminals going to prison…nothing but a load of manure wagon obfuscation, outright evidence destruction, and “reporter” pandering. Tried to pin their crap on Trump, his family, and associates. Their reprobate mentality was in full swing, never once putting an actual gracious and intelligent former model on any mag cover yet fawn all over Camel-ahss weirdo metrosexual step-daughter as if she/it/Z is the next fashion wunderkind. Gag. Pelosi’s latest unconstitutional CapPol scheme is pure projection, like Jan 6th, the fence, etc. When Joe has an aneurism at some micro-presser from too many drugs keeping him semi-coherant, then what? I won’t be sad.

    Beer: Talk about getting creative. As Keith pointed out in a comment yesterday, beer is important to survival, just ask that rancher if it should be in your back-country EDC.

    Agreed on the b-fast sandwich…all the right food groups in one. Add black coffee…epic start to the day.

  4. Count me in on the sandwich.

    We do some of our shopping at Winco, but do not buy pork there. The brand is Smithfield, bought by WH Group in 2013, formerly known as Shuanghui International.

    Cold beer. Here is a similar story about ice cream, at the 10:25 mark. Likely I have posted this here before. Do watch the whole story.

  5. If I can’t pick it up in my hands and bite it, top and bottom, it’s art not a sandwich. But that’s me…

    • I’m with you, Rob. If I have to be able to unhinge my jaws like a snake to get just one bite into my mouth, the cook needs to be walloped about the head the shoulders with a large, stinky cod.

  6. Sausage Mc Wrangler: Large sausage patty w/cheese, scrambled eggs on top, between toasted English muffler halves. You can add bacon and lettuce & tomato. I guess you could put mayo on the mufflers but I like peanut butter and hot taco sauce.

    • A long-ago girlfriend used to make me an egg-and-sausage sandwich for lunch. Didn’t care for cheese on it, but a big sausage patty, the egg fried in the sausage grease, on nice, toasty Kaiser roll, and I was set for lunch!

  7. That “breakfast” sandwich would be 2+ meals for me!

    The one “Chinese” place we like here, “The HuHot Mongolian Grill”, uses as many locally-sourced ingredients as they can. And it’s excellent! Don’t know about the other “Chinese” places here, but so far every one we’ve gone to has been a “One-And-Done” dining affair. I rarely gripe about the food to the staff; I just never go back, and give my opinion about the place to friends if asked. Some of the “highly-rated” places here are no better than a Panda Express, and usually worse. Sure wish we had a “Pick Up Stix” here. The one in Long Beach was great. Spent too much time in L.A., I guess. Never thought I’d turn into a “food snob”.

    Geez…we buy trillions of dollars worth of chinesium products, and they take that money and give it back in bribes and “donations”. I guess it’s nice work if you can get it, but it still stinks. Tony Soprano would do a much better job of it…..

    I vaguely remember reading about the Spitfire’s use as a beer truck. Found it quite amusing and creative.

    • If you are having beer delivered – you know that it will taste better if it’s being delivered by a Spitfire.

    • We like Young’s Vietnamese, consistently great food over the 20 years we’ve patronized their establishment. Not Chinese, but worth a try.

      • Thanks, Paul. We went to a little Mexican place in Olde Towne and were disappointed. We kept walking past Lulu’s Asian Bistro, and the aroma coming out makes my mouth water, so I think we’ll try them next. I’ve never had Vietnamese food, so I’ll have to peruse the menu at Young’s, but I’ve been past it many times, and it gets very good reviews.

        Just checked the menu, and they have things I recognize. We’ll give them a try.

  8. Xiden is China’s puppet. They have their hands so far up his ass they are moving his lips… Re the beer jugs, there is or was a Spit in the museum in England with a pair of kegs suspended on the hard points…

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