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Bullet Points:

* The Ukraine Immigration Problem in the UK –  Unfortunately there is no free lunch – anywhere, ever.

* Russia – Vladimir Putin will not hold a year-end press conference for the first time in at least a decade, in what Kremlin watchers view as a break with protocol due to his war in Ukraine. The marathon press conferences are traditionally an occasion for the Russian president to burnish his image, a campy spectacle that allows Putin to play the populist on national television each December. On Monday, the Kremlin announced it would not be holding the press conference this year. There would also be no new year reception at the Kremlin, officials said, possibly a decision influenced by the reluctance to celebrate because Russia’s war in Ukraine has not gone to plan.

* Never make snow angels in a dog park.

* Old Ammo – Earlier this month, Avril Haines, the director of national intelligence, told a gathering of U.S. officials in California that Russia was using up ammunition at a “really pretty extraordinary” rate and faster than its own defense industry could replace it, according to NBC News. Even at the beginning of the war, when Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion on Feb. 24, his forces have at times used aging rockets and shells despite the risks of ammunition built as long ago as 40 years. Degraded ammunition can injure or kill troops who fire it. “You load the ammunition and you cross your fingers and hope it’s going to fire, or when it lands that it’s going to explode,” the official said.

* The handwriting is on the wall… (h/t Frank) This is sort of a public service announcement.

* Twitter has ‘stopped paying rent on San Francisco offices as Elon Musk considers NOT paying severance to axed employees’.  Musk plans to move Twitter out of San Francisco and California.  He is now cleaning out Twitter HQ by auctioning off ‘woke‘ office supplies, such as a massive Twitter bird statue and other thousand-dollar items starting at $25.  The items from the San Francisco office include valuable luxury items, such as a $20,000 espresso machine, a $10,000 vegetable dryer, and a $17,000 braising pan. An ‘@’ shaped planter is also up for grabs, along with chairs, tables, and kegs.


17 thoughts on “Afternoon Blog

  1. Never done Twitter, never cared to learn much about it. However, if it pisses off (P)regressives it may be time to change.

    1. I think that Twitter is an even bigger time waster than blogging is. That said, you can glean interesting perspectives from time to time.

  2. in re “The Ukraine Immigration Problem in the UK”
    They (the people of the UK) are extremely good-natured; would they be willing to take half of our 50 million recent “immigrants” from all corners of the globe, but mostly North and Central America?
    I can assure them, it will add greatly to their diversity.

    1. I’m sure that we could ship them over BUT:

      – They will be the new and less expensive American workforce.
      – They will be the great uniparty hope.

  3. I think how their old ammo was stored has a bearing on it, too. And if the As-Manufactured “Quality” is as good as some of their other equipment, then they’re really in a bind.

    I have a “Ready, AIM, Fire” sign over the toilet in the basement bathroom.

    Not paying severance? Interesting….

    1. The Russians have a tiger by the tail and as they approach the conclusion of the first year of the Russo-Ukrainian War, they have very little to show on the plus side and a massive list of negatives. If they can hold onto what they’ve captured which is now mostly ravaged by war, maybe it will pay off in 20 or 30 years (maybe). The old artillery shells and rockets are being supplemented by North Korean stores that are just as old.

  4. Appears Twitter was one big modern hipster hippie compound with far too much reach. That’s what happens when media tech gets involved with government. They were owned…you can tell by the titles of some of these nitwits, “Executive Director of Non-Offensive Gender Neutral Pronoun Oversight”. The Dems just lost one platform, no wonder Biden is sending the goon squad after Musk. And people think this is work. Now it will be turned into what it was supposed to be…without all the idiocy.

    I can picture Musk walking around putting price tags and auction numbers on the nonessentials. Wonder what the heavily used safe space stuffed animals will sell for? Hahahah

    1. You don’t seem to be in the market for the auctioned items (which include crying towels in the safe spaces).

      1. If we could grease the tracks of our tanks with the guts of those stuffed animals, they might be of some use after all.

        1. LL- No, I have just the right number of use countertop appliances, don’t like standing desks unless it’s a drafting table, think ball “chairs” are hippy-level weird, and I’d need to powerwash the snot out of the soft items and let them bake in the sun before I’d even let them into the barn let alone the house. The things the over-educated weak-minded do to appease their inner child while calling it “work”. Geez.

  5. Musk has muttered that he’d have pulled out all of his companies from California due to malfeasance by politicians in California.

    Guess Twitter, because there’s no real infrastructure, would be easily relocatable. Serves all the leftist Twit employees right for all the evil they’ve done in the last 7 years. Serves all the Cali politicos that have been feeding off the Twitter trough.

    1. I know that Musk’s people have looked at commercial real estate in the Phoenix area (locally referred to as “the Valley”) for a new headquarters. I have no insight into where they’re going to end up.

    1. I don’t know why they would want to dehydrate fruits and vegetables at Twitter HQ. Maybe the machine had therapeutic value for the fruits and nuts who worked there?

      1. Ronco Model 2200, $149.95 plus S&H…and they’ll throw in 3 extra drying trays and a Pocket Fisherman at no charge….but only if you act NOW.

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