Sighted Sub

(Daily Mail – UK) The Royal Navy shadowed two surfaced Russian subs in the North Sea after ‘tracking’ them during a mission off Norway. HMS Portland shadowed the Russian SSGN Severodvinsk (Yasen Class) and SSN Vepr (Akula Class).

The unanswered question remains: Did the British Navy know they were there before they surfaced? The submarines surfaced separately in the North Sea, northwest of Bergen, Norway, on July 16 and 19. Bergen is home to Norway’s main naval base, the Haakonsvern.

The subs are en route from their home bases on the Kola Peninsula to St. Petersburg where they together with the Northern Fleet warship “Severomorsk” will take part in the Navy Day Parade on July 31.


MI-6 Speaks

Yesterday, the head of MI6 said Russian President Vladimir Putin had suffered an ‘epic fail’ in Ukraine and his forces may have to ‘pause’ in the coming weeks.

Richard Moore, the chief of the UK Secret Intelligence Service, said the war was ‘obviously not over’ but the Russian invaders may be starting to run out of steam.

With winter coming and the pressure on gas supplies, ‘we are in for a tough time’, according to Mr. Moore, who believes a Ukrainian fightback could spread benefits across Europe.

Mr. Moore also said there is no evidence that Mr. Putin is suffering from serious ill health and that going into the invasion ‘the reality of what they were about to encounter was just not being briefed up’ to the Russian leader.


Bullet Points

* CNN Poll: 79% of Americans say the U.S. is doing “pretty or very badly” and 62% disapproved of the job Biden is doing as president. That comes after another recent poll shows most Americans are struggling to make ends meet because of inflation. Given the undersampling that CNN is known for, they’re bad numbers for the donkeys.

* Monkeypox is spreading, if you had any plans to attend a gay orgy in the next couple of months maybe postpone it.

* Unscientific Poll – do you prefer to take a bath or a shower? (trivia – there is only one bathtub on a US Navy ship – name the ship)







Population Change

Population growth of US counties over the 2010s. It will intensify over the 2020s.


Per Capita Wealth

GDP per capita of California vs. the World


It’s interesting to note that Coconino County, Arizona, where I live has housing prices greater than 10% times the median household income. Not so much where I live, but there a lot of California refugees in the Flagstaff area who are knocking prices up.




    • Nailed it.

      I thought DRJIM might have said something first because he was part of the mothball crew handling the radio and electronics at the Port of Long Beach where she is today.

  1. Your part about the Russian subs reminds me that I was watching Hunt for Red October yesterday. Probably the hundredth or so time I’ve seen it. It is a classic.
    62 % disapproval is not enough to cover for all the cheating that will occur in the next few elections.

    • In this case, the submarines weren’t stirring up anything, just making a pre-announced transit, so innocent passage. Then the Royal Navy got involved and made it sound like the Hunt for Red Oktober.

      • Not up on naval affairs but wonder how wise it is for the Royal Navy to be poking the Russian Bear?

        • They’re British. Their naval power has declined and they’re trying to play catch up and to give them their due, they are making a few moves. The article is to make them feel good about themselves.

          • A Chief of the Boat might know the answer as to whether that practice continues or not… Under Brandon and the current CNO, I can’t see that happening, but I could be wrong.

    • True story. We took our son to see Hunt at the theater.
      He early enlisted right after that.
      Wanted to be in submarines.
      He goes by Jonesy as Jones is his legal last name.
      One of his guys told me while we were listening to shrimp in the Thames River that Jonesy was the best sonar operator he knew.
      Hunt features the Dallas. Scott’s career goal was to be a COB, Chief of the Boat.
      While in Japan, he got orders to return stateside to be COB of the Dallas.
      Unfortunately for the story, the plans for the Dallas were changed and it was retired before he got the berth, but they put him on a Virginia class instead.
      I, and he, highly recommend Hunter/Killer.

    • Yes, that too. I’ve seen the same thing. It could be Russian or another nation and I can’t speculate further because I’m looking at the same civilian data that everyone is.

    • Thomas Sowell once said you shoot until it looks safe to stop. Which is kinda another way of saying the same thing.

  2. “Navy Day Parade on July 31.”

    What’s the range of those Ukrainian anti-ship missles? Any banana boats in the Baltic available for one way ops? Just curious.

