Navy Moments


Donna Tobias, the first female hard hat diver in the US Navy, 1976. It took a lot of guts to do that.


Breeches Buoy

A breeches buoy is put into service to transfer survivors of a sunken ship from a U.S. destroyer to a cruiser, November 14, 1942


Into the Modern

The Plague of Californication

Destination states for people fleeing California… and all too often, they vote to keep what they had in the Golden State. The new destinations are Tennessee and Idaho.


It’s easier to be a crook if you’re in office.

We really dodged a bullet when Hillary spiraled down to defeat. The last four years were a good start to rebuilding, but we need another 20 years of Republican presidents and legislatures.


Epstein Island was the tip of the iceberg

Oprah: Cancelled. Magazine caput.

Ellen: Cancelled.

Jimmy Kimmel: Taking a break.

Joe Biden: Democrats pick a candidate so senile that he can barely read a teleprompter.

Kamala Harris: Democrat VP is essentially a whore.

Piers Morgan: Taking a break.

Tom Hanks: Became a Greek citizen.

Chrissy Tiegen: Made twitter private, deleted 60,000 tweets, blocked 1,000,000+.

Jenna Jameson: Went public about being raped, conditioned, and trafficked in Hollywood as a child.

Justin Beiber: Released music video “Yummy” confirming being a victim of pizzagate as a child.

Isaac Kappy: Repeatedly named Hanks as pedophile. “Committed suicide” on Route 66 just after Hanks tweeted about road kill on Route 66.

Avicii: “Commited suicide” days after releasing video (‘For a Better Day’) highlighting child sex trafficking.

Chris Cornell: “Committed suicide” while working on child sex trafficking documentary.

Chester Bennington: “Committed suicide” while working on child sex trafficking documentary.

Anthony Bourdain: “Committed suicide” while working on child sex trafficking documentary.

Epstein: Didn’t kill himself.

Maxwell: Judge will eventually make private documents public (fears for her life).

Judge appointed to Maxwell/Epstein case: Son is murdered. Husband shot.

Hollywood: SILENT.

Media: <CRICKETS>.

COVID: 99.99% US population survival rate but talked about by all of Hollywood, media, and social media platforms 24/7.

Doctors with different views: Silenced, blocked, mocked, censored, fired.

1,600+ CEOs suddenly “retire”.

MEDIA: “Golly, what will be the new name of the Washington Football Team?”

Which Pill – do you want?




  1. “Guts” is right.

    My sentiment: I got yer “little people” right here…his name is “Widowmaker” and he’s an easy trail ride. Go for it. (Seems “we” left England for the same reasons the self-appointed want to recreate.)

    When you lay it out like you have it becomes clear…never thought Bourdain killed himselft. Cory Feldman hired protection due to his documentary of “times” as a child actor. All you ever hear is “he/she went to rehab” (Downey Jr. managed to right his ship). Special place in Hell for the Satanist perpetrators, including the Clinton’s. Sad about Hanks…thought he was one of the decent people. Seems a lot of modern actors are bizarre on the inside.

    Living well in spite of “them” is the best revenge.

      • Yes, the trust fund babies, bored, elite teenagers, never had to work, never disciplined, take to the streets and bust things up with the government standing back and offering very little push back. “Burn and loot with our blessing,” is the mantra of the Democrats.

        Sure it leads to people buying firearms and ammo like there’s no tomorrow, but they convince themselves that they can collect them from the sheep later without consequence. Such is the thinking of our betters in academia and the media.

      • Yeah, it’s not as if the Weather Underground ringleaders came from underprivileged backgrounds either. Looking at your NY Post link, it’s quite possible that the Weathermen of yore have a fair amount in common with the recent arrestees.

        • I think the Dem’s gathered every hater into their subversive “beat Trump at all cost” wagon train, that’s their play because the Biden/Harris circle-jerk is a non-starter 54 days out.

        • Think of Patricia Hearst. She didn’t exactly have to worry about where her next meal was coming from when she joined or was kidnapped into the SLA and started robbing banks.

    • Training is tough, working is hard, dirty and dangerous. Salvage diver was always one of those gigs that took a certain class of man. And women, now.

  2. What a lot of “suicides.” There you are, minding your own business in a ritzy apartment in London or Paris and the next thing you know you’ve hanged yourself from a doorknob with a scarf. Or whatever.

    Will Ghizzy survive to tell her tale? Bets on.

    • Suicides happen. Particularly when you piss off the donkeys. Ask Hillary. Suicides wherever she and Bill went.

      • Look at it this way – hanging around with the Clintons for a while would make anyone consider death as a better play.


        • I’m surprised that Bill didn’t slice his wrists (or Hillary’s) a LONG time ago. They’re both narcissists and it’s kept them alive, but damn. There’s some deep Freudian stuff going on there.

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