A Year from Now

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It began long ago in a far away galaxy and it’s worth a lot of money so it’s still going.
The film, set to be released in December 2015, begins with a search for Luke Skywalker, who has retreated and lives in isolation. Over time, he has morphed to become a type of Yoda character. A new evil is afoot in the universe and “The Force Awakens”.

Disney is making Star Wars now, so I have no idea where they will go with the franchise beyond the general plot type for the next three episodes of the SciFi classic. Naturally the movie will be built around rides in the theme parks.

Will the movie end up with the epithet: May the Mouse be with you!!


8 thoughts on “A Year from Now

  1. The Star Wars franchise left me behind when Jar Jar Binks showed up. I much preferred watching Fonzi jump the shark.

    The SEVENTH Star Wars movie? Too much. As were the 4th, 5th and 6th. Maybe Disney would be better off working on the return of "Bonzo". Now I would PAY to see that….

  2. Don't knock the force of the Mouse. I bow to his greatness every day with my Grandson.

  3. I'll go see it. I go to movies on the weekends when there is not much going on. Though I doubt that I'll be wearing an Obiwan Kenobi costume or an Imperial Storm Trooper outfit — not that they wouldn't look good on me.

    Maybe Yoda ears?

  4. I dunno. The last three left me less than impressed. Please, no more JarJar and no more 8 year olds winning races. And what's up with that spinning pepperoni donut they showed? We need more Jabba and space slime slugs.

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