  3. Bullet points. If 62 % of the sample disapprove of President Biden’s efforts where did they find 38% of the sample size that don’t disapprove?

    • They’re home smoking dope…took the poll at the local Rec-Med shops while standing in line to get in first thin in the morning.

  4. Didn’t the appalling Moore, if that’s its real name, tell us we had to fight Russia to secure trans rights?

    Such a rallying cry.

  5. I’m surprised that IRL has higher GDP/capita than California. NY is not surprising, because the distribution of income is HIGHLY skewed and mean >> median. Thanks, hedge funders and other economic vampires/parasites. Always with the “efficient allocation of capital” those boys. (Say that out loud with your best Bernie/Fauci Brooklyn accent.) Norge has got oil money; QED. But Massholia, it’s harder to understand.

    Bath or shower? Like Joey Pedo’s underwear: Depends. Shower for efficiency. But the occasional nice soak is a wonderful thing. (But I ruin it by reading/annotating a printout of abstracts from cardiovascular disease research papers while soaking. Rust never sleeps. And neither do mediocre academics.)

    As to UKR, our elites (for values of “our” and for values of “elite”) will cheerfully (have us subhumans) fight to the last Ukrainian and the last debtbuck. But for high-IQ people they are idiots. Where will they go after draining the last drop of blood and treasure from the husk of the West? The Han are at least as ethnocentric as they are, and the Han cannot be manipulated by tales of victimhood, nor do they have some delusion that salvation comes from the elites. Idea for a science fiction story: It’s gonna come down to gene-engineered diseases wherein the world will find out whether Han genetic homogenity or mitochondrial DNA markers are more easily targeted.

    • The homogeneity of any population makes them more vulnerable to targeted viruses. I think some of the shot callers are aware of this fact. It would be a better novel than a sci-fi thriller. Let me think on that. It would make for a great plot.

        • Re: Ireland – GDP is significantly greater than GNP (national income) due to the large number of multinational firms based in Ireland for tax purposes.

        • Of course there are good guys. Our heroes are Dov (“Dave”) Dickstein, MD, PhD, and Siobhan Zhang, an investigative journalist. Dave is a graduate of the Technion (BS) and earned his MD/PhD in the Harvard-MIT HST (Health Sciences and Technology) program. Siobhan is a graduate of Wellesley College.

          In 2025 there is yet another global “flu” pandemic with shockingly high mortality rates of 3/1000. Under the cover of this terrifying general death rate, months pass before it is noted that mortality among people named Cohen, Kahn, Kahane, or Cohn is nearly 30%.

          Siobhan is determined to get to the bottom of this and reluctantly ends up working with Dave, who is a principal investigator at the Broad Institute. (Long “O” brode, not “broad” as in “dame”.) Dave and Siobhan have a history, you see, once having had an awkward and mortifying one-night stand after an MIT-Wellesley mixer.

          As they come to know each other, Dave and Siobhan realize they have things in common. The son of a progressive, aggressively non-observant Jewish father and a gentile mother, Dave grew up in Brookline, MA but sought to “reconnect with his roots” by attending college in Israel. (Partly this was due to being teased for his given first name, even in Brookline, and because he was given the nickname of “Dick stain” which hounded him from 2nd grade through high school graduation.) To his disappointment, he did not fit in at the Technion, nor really in Israel in general. Far from it. So back to Boston for his doctoral degrees Likewise, Siobhan sought to embrace her paternal Chinese heritage and rejected her maternal Irish side (ironically and ignorantly claiming that the immigrant Irish had “white privilege” from the get go). After a year studying abroad at BeiDa (Beijing University) Siobhan learned that the Chinese scorned her as a “big nose” halfbreed.

          But their semi-deracinated status saves them in the next pandemic which wipes out a quarter of the Han worldwide. Siobhan lacks the targeted Han-associated genetic markers thanks to her Irish ancestry. Dave lacks the (maternal) mitochondrial markers of Halachaly Jewish ancestry.

          That’s all I’ve got. And it’s one-pass stream of, well maybe not consciousness, but something. 🙄

  6. Re the subs, the Brits had ‘cueing’ that they were there, and their P-8s got in on the live tracking both before and after they surfaced. Re the Ches Bay tracks, That is Pax River, and the callsign is a VX-1 one. They were probably doing system tests for something at altitude, not trying to track anything.

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